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Data Analyst

New Delhi, Delhi, India
3-4 lkh per annum
September 09, 2019

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Kedarpur, Mothrowala Road,

Near Shiv Kunj Colony,


+91-790*******, +91-956*******


• B.Tech in Computer Science (specialization in Big Data Analytics) (2015 - 2019) from Graphic Era Deemed To Be University, Dehradun- 75.00%.

• XII from Max International School,Dehradun- 72.45%.

• X from Max International School,Dehradun- 78.00%. TECHNICAL PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN

• Age Detection of Indian Actors Dataset

This dataset contains thousands of images of Indian actors and our task is to identify their age. All the images are manually selected and cropped from the video frames resulting in a high degree of variability in terms of scale, pose, expression, illumination, age, resolution, occlusion, and makeup. There are 19,906 images in the training set and 6,636 in the test set. We have to predict the age of the actor.

• Bigmart Sales Data Set Analysis

Retail is another industry which extensively uses analytics to optimize business processes. Tasks like product placement, inventory management, customized offers, product bundling, etc. are being smartly handled using data science techniques. As the name suggests, this data comprises of transaction records of a sales store. This is a regression problem. The data has 8523 rows of 12 variables.

• Movie Lens Dataset

Recommendation engines are nothing but an automated form of a “shop counter guy”. You ask him for the product. Not only he shows that product, but also the related ones which you could buy. They are well trained in cross selling and up selling. So, does our recommendation engines.

The ability of these engines to recommend personalized content, based on past behavior is incredible. It brings customer delight and gives them a reason to keep returning to the website.

In this project, I have created a recommendation system using HYPERLINK

""GraphLab in Python. We will get some intuition into how recommendation work and create basic popularity model and a collaborative filtering model.

• Tableau project on SuperStore-Dataset

Data-visualization of the SuperStore-Dataset. The Generation of advance charts in Tableau by playing with the some of the properties of objects. The advance visualization methods which are used for visualization of the data in the projects are Histogram charts

, Waterfall charts and Box Plot .


• Successfully completed training on Big Data from 24-Aug-17 to 28-oct-17.

• Successfully completed training on Tableau from 01-Mar-18 to 15-Apr-18.

• Successfully completed workshop on Salesforce app development. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

• Participated in Hadoop and Big Data Workshop.

• Attended Seminars related to Machine Learning, Salesforce app development and Tableau.


• Responsible

• Listening

• Self Motivated

• Goal oriented: results achiever, Meeting deadlines

• Motivating people


Date of Birth: 28-March-1998

Parents Name: Mr.Dhirender Dhyani

Mrs.Rekha Dhyani

Languages Known: Hindi and English

Permanent Address: Kedarpur, Mothrowala Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Date: Prashant Dhyani


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