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Engineer Manager

New York City, NY
September 10, 2019

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***** **** ***

Hollis Hills, NY*****



To obtain a full-time position as SDET Manager


Proficient in managing QA and release Cycles and coordinating deployment in an Agile Shop

A certified scrum master and understood how scrum process is applied to automation/qa

Capable of working with onsite & remote team to build automation test framework and scripts

Experienced in building BDD (Cucumber) automation test framework for e2e web application and APIs


Languages: JavaScript (Node.js, npm,, Protractor.js, storybook.js, cucumber.js, Mocha.js, Jasmine.js, Angular.js, Chai.js, promise, Restify.js, Grunt, Gulp, lodesh.js moment.js, cucumber.js), typescript, Java (OOP, Webservices SOAP/REST, RMI, server/client, multi-threaded networking programming, JUNIT, Hibernate, JDBC, SWT, Reflection, HttpUnit, HTMLUnit, XMLStream, Cucumber.jvm), CoffeeScript, Ruby/JRuby (Cucumber, Capybara, Rspec), C/C++, Rake, ant, maven, VBScript, SQL, HTML, XML, XSLT, PHP, Selenium Webdriver, JSON, YAML

Software: IntelliJ, Webstorm, Rubymine, IntelliJ, Eclipse, JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, TeamCity, Jenkin TestDirector, GIT, SVN, CVS, Perforce, Axis, Weblogics, Netbean, Visual C++, Matlab, Putty, Toad, SQL Developer, Cygwin, Mongo DB, F5, Nolio, SourceTree, github, butbucket, JIRA, Confluence

System: Solaris Unix, Linux, NT, Windows 2000/XP/7

DB: MySql, Oracle, Access


5/19 – Current

Namely (

SDET Manager

Set vision for SDET team

Collaborate with manual QA team to convert manual regression into automation

Manage onsite and offsite resources

Guide team in technical roadmap

Mentor SDET engineers

2/18 – 5/19

Aetion (

Lead Automation Engineer

Lead automation team and create automation roadmap to convert manual to build automated E2E regression test suite within 12 months

Setup automation best practice and document automation onboarding guide. Train QA engineers through mob programming and provide code review

Become a certified Scrum master for automation team to lead daily stand up, sprint planning and retro. Create slide desk and present sprint demo for automation team and generate QA/automation matrix for sprint demo and management

Working with management to make QA progress change by aligning testing cycle with sprint cycle to shorten regression testing time

Create static data population script to be able to test automation regression early in dev phase in dev (identify more bugs during development rather QA regression) and create automation scrubber script to clean up automation data in qa env

Create performance script to track job execution time from DB at each release

Collaborate with system and development to troubleshoot resource and memory leak

Build Java cucumber/selenium automation framework and execute in parallel daily in Jenkins

POC to test download file (txt, csv, html, zip) and image diff into automation framework

3/14 – 12/18


Lead Automation Engineer

Setup best automation practice and training junior and new automation engineer to use e2e framework. Interview new automation engineers

Build out a new automation test framework with protractor.js with cucumber.js to test Angular.js web/mobile/hybrid application

Set selenium grid to test with various browsers: chrome/firefox/IE/Edge

Create Jenkins jobs to execute smoke/regression in different environments

Integrate the existing e2e automation framework to test mobile web and Hybrid app with crossBrowserTesting and Perfecto (Appium mode)

Setup Angular Mock Module to test difficult configuration/error response scenario

Add eslint and gherkins linter to reinforce coding standard for javascript/gherkins/protractor

Code review e2e code before it is merged

Convert Javascript 5 to typescript

Contributing Protractor.js and Cucumber.js Open Source communities

1/13 – 2/14

Whosay Inc. (

Sr. QA Engineer

Build and implement REST test automation framework with Mocha.js, Restify.js, Zombie.js, and Chai.js in CoffeeScript and add it to Jenkins CI Server

Build a proof of concept of headless browser unit testing framework using Mocha.js and Zombie.js in Coffee

Conduct a proof of concept using Jasmine & Frisby to build a REST API test framework

Manual Test and write up test cases on Whosay iPhone/Android app

Manual Test and write up test cases on Whosay mobile/web apps.

Manage a weekly QA release cycle

11/11 - 9/12

Liquidnet Holding Inc (

Sr. QA Engineer

Build a Test Framework with Ruby (JRuby), Selenium, Capybara and Cucumber supporting multiple environmental profiles and multiple browsers to test web app accessing Mongo DB

Build Automation regression suite on InfraRed web application with aggregated intelligent data

Manual Testing on PrivateShares Node.js based web application from prototype to beta version and test cross browser compatibility

Leverage REST APIs to build cucumber definition to build baseline data and users for testing

Act as a second level support to web applications for troubleshooting and liaison between developers and Supports/Sales

Generate various Cognos reports through building sql from InfraRed Oracle DB for Sales

Build performance matrix to find top 10 std dev requests, max duration requests, highest throughput requests, average response times based on API requests info from Oracle DB

Manage release and QA Cycle in a two weeks Sprint cycle

Manage JIRA projects and workflow for InfraRed and PrivateShares

12/10 – 10/11

GFI Group Inc (

Sr. QA Engineer

Build a Java application to generate JIRA issue using JIRA Websevices APIs to capture test run/result from JUNIT and QTP test executions.

