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Jersey City, NJ
September 12, 2019

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Nikhila M


Professional Summary:

Around 7 years of Professional Software Development Experience with strong Object-Oriented Analysis, designing and programming technical skills including.

5+ years of extensive experience with Salesforce Administration, Development, Implementation, Configuration, and Support on platform.

Around 3years of IT experience in various stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, requirement engineering, development, enhancements, testing, and maintenance of Multi-tier, web-based, and portals -based object-oriented enterprise applications.

Experience in Design/Development/Testing/Implementation and support of Salesforce CRM, and Salesforce SFA applications based on APEX Language.

Collaborate with members of the project team and business owners to design, develop, unit test, and provide post-release support

Experienced in all phases of Project life cycle and implementing them along with Salesforce customization.

Extensive experience in Customization, Data Migration and Integration.

Deep understanding of MVC model, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, Apex, SOQL, SOSL, DML.

Experienced developing custom Visualforce pages.

Implementing Analytic cloud (SFDC WAVE) for MDES business unit.

Extensive experience in designing custom objects, junction objects, custom fields, pick lists, custom page layouts, custom tabs, custom reports and dashboards, email templates, custom profiles, sharing rules.

Knowledge of configuration and maintenance of user security permissions in compliance with organizational needs.

Good experience in developing Salesforce Lightning Apps, Components, Controllers and Events.

Customized existing Visualforce to align with Salesforce new Lightning UI experience.

Extensive experience in writing Workflows, Validation and Assignment Rules, API, Custom Tabs, Custom Objects, Controllers, App Exchange Package & Custom Application, Analytic Snapshots and Dashboards.

Experienced in system security settings and SFDC Administrative tasks such as creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Page Layouts, Email Services, Record Types, Assignment rules, Workflows, Reports, Dashboards and Approval Processes.

Developed TFS to use solution Framework & implementation for several clients.

Experience with Salesforce Development using Visualforce, Apex and Future.

Experience in Standard and Custom Controllers in Visual Force for development of custom visual force pages and components as required by business requirements.

Experience with PROS and Apttus CPQ and CLM application.

Experience in Integrating App Exchange Applications with Sales Force, Application management using Plug-in & Eclipse IDE in Sandbox and Production Environments.

Working with different aspects of Web Services (XML, WSDL, SOAP).

Experienced in working with relational databases like Oracle and SQL Server.

Proficient in working with Eclipse IDE and Plug-in for writing business logic in Batch Apex programming language.

Experience working with enterprise customers to turn their marketing into a revenue driver, using best practices in marketing automation, lead management, and revenue management.

Experience in Rest-based and SOAP based web service (Integration) in salesforce.

Specialized in implementing SOQL and SOSL in Apex Classes and Apex Triggers.

Experience in using the Workbench tool for SOQL queries, SOSL and the REST Explorer.

Experience in creating SFDC Administrative tasks like roles, profiles, page layouts, record types, assignment rules, and workflow alerts, actions, reports, dashboards etc.

Worked in developing and consuming RESTFULL, SOAP web services in service- oriented architecture.

Knowledge on new LIGHTING concepts and components.

Knowledge in QA process, Lean, Six Sigma, SEI-CMM and Automated Testing Life-Cycle Methodology.

QA Audit, Compliance & organizational standards.

Configured and maintained user security permissions in compliance with organizational needs.

Experienced in Importing data from excel sheets into Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities using Data Loader, Git Hub, Jenkins and Import Wizard.

Experienced in writing and executing Apex test classes.


•Certified Salesforce ADMINISTRATOR

•Certified Salesforce PLATFORM DEVELOPER I

Technical Skills:

CRM Tools:, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter, Communities, Service Console.

Salesforce Technologies:

Apex, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce (Pages & Components), Triggers, Batch Lightning Components, SLDS, Lightning Data Services.

Programming Languages:

C, Java, J2EE, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

Web Services:


Salesforce API Tools: Migration Tool (ANT), IDE Eclipse

Data migration Tools:

Apex Data Loader, Custom Import wizard, ETL Tool.

Deployment Tools:

Change Sets, IDE, Migration Tool (ANT), Work Bench, Jenkins.

Version control systems:


Other Tools:

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose, Inkscape, JIRA, Jitter bit, Demand tools.

Professional Experience:

Amazon, Seattle, WA Jan 2019 – Till date

Sr. Salesforce developer/ Administrator

This project will utilize Salesforce to leverage ties to existing financial /ordering data and trouble ticketing. This will use consolidated data structure within SFDC and links to customer related information. It also requires existing systems and applications like AWS to be integrated with Salesforce.


Involved in all phases of the project - JAD, Requirement gathering, High Level Requirements, Design and Development.

Conducted Technical team discussions between Product Manager/Sales and Business teams, developers, Technical Documentation people.

Designed and deployed the Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, etc.

Configured Security - Profiles, Permission Sets, OWD, Role Hierarchy, Sharing Rules.

Developed Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages.

Developed Triggers, Controller Classes, Batch Classes etc.

Designed and Developed Web Services using SOAP and REST API.

