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Engineering Engineer

Oak Lawn, IL
September 12, 2019

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Oak Lawn, Illinois

708-***-**** (R)

773-***-**** (C)


An innovative and resourceful IT Analyst with successful and progressive experiences in Real-Time systems support and maintenance in the Microsoft Windows environment, SCADA systems, fiber engineering, nuclear operation applications, application maintenance and client support. Several years of electrical, general and manufacturing engineering experiences, which include technical skills that are proficient in prototype testing and hands-on software development and debugging from the component level through the system level. Key qualifications include:

An effective technical knowledge base coupled with experience that has fashioned an essential combination of problem solving tools that have been effective for creating solutions for problems that occur within the Microsoft Windows and SCADA environments.

A diversified electrical, general and manufacturing engineering background in research, design and implementation of microelectronics and electromechanical apparatus involving RF and low frequency signals coupled with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Proficient in SCADA systems analysis, network systems troubleshooting, A+, TCP/IP Ethernet/WAN networking, DHCP and static IP addressing, wireless networking and analysis as well as hands-on building of Microsoft 2012 and 2008R2 server builds. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Applus Technologies 7/2018 – Present

Bedford Park, Illinois

Lane Inspector, Part-Time Permanent

Responsible for preforming vehicle emissions testing for vehicle in the Illinois area. The testing procedure includes; greeting the motorist, inform them of the license plate sticker renewal that we provide at our facility, briefly discuss the test results with the motorist, for pass results tell the motorist that the vehicle has passed, informed them of their next test date and remind them of the license plate sticker renewal that we provide at our facility, for fails, rejects and aborts, tell the motorist that the vehicle did not pass, direct the motorist to the area on the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) where they can get more information on their test results (test description and information section, Important Test Result Information, and the for more information section at the bottom of the VIR). Also, if a repair data form is generated inform the motorist of the requirement to have repair(s) completed and repair data form completed and returned when vehicle is being retested. Inform the motorist of the 7-Day Permit service that is offered at the station.


Oak Brook, Illinois

Senior Analyst IT, IT Real-Time Windows Administrator Responsible for maintaining the windows patching and general software support for the FIG (Field Interface Gateway) device and the PI system with the SCADA environment. The primary lead for the configuration of the SCADA monitoring tool; Solar Winds and IP Monitor, Emerson Avocent DSView, VMware VSphere and SystemTools Hyena applications. As well as responsible for the managing of the password process in the Comedsolutions SCADA domain. Proficient in NERC v5 data collection and device protocols.

Successfully completed quarterly windows patching of 100 FIGs in the SCADA environment on time with minimal impact to the SCADA system.

Built, configured, tested and implemented Microsoft 2012 and 2008R2 server built for the ACAS

(Access Control and Automation System) and the STMS (Storage Management Server)

Managed and implemented the Comedsolutions domain password expiration process assisting users with password changes


Oak Brook, Illinois

Senior Analyst IT, IT Real-Time SCADA Apps

Responsible for providing support with the NMR4 SCADA system, which includes verification that the NMR4 SCADA system is functioning within design parameters. Providing troubleshooting of the RAS

(Remote Access Services) and RDAS (Real-Time Data Acquisition Servers) subsystems. Performed the SharePoint administrator role for the SCADA team as well as the PI administrator.

Coordinated the Fall Daylight Saving Time (DST) change for the SCADA systems (NMR4, PDB, FIG, PI and CVR).

Coordinated NMR4 SCADA site switchovers

Coordinated the PI system architecture design and testing for the PI system move into the new ExelonDS domain.

Performed routine maintenance on the PI system to ensure that the system runs at optimal conditions

Performed SCADA Duty Coverage, Level 1 and 2 Support roles.

Completed the SharePoint cleanup of the Electric SCADA, Tech Services, SCADA SmartGRID Expansion and the SCADA Communication Standardization Project. All SharePoint sub sites were configured into 3 groups; Site Owner Group, Site Member Group and Site Visitor Group Exelon Business Services Company 2/2010 –4/2012

Chicago, Illinois

Lead Analyst IT, BSC IT Fiber Engineering

Responsible for providing fiber-engineering design within the Telecommunication Backbone Optical Network (TBON) and various substations relay and line upgrades.

Successfully completed the fiber upgrade for Windsor Park SS 855 substation that allowed the relay protection group to complete the substation relay enhancements on time and under budget.

Successfully completed the Byron SPS Project; IMUX Fiber relay installation. This installation encompasses a six-substation install from Silver Lake TSS-138 thru Nelson TSS-155.

Successfully created and coordinated new contracts for Kenny Construction Company for the upgrade of the six ComEd fiber rings; Burnham Taylor, Gooding’s Crawford, Wilco, Rock River, Southeast and Plano. This task was initiated by ComEd to assist them with actual and actuate billing on a monthly basis.

