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Fairport, NY
September 12, 2019

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Have over 16 years of focused experience in IT industry in various fields like financial, telecom, and manufacturing. Extensive experience in Oracle database design, analysis, modeling, development, administration, implementation, trouble shooting and quality management. Comprehensive experience as Oracle DBA, especially in Exadata and Oracle Goldengate proficient in Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c software installations, migrations, database capacity planning, automated backup implementation, performance tuning on Linux/Unix and Windows platform. Involved with the architect group in designing the logical and physical model of the enterprise level databases. Have solid experiences in Linux/Unix administration, Korn shell / Perl scripting. Have impeccable communication and interpersonal skills and an exceptional team player.


Hardware / Server

Oracle X2/X3/X5/X7 Exadata machine

Operating System

Oracle / Redhat Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris


SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting Bash/Korn and Perl, C/C, Java, C,Ansible


Oracle 9i to 12c RAC/ASM, MS SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014.

MySQL and MongoDB

Data Replication

Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2, 12c

Tools / Utilities

Quest Toad/Spotlight, ERWin, RMAN, Logminer, TKPROF, AWR/ADDM, OEM 12c


Paychex, Inc. Mar ‘03 – Present

Sr.Oracle Database Administrator

Paychex is leading national provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses across U.S.

Role Responsibility: Oracle DBA

l Part of the Data Architecture team which supports development, test and production databases.

l Supporting more than 20 Oracle 10g/11g development/testing environments on HP-UX and Linux/X64 boxes. Help the developers and QAs to do trouble shooting about database issues.

l Worked on RMAN duplication, Cross-platform Transportable Tablespace.

Solid skills in upgrading 10g R2 RAC to 11g R2 RAC and 11g R2 RAC to 12c R1 RAC.

l Performed oracle Software's Installations, Creation of new standalone and clustered databases.

l Administering and setting up of RAC and clusterware and instances.

l Resolved RAC issues, OCR related issues, rebooting of faulty nodes, relocating the switched over services.

l Database Services creation for distributing the applications across multiple nodes, extensively used all command line utilities SRVCTL, CRSCTL, ADR, ASMCMD.

l Redefinition of tables using DBMS REDEFINITION, partitioning the tables in the production, re-defining the columns data types, and moving the LOBS to different tablespaces

l Partitioned tables Maintenance, adding new partitions, exchanging one-year old partitions then archiving of the exchanged partitions, dropping or truncating of old portions.

l Developed RMAN Backup strategies for cloning the test databases with the production environment and worked on RMAN active-active duplication.

l Scheduled RMAN backups purge jobs, Maintenance Jobs using DBMS JOBS, DBMS SCHEDULER and crontab.

l Handled Chained Rows and Row migration and solved the database performance issues.

l Experienced with ASM, adding, deleting disks to the disk group.

l Supported development teams for all the database related issues and handled the critical issues like network failures and ASM DISK group errors and node failures in the RAC cluster.

l Used Explain Plan, Oracle hints and creation of new indexes to improve the performance of SQL statements. Involved in SQL Query tuning and provided tuning recommendations to Application jobs, time/CPU consuming queries

l Supported development teams for moving changes to different development, test levels and prepared documentations to move changes to the live production environment.

l Monitor and fully analyze performance issues in production Oracle databases by using AWR/ADDM, statspack/tkprof tools

l Daily development / testing environment baseline backup and restore, develop and maintain administration scripts by using Perl/Korn shell.

l Installed, configured and maintained Oracle 11g Real Application Cluster RAC / ASM on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.x boxes.

l Implemented 11g DataGuard Physical using DG Broker, and experienced with 11gR2 Data Guard new features Active Data Guard and Snapshot Standby.

l Partitioned tables Maintenance, adding new partitions, exchanging one-year old partitions then archiving of the exchanged partitions, dropping or truncating of old portions.

l Modified database structures including tablespace, tables, views, triggers, stored procedures as well as configuration and storage allocation to support application enhancement.

l Oracle database performance testing, monitoring and analysis by using LoadRunner.

General DBA daily jobs such as disk usage monitoring, table/index rebuild and reorganization as needed.

l 24/7 on-call support for the production environment.

Architecting, planning, designing, developing, deploying and supporting Oracle 11gR2 RAC/ASM environment.

Extensive hands-on experiences in installation configuration Oracle Grid Infrastructure Database Software Troubleshooting using cluvfy handling common issues that arise during integration of the whole bugs, network issues, configuration files issues, OCR issue, deinstallation cleanup of clusterware

Worked with customer for different RAC related issue such as hang check, split brain, RAC recovery, ASM, OCR corruptions, Voting disk loss, etc.

Backup and Recovery issues related loss of OCR, Voting Disk and Oracle clusterware also issues with corruption of individual disk data blocks, loss of OS configuration files, loss of net configuration files. Also used the Merge backup for backing terabyte databases. Issues with block change tracking also flash recovery area.