Managed Different SFDC Sandbox environments for Dev/Test/UAT and Training.

Managed Deployment management/Release Management using change sets.

Involved in application setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.

Managed Release Management process using GIT and Change Sets.

Managed onsite, offshore and QA teams to facilitate the quality delivery from offshore on schedule.

Environment: platform, Sales cloud, Apex, Visual Force, Apex Explorer, SOQL, Triggers, Apex Data Loader, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Visual Force Controllers, Workflow and Approvals.

U.S. Bank Minneapolis, MN Nov 2018 – Dec 2019

Salesforce Lightning Integration Developer


Worked as an Integration Developer to integrate with 3rd party application with salesforce.

Interacted with various business team members (JAD Sessions) to gather the requirements and documented the requirements for health care people.

Involved in various activities of the project, like information gathering, analyzing the information, documenting the functional and non-functional requirements.

Handled different tickets raised by customers of AIR such as health care people.

Resolved the bugs and clear the issues as soon as possible.

Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap extensively to modify UI for visual force pages and for validations.

Implemented the requirements on platform and IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.

Developed Apex Classes, Controller (standard extensions) Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.

Developed the code in Java Script, CSS and HTML for UI.

Developed custom lightning component bundles - writing component, lightning controller, helper, CSS and design.

Daily administration and support of Salesforce, including configuration updates to security, sharing rules, profiles, roles, custom & standard objects, fields, record types, page layouts, complex workflow rules, Process Builder, Visual Workflow, reports/dashboards and validation rules

Creation and update of roles, profiles, sharing rules, permission sets and field level security

Created Apex methods for the lightning controller and helper methods to perform DML operations on the case records.

Created email templates and inbound emails using Visual force for the clients and mainly for the customers.

Developed BULK API calls (REST) and SOAP to interact with the 3rd party tools.

Worked with various objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Reports, Opportunities, and Dashboards.

Designed various HTML Email templates for Auto-Response to customers.

Worked on Validation Rules, Workflows and approval processes & developer UI through Lightning Component.

Developed various Custom Objects, Tabs, Components and Visual Force Pages, Extensions and controllers.

Created Reports of the customers and keeping them up to date and use it whenever used such as different public health care people records and giving them the weekly updates.

Customized fields, page layouts, record types, searching, list views, queues, reports, and dashboards.

Developed Visual Force pages, apex classes and Extensions and controllers.

Overwritten some of the standard buttons for specific requirements.

Worked on Integrating 3rd party tools to communicate with SFDC.

Environment: Salesforce, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Data Loader, Dashboards, SSO, Batch, Process Builder, HTML5, CSS3, Developer Console, Eclipse IDE, Lightning Framework, SQL Server, IDE.

Fitch Ratings Chicago, Illinois July 2017 – Oct 2018

Role: Sr. Salesforce Lightning Developer/ Administrator


Interacted with Business users for analysing user stories and provided design solutions and created development tasks for each user story.

Written Controllers - Custom, Extension, Triggers on various objects to meet business requirements.

Written SOQL, SOSL queries in Apex classes & Triggers with optimization and to avoid Governor Limitations while large data processing.

Developed Lightning components using Lightning app builder by incorporating Lightning Design system styles in the components for salesforce1 and lightning.

Embedded custom external Java Script, jQuery resource in the Visualforce pages and used Java Script functions across multiple Visualforce pages.

Design and develop Salesforce applications using APEX, SOQL, SOSL, Workflow Rules. Visual Force, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Collaborate with clients to gather requirements, get feedback on designs and present results.

Develop and enhance service delivery offerings and methodologies for working with Marketo customers to increase the strategic and business value they achieve with using market

Spot new services opportunities ad work with sales to close new services business.

Implemented custom CSS having rich UI aligned with company web site branding and styles in Visualforce pages.

Developed custom Visualforce pages, using native components – Page Block, Command Buttons, Output Panel, Input Field and AJAX components Action Support, Action Function, JavaScript Remoting.

Worked on integration by writing REST web service classes for inbound calls to salesforce using @RestResource, @Httppost, @Httpget and @Httpdelete.

Implemented the Marketing process to remove dupe contacts, Leads. Auto Merge Leads, Contacts if already exists.

Made outbound calls to external application by generating Apex classes from WSDL and added WSSecurity headers for callouts.

Involved in SDLC gathering requirements from end users. Developed views to facilitate easy interface implementation and enforce security on critical customer information.

Implemented SFDC CRM to deliver various reports in departments of Sales, Administration and Marketing etc.

Written Apex Unit Test classes for unit testing and increase code coverage for all Apex classes, triggers, Batch and Web Services classes and used new annotations like @testSetup to setup test data for each test class.

Configured and customized sales cloud, service cloud, Standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Opportunity LineItems, Leads, Campaign, Events, Tasks, Cases, Entitlements.

Created and configured multiple Profiles, Roles, Page Layouts, Record Types, Permission sets, Public groups, Queues in the Organization.

Implemented Sales cloud and configured Account Teams, Opportunity Sales Process, Web-to-Lead and Assignment rules; Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case, Auto-response and Escalation rules on Cases.

