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Engineer Plant

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
September 08, 2019

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To work in estimated organization where I can prove my Technical and Functional expertise and work towards the growth of organizations. Seeking a challenging career with an innovative environment. Self motivated team player with highly committed to assigned responsibility with excellent interpersonal skills. CORE COPETENCIES

Project site Responsibility, Resource Optimization

Engineering Drawing Reviews


MS Project


Completed B.E Mechanical Engineering at KSR College of Engineering (Autonomous), Namakkal with an aggregate of 6.6 (CGPA) in 2017.

Completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at KSR Polytechnic College, Namakkal with an aggregate of 70% in 2013.

Completed SSLC at Valliappa Vidhyalam Matric Higher Seondary School, Namakkal at with an aggregate of 56% in 2010.


Company Name : Airmaaster Tecnolozies Private India Limited Desigination : Service Engineer

Duration : 2017-2019

Company Name : Mothi Spinner Private Limited

Desigination : Maintenance Supervisor

Duration : 2013-2014



ABSTRACT : Humidification plant in a textile industry is one of the major power consumers due to its continuous operation for maintaining required Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature of spinning plant to increase the quality of yarn.


Room Temperature and RH is controlled with single drive module.

There is no additional controller or PLC required for the individual control of either RH or Room temperature.

Smooth control of the Room Temperature and Relative Humidity as per the user settings

The material properties of the yarn is perfectly maintained with the maintenance of the Room temperature and Relative humidity of the plant.

Dynamic performance of the Internal Drive PIDs provide the smooth variance of the control needed as per the norms required for the Humidification plant.

Drive provides the user monitors for the user setting of the either Temperature or RH.

Drive also saves power by switching ON /OFF the pump according to the requirement. PROJECT NAME : WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM

ABSTRACT : Waste management is nothing but all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. The raw materials in various combinations undergo different processes during production and are converted to finished goods in the textile industries. BENEFITS OF WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM :

Improving waste management can benefit your business and the environment by:

Reducing the cost of purchasing materials (e.g. by maximising fibre reuse).

Increasing profitability (as lost product means less profit).

Minimising solid waste treatment and disposal costs (and generating an alternative income stream if there is a market for recycled fibre).

Improving waste water quality and reducing treatment costs.

Reducing environmental impacts by reducing use of raw materials and producing less waste.

Improving your public image and employee satisfaction through promoting an environmentally responsible image and providing a safer workplace. PROJECT NAME : ROTARY DRUM FILTER

ABSTRACT : Rotary drum filters are used in both humidification plant and waste collection system. In humidifaction plant it's used as a main filter. In waste collection system it's used as a secondary material for removing micro dust. Variable filter media is overlapped above the rotary drum for removing fine materials.the removed waste material are compacted by using compactor.different size and variable segments are adopted in Rdf base upon the air volume. BENEFITS OF ROTARY DRUM FILTER:

The Rotary filter is automatic and is continuous in operation, so that labour cost are very low.

The filter has a large capacity, so it is suitable for the filteration of highly concentrated solution.

Variation of the speed of rotation enables the cake of thickness to be controlled.

Pre – coat of filter aid cloud used to accelerate the filteration rate. PROJECT NAME : DISC FILTER

ABSTRACT : Disc filter is a continuously operating rotary filter. It consists of several vertical discs clamped on a hollow central shaft. Each disc is made up of several pie-shaped sections. Disc filters operate as vacuum filters. Because a pressure differential is applied across both disc faces, the effective filter area of a disc filter is much greater than that of a drum filter requiring the same floor space. BENEFITS OF DISC FILTER

Reducing the energy cost in the disc filter.

It can be easily absorbs micro dust particles.

The excellent filtration capacities were offset by high energy costs.

Maintenance of disc filter cost is less in the industries. ERECTION ENGINEER RESPONSIBILITIES

Planning Man Power resourse with required tools, consumables.

Involved in site activities, customerd co-ordination, Man power management, Project schedule and Implementation.

Planning monthly and weekly erection schedule.

Settling sub- contractors billing and payments.


Date of Birth : 03.03.1995

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Languages known : Tamil,English

Father’s Name : M. Ganesan

Mother’s Name : G.Mynavathi

Permanet Address : 2/42, Ottankadu,



Namakkal - 638008


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and brief.

PLACE: Namakkal



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