Write and execute manual sanity and regression test cases according to business requirement for a new web based application (Equity Trade Capture System)

Convert manual regression test scripts to automation scripts through QTP with data driven approach within three weeks

Build automation scripts to take performance of web component actions.

Deploy SQL scripts into QA environment in Linux serve and run SQL queries to validate DB

Analyze JBOSS and TIBCO servers logs when executing web application scripts.

Automate some manual scripts on Java GUI Application through QTP

Conduct a proof of concept using Selenium Webdriver to build automation scripts in JUNIT

Build maven project and import it to Eclipse IDE

Build Page Object Model classes and create UI Mapping through properties file

Build Hudson CI server and deploy maven target

05/04 – 12/10

Intralinks Inc (

Automation Engineer Lead

Lead and mentor offshore automation team to develop REST automation test plans and scripts

Review automation test plans and scripts, and new defects

Manage defect queue (RTT and Rejected) and assign to automation team to process

Review new defects and prioritize them for development team

Lead daily Scrum meeting with the automation team

Automation Engineer

Build wrappers of Webservices REST API and create keywords for REST API by using XStream to serialize objects to XML and back again.

Develop REST APIs automation test plans and scripts

Develop Webservices SOAP API test suite in Java through JUnit cover following scenarios:

Input Handling scenarios: limit testing, invalid input, special characters, null, etc…

Security Scenario: Role and rights, permission, user status, deleted entities

Bulk Actions Scenarios: throttle scenarios and transaction scenarios

Backwards compatibility scenario to test older WSDLs operation can process new WSDL object and vice versa.

Use Case (business) Scenarios

Execute Webservices SOAP automation smoke test suite each new build and regression test suite each cycle in order to identify bugs through analyzing stack trace of JUnit logs

Leverage Eclipse debugger to analyze the difficult bugs through going through stack trace.

Build Baseline Engine tool (java code engine) – capable to generate bulk data setup and script routine (calling Webservices SOAP and REST APIs) through just populating a spreadsheet by combining two open source technologies: IBATIS Sqlmap (DB access) and XLSQL (an excel JDBC driver)

Develop a PDF watermarking test using Google SOAP Search API to search random pdf files to upload to Intralinks system

Create Jwidget, a SWT UI app by retrieving test files in SVN through SVNkit and use JIRA SOAP services and HTMLClient to generate new JIRA test issues to track each test cycle

Build a SWT gui app, ManualRunner application, to replace TD to run manual scripts and backup mode for other mode scripts. It also has the ability to run scripts other mode like Webservices SOAP and REST APIs and Httpclient

Develop PasswordUpdater utility to update user passwords in different environments through webservices SOAP APIs calls and save them in the environment properties files

Rebuild webservices projects from ant to maven

Develop Saml SSO (Single Sign On) test plan, smoke and scripts through OpenSAML

Convert current TextDirector scripts to Excel manual scripts by using TD APIs and VBA

Develop DB reusable access class with IBATIS SqlMap to enable alert DB testing validation

Develop Admin utility by using HttpClient for accessing admin functionality via HTTP

07/02 - 12/03

Tang Group, Inc. and Sparrow Hedge Fund, Fresh Meadow, NY

Tang Group Inc is financial research and analysis firm for Auto Industry and its sister company, Sparrow Hedge Fund, is a hedge fund company which invests in stock market for private investors.

Developer and Financial Analyst

Designed and developed a Java automation application to support earning and performance analysis with Swing GUI interface (using border layout manager with JLabel, JPanel, JTextArea, and JBotton) to extract online financial data (real-time quotes, historical price, financial statements, and earning estimates, news) from free commercial websites into system database via JDBC-ODBC Bridge in order to increase capacity of research from tracking 300 researched companies into 5000s

Created a Java solution to increase marketing contacts through archiving corporation contact directory in different industries from into Access database, which can be then exported into Outlook program for Sales department

Created and maintained a professional company website through FrontPage and Dreamweaver

Set up Apache web server and administrated MySQL database (converted from MS Access) to create dynamic PHP websites to present financial ratios in tables and charts

Wrote complex SQL queries to generate financial ratios and build clients’ peer tracking reports

Analyzed financial statements from 10Q, 10K and earning releases to adjust financial data without special charges to insure accuracy of data in the database

Conduct proof of concept VBA project to retrieve online financial data into Excel spreadsheet

School Projects

Advanced Java

Project 1: Graphics rendering Client and Server multi-threaded app- Server managed both static and moving graphic objects for multiple clients to display synchronized graphic output using Swing components (JMenu, JMenuBar and JFileChooser) with awt.Graphics for drawing

Project 2: Family tree search Client and Server application using JDBC connecting to Access- Server transverses family tree database recursively to reply to Clients’ quests of search

Project 3: RMI (Remote Method Invocation) stock quote search application retrieving real time quote information from URL,


NYU Polytechnic University Brooklyn, NY

Master Science Degree in Electrical Engineering

Date of Graduation: January 2002

Bachelor Science Degree in Computer Engineering

Date of Graduation: June 1999

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