Used Process builder to convert existing workflow rules into Process Builder and one Process flow each object.

Developed several Custom Reports & Dashboards which are used by Business user and Management for reporting and setup analytic snapshot to dump data on regular basis.

Spot new services opportunities ad work with sales to close new services business.

Conducted analysis to address issues which led to positive outcome.

Successfully led key projects which resulted in positive outcome.

Planned and executed the project.

Recently transitioned to the customer sales driving upsell/cross-sell within SMB and Mid- Market customer accounts while working closely with the renewals.

Developed Email templates in Text, HTML and Visualforce for setting up Email Alerts for auto response and data updates.

Created and maintained the documentation for Design, Migration and Integration.

Deployed applications from sandbox to sandbox/production using ant migration tool, Eclipse and Change Set.

Environment: Salesforce CRM, Apex Language, Visualforce pages, Triggers, Batch, Schedule, Controllers, Web Services, Lightning Components, Salesforce1, Process Builder, Workflows, Approval Process, Sharing Rules, Reports, Dashboards, SSO, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse IDE, Data Loader, Ant Migration tool, Change Sets, Git.

Global logic Hyderabad, India Aug 2013 – Nov 2015

Sr. Salesforce Developer / Administrator


Worked closely with Business Users and Business analysts for requirements analysis, design and performed configuration and customization development activities.

Written Apex Classes, Controller, and Extension Controllers to handle business logic for the actions in the Visualforce pages for various user stories.

Written SOQL, SOSL, Aggregate and Dynamic queries in Apex Controllers, Triggers, Batch and Schedule classes.

Designed and developed Visualforce pages, Components and Dynamic Visualforce pages for user stories and developed complex pages to add multiple records dynamically and searching for data across various Objects.

Used Java Script, jQuery and Data-table plug-ins for client-side validations and designed UI using CSS and Bootstrap.

Good working experience in SSO and on Communities. Created Custom Report types as required by the Sales, marketing and technical users.

Building Lighting App with lighting Design System.

Design Sales and Marketing solutions to meet customer Requirement & business requirements in Service Cloud.

Set up Marketing Campaigns, Campaign Hierarchies, Assignment rules, Web-to Lead and Auto-Response rules.

Involved in integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud with web analytics tools like Web trends, Google Analytics.

Used Lightning Component Framework and some exciting tools for developed our project.

Used Wsdl2Apex and generating the Apex stubs from the WSDL files and invoked external application from salesforce.

Written Apex Test Classes and targeted around 90% of code coverage and unit tested before migrating from Sandbox to Production environment.

Worked on administration tasks as needed - Configured/Created Profiles, Organization Role hierarchy and setting up Field-level, Object-level security, Page layout Assignment, Record types, Managing custom fields.

Worked with declarative programming for data validation using Validation rules, Formula fields and business automations using Workflow rules, Approval process and associated actions.

Designed and developed Data model and relationships using Lookup, Master-Detail & Junction objects, Custom Objects, Page/Search/Compact Layouts, Field Sets, Validation rules, Triggers, Custom Tabs.

Worked on Lead Management, Account Management, Opportunity Management and Case Management.

Implemented Web-to-Lead and custom Lead conversion by writing Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages.

Configured Email-to-Case, Assignment, Escalation and Auto-response rules on the Case object and configured CTI and entitlements on cases.

Developed Custom report types, Reports and Dashboards for various users and enabled permissions to various Profiles to the Reports and Dashboard folders.

Used Data Loader to migrate data from external data source in to salesforce and used Oracle and ETL tools to transform data as per source system data model.

Deployed salesforce components to other sandbox and production instances using Ant Migration tool, Change Sets and Eclipse.

Good experience in implementing best practices and coding techniques.

Environment: Windows XP, Salesforce CRM, IDE, Explorer, Demand tool, Data Loader, Visualforce, Apex, Workflows, Validation Rules, Page Layouts, Web services, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, Java.

Stryde Consulting Services, Hyderabad, India Aug 2011 - July 2013

Role: Java Developer


Part of the team which was responsible for designing and developing the application in n-tier fashion as per struts based MVC architecture standards.

Involved in all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the Application.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML include development of class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, and State diagrams and implemented these diagrams in Microsoft Visio.

Developed the controller Servlets to handle the requests and responses.

Designed and created Java objects, JSP pages, JSF, JavaBeans and Servlets to achieve various business functionalities. Created validation methods using JavaScript and Backing Beans.

Utilized the Tiles framework for page layouts.

Involved in writing client-side validations using Java Script, CSS.

Developed the build scripts using Ant.

Involved in designing test plans, test cases and overall Unit testing of the system.

Developed controllers and actions encapsulating the business logic.

Developed classes to interface with underlying web services layer.

Designed web services for the above modules.

Prepared documentation and participated in preparing user’s manual for the application.

Environment: JDK1.6, J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, Spring, Spring MVC, SQL, XML, Eclipse, Tomcat, Maven, Windows.


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University 2011

Masters in Computers and Information Systems from California University of Management and Sciences 2017

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