Role Responsibility: Exadata DBA / Oracle Goldengate Specialist II

l Participated in analysis and designing of Oracle Exadata Server for infrastructure and related projects. Assisted in integration of Exadata applications into current IT actionable events and solutions.

l Setting up High Availability Oracle GoldenGate OGG systems on Oracle 11gR2 RAC environments Oracle Exadata X4 Full Rack .

l Upgrade Oracle GoldenGate from 11gR2 to 12c. Implement OGG 12c new features in mission-critical production environments.

l Troubleshooting typical OGG technical problems such as unique key violation / long transaction abending by using GGSCI / Logdump / discard file analysis etc.

l Performance Tuning OGG in extremely high data volume environments. Installing and configuring OGG heterogeneous environments from MS SQL Server to Oracle Exadata.

l Monitor and fully analyze performance issues in production Oracle databases by using AWR/ADDM/OEM 12c

l Daily development / testing environment baseline backup and restore, develop and maintain administration scripts by using Perl/Korn shell.

l Application DBA leader for many tuning projects. Working with third party developers on SQL code review and quality control. Performance load testing and tuning application, SQL code, and database instance by using a wide range of technologies including ADDM, AWR, ASH, OEM Performance Manager and home-cooked scripts by using Korn shell/Perl.

l Duplicate all the non-production databases on Exadata server according the Data Warehouse development project's requirement. Help to compress large volume partition table by using Oracle HCC Hybrid Columnar Compression techniques.

l Primary technical resources in SQL tuning in Exadata Production and Performance Testing environments by using statistics, hints, SQL tuning set etc.

l Software and firmware maintenance of the Exadata storage servers in the Database machine including routine health check, patching and upgrades according to the suggestions from Oracle support department.

l Integration of Exadata monitoring into our existing IT monitoring framework. Provide and implement performance and tuning recommendations of all components in the Exadata machines.

l Develop and record certified processes/procedures for all potential IT downstream support group to maintain and upgrade the Exadata servers.

Role Responsibility: SQL Server DBA

Microsoft SQL Server DBA with over 3+ years of IT experience in installation, upgrade, backup, recovery, administration, maintenance for MS SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 r2/2008/2005

Good knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

Experienced in Installation, Configuration, Database Migrations and Upgrading of SQL Server from 2005 to SQL Server 2012

Experienced in Upgrading SQL Server Software to new versions with required Service Packs and Patches and hot fixes

Management of high-performance production CLUSTERED SQL Server database instances using Active - Passive nodes, and Active-Active nodes clustering.

Handled all SQL administration related issues which includes, Installing, Configuring and troubleshooting Always-On, Replication, Mirroring, Clustering and Log shipping issues.

Well knowledgeable in using advanced SQL Server features including Replication, Log Shipping, and database mirroring

Analyze data and made performance recommendations that increased storage efficiency

Analyze long running queries and tuned to optimize application and system performance.

Experienced in Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity, and Database Consistency Checks using DBCC Utilities

Worked on controlling user privileges, monitoring the security and Audit issues. Also administering Security by setting up Groups and then Logins for each Roles or Users for Maintenance of Databases at database level, server level and windows level

Experienced in providing good production support for 24x7 over weekends on rotation basis

Other Roles

MongoDB and MySQL Administration

SBC Telecom, WI Mar ‘01 – Feb’03

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator

This is a Hybrid Replication Environment, Master/Master and Updateable Snapshots using Oracle Advanced Replication as the goal of Increase in load balancing and any site seeking failover capabilities. SBC Long distance having services many states supporting their business each having own database site locally as Updateable Snapshot Sites and two masters. The services supported by Updateable Snapshots sites to boost the network performance and hardware reliability for switches and they kept synchronized in near real-time fashion and the master site for fail over purpose.


Oracle installation, Creation of database, which includes physical and logical design.

Provide day-to-day Database support that includes monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tuning of development, UAT, and production environments.

Perform server installations, configuration, upgrades, maintenance of Data and Replication servers, contingency testing, implementation and enforcement of the standards, scripting and documenting.

Provide 24x7 production supports on rotated basis. Environment includes multiple Oracle Servers, distributed database systems, Oracle replication across multiple locations

Maintain disaster recovery and replication databases to reduce the impact of any database or server outages configuring and maintaining replication environment. Setup Replication Site, Creating Master Groups, and Snapshots Group. Designing Conflict Resolution Methods, Refresh Methods. Trouble Shooting and Resolve Replication Problems. Security setup for multimaster and snapshot replication

Installing and configuring STATSPACK for peak performance, Extending STATSPACK to capture server statistics.

Performing trend analysis with STATSPACK data.

