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Project Design

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
September 09, 2019

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Senior Architect

Maja Cehaja Taslidzic

Porto Arabia drive 25




Licensed Architect with 9+ years of experience. A focused and determined architect who has considerable experience of working in the construction industry designing new buildings and coordinating projects both in private and public sectors, with excellent knowledge of architectural design principles, interior and furniture design, communication, public relations, problem-solving and leadership skills. ㅡ


Focus Design Partners/ Senior Architect, Project/BIM Coordinator

November 2017 - June 2019

Meeting with clients to discuss project objectives, needs and budget. Coordinating the team in order to prepare design proposals, including detailed drawings and BIM implementation. Meeting with construction professionals and other stakeholders to discuss feasibility of design. Vega Design d o o / BIM Project Manager

September 2015 - November 2017

BIM Project management and lead project architect. Ensure that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, guidelines and regulations.

C I M d o o / Project Architect and BIM Manager / External Collaborator

May 2015 - November 2017

Project, and design development and coordination, as well as BIM support and management.

Vizija d o o / Project Architect and BIM Coordinator September 2013 - May 2015

Project architect, collaborated with contractors, phasers and clients to create attractive and innovative designs. Develop ideas keeping in mind building’s usage and environmental impact. Supervision, project and BIM coordination.

C.M. City Mobile d o o / Project Architect

September 2012 - September 2013

Project architect and architectural/interior designer with quantity surveying. Discovering material selections, creating artistics freehand sketches and color architectural presentations and renderings.

Vive La Talent / Project Architect

September 2010 - September 2012

Urbanism World Forum - Le Grande Paris was one of the biggest events in architecture and urbanism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many proficient architects were invited and collaborated with students and professors on this event.


Faculty of Architecture, UNSA / Master of Architecture M.ARCH. 2010-2012 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faculty of Architecture, UNSA / Bachelor of Architecture 2006-2010 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Strategic Food Security Facility@ Focus Design Partners March 2019 - June 2019, Port Doha

Working on site Construction stage / Shop drawings, Project Coordination & BIM Lead.

National Health Laboratory @ Focus Design Partners November 2017- March 2019

Construction stage / Shop drawings, Project & BIM Coordination. Fox Hills Office Building @ Focus Design Partners

May 2018- Present, Doha

Issued for construction/IFC stage, Project & BIM Coordination. Metro Station Al Khor @ Focus Design Partners

January 2018- July 2018, Doha

Concept design based on clients documentation and project requirements, Project & BIM Coordination.

Prevent Casting @ CIM

May 2015- July 2016, Sarajevo

Main design and project coordination obtaining all public authority approvals.

Residential Complex DAJ-DAM @ CIM

May 2016- September 2017, Gradacac

BIM management and implementation with as built shop drawings extraction.

Hostel Massimo @ CIM

August 2016- February 2017, Sarajevo

Main design and project coordination obtaining all public authority approvals.

Vega Furniture line - Exhibitor on IMM Cologne @ VEGA DESIGN November 2018- Present, Sarajevo

Furniture line design from concept to fabrication. Risegreen - Competition @ VEGA DESIGN

November 2018- Present, Sarajevo

City Transformer - Competition @ VEGA DESIGN

November 2018- Present, Gradacac

Competition 3rd place.

Various Residential Complexes & Houses @ VEGA DESIGN September 2015- November 2017, BiH

Bosko Buha School Centre @ VIZIJA

September 2013- November 2014, Sarajevo

Design & BIM development with direct on site collaboration. SB Farm Pharmaceutical Facility @ VIZIJA

February 2014-May 2014, Tuzla

Concept design.

Aqua Term Hotel @ VIZIJA

December 2014- May 2015, Olovo

Reconstruction and project design extension.


UPDA -Grade C, Engineering & Consulting Office Accrediting Committee Qatar-Doha, Engineering Registration Card, 2018 Licensed Architect @ Ministry of Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Economy, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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