Exelon Business Services Company 3/2002 – 2/2010

Warrenville, Illinois

Lead Analyst IT, BSC IT Genco Nuclear Applications Responsible for providing the primary customer support and software maintenance and for the chemistry applications within the Nuclear Applications system. Also provide secondary customer support and software maintenance for the radiation protection radiological access control systems.

Resolved production issues for the Sample Manager Midwest system as well as providing routine application maintenance, which has resulted in an effective chemistry system that allows the chemistry staff to meet their production requirements.

Successfully designed, built and implemented development systems for the Open EMS chemistry system and the REMS radiological access control system that provided a development environment to test operating systems updates and application enhancements, which resulted in error free production deployment of these updates and enhancements.

Managed and provided maintenance and support for the various Chemistry applications, which ensured that the customer will have systems that are operating as designed with minimal system downtime.

Performed liaison duties, client engagement as well as vendor engagement to provide application and system requirements to establish the client expectations and the ability to provide an environment where the expectations can be achieved

Provided onsite refueling outage support for the RADS remote dose monitoring system that resulted in providing resolution and implementation that ensured the system was operating in an efficient state. In addition, assisted team, which implemented the REMS system throughout all the nuclear sites in the Mid-West, which provided a standardize radiological access control systems throughout the Exelon fleet.


Chicago, Illinois

Development Analyst II, Plant Operations Maintenance Responsible for completing the implementation process for the Access Control/MGPAC system as well as providing ongoing software maintenance support for this system throughout all the nuclear sites in the Mid West Regional Operational Group (MW ROG). Coordinated and implemented new software releases for the Access Control/MGPAC system for all the nuclear sites. Acted as a liaison for site NT staff, BSC and the vendor for the MGPAC software.

Assisted team, which implemented the Access Control/MGPAC system throughout all the nuclear sites in the Mid West Regional Operational Group (MW ROG), which provided a standardize radiological access control systems.

Successfully analyzed and implemented all necessary corrective action documentation and repairs for the radiological access control systems, which resulted in effectively streamlining the interface response for data transfer to an external data storage system.

Provided onsite and off-hours refueling outage support for the radiological access control systems that resulted in real-time troubleshooting techniques that provided resolution and implementation to ensure the system was running in an optimal state. MPC PRODUCTS CORPORATION 2/1996 – 2/1999

Skokie, Illinois

Product Engineer, Microelectronics Division

Responsible for production testing, troubleshooting, process evaluation, test procedures and burn-in procedures for electronic motion control systems of actuators, motors and thick film control and power hybrid circuits.

Resolved production and testing issues for a motor control system that operates the door of a commercial aircraft, resulting in effective system testing and increased production quantity.

Resolved testing issues for a three-phase DC brushless motor control hybrid circuit which resulted in a standardize test procedure and test station for all three phase DC brushless motor control hybrid circuits.

Identified burn-in requirements for a motor control thick film hybrid circuit, which resulted in the procurement of a new burn-in system, which allowed accelerated burn-ins to be achieved thereby reducing hybrid manufacturing time.

THE MOREY CORPORATION, Engineers and Electronic Equipment Manufactures 2/1994 – 2/1996 Downers Grove, Illinois

Manufacture Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering

Responsible for engineering support and manufacturing procedures for the production assembly of various customer products.

Development of manufacturing processes for audio and power printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

Design and implementation of corrective action procedures that eliminated potential and existing manufacturing problems.

Prepared quotes on new products, which acquired new customers. NORTHROP CORPORATION, Electronics Systems Division 2/1984 - 2/1992 Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Engineer Associate, Test System Engineering

Designed and implemented hardware and software systems for ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) used on sophisticated avionics systems.

Researched and implemented design procedures to reduce electromagnetic interference, resulting in significant cost and timesavings in system design and implementation.

Investigated and identified a unique MOSFET component, which led to the design of a solid- state real-time airflow monitoring control circuit thereby eliminating the potential of costly repairs.

Prepared and presented in-depth design reviews to upper level management, including analysis of design engineering criteria and cost projections that facilitated the critical decision- making process for project direction.

Identified requirements for a high frequency interface power supply system and wrote a design specification to use existing components thereby creating a hybrid power supply system. This system exceeded project specifications yet was within the budget.

Implemented commercial RF subsystem circuit designs and software coding for ATE stations resulting in successfully testing of RF components and systems to the 1 GHz frequency range. EDUCATION

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 1996 - 1999 Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum (Part Time) Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL 1979 - 1984 Electrical and Computer Engineering and General Engineering Curriculums University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 1976 - 1978 Electrical Engineering Curriculum

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