Tuning the server environment, including the CPU and RAM, Monitoring and tuning disk I/O subsystems

Detecting and correcting instance performance problems. Locating and tuning SQL statements

Tuning SGA, Rollback segments, Latch contention Issues, Optimize Sort Operation

Create appropriate indexes for queries and suggesting changes to application developer

Design and Perform backup schedules

Testing the production archive log files by performing time-based recoveries on simulation databases

Performs extensive testing on new versions of database products and tools to identify and resolve migration issues before these products are installed in the production environment

Creating objects required for the application team after carefully estimating the sizes

Monitors and maintains all production and development databases in a proactive manner to minimize the potential for database outages and performance problems

Applied, tested & administered Patches/Minpacks/Mega Patches in Development/Test/ Production.

Talked to Oracle Support, opened TARs and taken pro-active corrective actions.

Unix shell scripts for database administration, backup and performance monitoring.

Electronically documented all the Development/Test/Production Activities for the client Record.

Involved in Oracle Migration from 8.0.5 to 8.1.7, 8.1.7 to 9i applying patches, managing RMAN backups, Provides technical support to programmers on database issues

Environment: HP/UX, Windows NT/2000, Oracle 8.0.5/8.1.7/9i, Oracle Advanced Replication, Perl, Pro*C, Oracle Expert, Oracle Enterprise manager, Shell Script, SQL Toad

AIWA Singapore Ltd. May ‘98 – Dec ‘00

Sr. DBA/Datawarehousing

AIWA Singapore is a pioneer in Electrical & Electronics industry all over the Globe having all types of development from Main Frames to Web Designing and Data Warehousing.


Oracle installation, database creation, physical and logical design and disk space management.

Perform object refresh from production databases.

Designing an ideal test database for programmers.

Design and Perform backup schedules.

Testing the production archive log files by performing time-based recoveries on simulation databases.

Provide on-line support and resolve various Oracle errors.

Creating objects required for the application team after carefully estimating the sizes.

Tune the queries used by the programmers in their code, before production transfer.

Create appropriate indexes for queries and suggesting changes to application developers.

Wrote Unix shell scripts for database administration, backup and performance monitoring.

Involved in writing utility reports and scripts.

Environment: HP-UX 10.20, Windows NT 4.0, Oracle7.X, Oracle8.0/8i, Forms5.0, PL/SQL, SQL*DBA, SYS ADMIN, Shell Scripts, Oracle Applications 10.7

YCH Logistics Ltd - SINGAPORE Aug ‘97 - Apr ‘98

Oracle Database Administrator

YCH Group is now a premier supply chain solutions partner in the Asia Pacific having branches in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Mexico. It provides total integrated supply chain solutions to world-class multi-national corporations; building relationships. The system assists shippers and third parties in establishing an optimal strategic transportation plan, procuring the right transportation partners, and managing the on-going relationships. By analyzing freight variability, network flows, benchmark rates and service levels, and cost fluctuations, this also enables to recommend an overall transportation strategic plan that addresses both the shipper’s business needs and the carriers’ capabilities. Optimal Procurement is achieved through combinatorial optimization algorithms and unique multiple attribute rating system.


Created databases and tailored it for implementation of ERP solutions at Logistics.

Standardized and developed databases for their Quality Assurance, Development areas.

Maintained the databases and was responsible for backups of the system.

Wrote Unix shell scripts.

Responsible for administering all the databases in the development and staging area

Formulated benchmarks for performance as part of the performance initiative.

Environment: Oracle 805, Sun Solaris, Web Logic Server, Iplanet, ERWIN, JDBC Drivers, SQL*NET 8, Java, JDK 1.2, EJB, JSP, SQL*LOADER, Shell Scripts, Server Manager, Enterprise Manager, Cognos-Impromptu, Cognos-Powerplay, Business Objects, JD Edwards.

Railway Products India Ltd - INDIA Jan ‘97 - Jun ‘97

Oracle DBA


Re-Structured the design of tables & programs

Developed data validation procedures using PL / SQL

Unix shell scripts for database administration, backup and performance monitoring.

Provided month end support for the programs

Taken care of DBA activities in the organization

Startup and Shutdown of Oracle Database

Backups, Storage Management, Data Load using SQL*LOADER, etc

Environment: HP-UX 10.20, Solaris 2.4, Oracle7.X, Pro*C, Forms 5.0, Shell Scripts, PL/SQL, SQL*LOADER, SQL*DBA

IQ Systems Apr ‘96 - Dec ‘96

Software Engineer/Oracle DBA


Set up and install physical database operations.

Installation and load balancing of the web servers/oracle application servers.

Provide guidance and assistance to application developers,

Developing, Implementing data back up and recovery procedures.

Conduct performance-tuning activities.

Develop, Implement and enforce data security procedures.

Install and track patches.

Evaluate database monitoring and performance.

Unix shell scripts for database administration.

Routine DBA duties like analyzing schema's, monitoring database growth

Monitoring the fragmentation in the database objects.

Backups Crash recovery etc

Environment: Sco UNIX 4.0, Oracle 6.0, Forms 3.0, Shell Script & Pro *C


MASTER’S in Computer Application (MCA)

BACHELORS in Computer Science (B. Sc)

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

MONGO DB Certification

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