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Medical Management

New Delhi, Delhi, India
September 08, 2019

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Presently associated as Attending consultant anesthesia – Venkateshwer hospital, New Delhi

~ Highly efficient Medical Professional offering enriched experience in administering anaesthesia or sedation during medical procedures, using local, intravenous, spinal, or caudal methods to control pain; Specialized in patient management in ICU

~ Outstanding scholastic and illustrious professional career with a unique distinction of achieving prestigious affiliations and opportunities from healthcare facilities

~ Possess significant research contributions to the credit; knowledge of latest clinical developments through active participation in high-impact medical conferences across various domestic and international locations

~ Worked extensively in AIIMS, New Delhi and PGIMER, Chandigarh two of the best medical institutions in India devoted to high quality research across a spectrum of medical disciplines and providing the highest quality of medical care to patients


Seeking suitable assignments in pursuit of a Clinical Fellowship/Research Fellowship Anaesthesia, Onco-anaethesia /cancer pain/ chronic pain and general anaesthesia


General Anaesthesia

Post-Operative Pain Reduction

Pre & Post Surgery Patient Care

Medical Record-Keeping

Regional Anaesthesia

Critical Patient Care

Operation Monitoring

Treatment Planning

Intravenous Medication

Patient Vitals Monitoring

Personnel Management

Team Management


Safe Anaesthetic Delivery

Monitor patient

oBefore, during, and after anaesthesia and counteract adverse reactions or complications

oConditions during treatments, procedures, or activities

Examine patient, obtain medical history, and use diagnostic tests to determine anaesthetic quantities during surgical, obstetrical, and other medical procedures

Coordinate administration of anaesthetics with surgeons during operation

Decide when patients have recovered or stabilized enough to be sent to another room or ward or to be sent home following outpatient surgery

Technical Expertise

Record type and amount of anaesthesia and patient condition throughout procedure and patient medical histories

Provide and maintain life support and airway management and help prepare patients for emergency surgery; implement advanced life support techniques

Expertise in arterial blood gas (ABG) sampling in acute situations; administering femoral nerve blocks for patients with neck of femur fractures; ascitic tapping and aspiration of liver abscess under local anaesthesia; incision and drainage of abscesses under local and general anaesthesia

Capable of administering central venous line insertion, and regional anaesthesia including spinal epidural administration, and blocking for anaesthesia

Proficient in pain relief management of difficult airway and intubation

Clinical Assistance

Order laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures

Provide medical care and consultation in many settings, prescribing medication and treatment and referring patients for surgery

Safeguarding patient recovery by managing post-operation and medical processes in ICU

Management of post-operative cases in Surgical ICU

Well versed with medical legislations & standards ensuring patient care, vigilance and safety during interventions while continually striving for clinical excellence

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Refer patients to other healthcare practitioners; confer with other medical professionals to determine type and method of anaesthetic or sedation to render patient insensible to pain

Proactively assisting patients with low education and from underprivileged sections to ensure a respectable approach is taken while providing them with the medical services they require

Manage anaesthesiologic services, coordinating them with other medical activities and formulating plans and procedures

Providing patient education & counselling covering health status, test results, disease processes, and discharge planning


MD (Anaesthesiology)

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India – Dec ’15

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery)

Government Medical College (GMC), Jammu, India – Jul ‘06


Effect of different volumes of epidural steroid on pain relief in patient receiving fluoroscopy guided intralaminar epidural steroid injection in low back pain


Medical Council of India, Unrestricted License to practice Medicine in India

Jammu State Medical council (Jammu and Kashmir)

Delhi Medical council


International association for study of pain (IASP)

Society of Transoesophageal echocardiography

Indian palliative care society


oSenior Resident (Onco-anaesthesia & Palliative care)

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), India (Jul ’18 – Present)

oSenior Resident (Anaesthesia)

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) India (Jan ’16 – Apr ‘18)

oMedical Officer

(Dec ’10 - Jun ’12)

oJunior Resident (Radiotherapy)

(Jul ’09 – Nov ’10)

oHouse Physician in Pathology

(Jul ‘09 – Jun ’10)


(Jul ’08 – Jun ’09)


(Jan ’08 – Jun ’08)

oHouse Physician (Orthopaedics)

(Jul ’07 – Dec ’07)


Presented a paper on role TEE in improving diagnosis accuracy of Congenital heart disease in 8th annual transoesophageal echocardiography workshop PGIMER, CHANDIGARH 28 Feb ‘14 - 2 Mar ‘14

Poster presentation in


oCanadian pain society 35th annual scientific meeting, Quebec City QC, Canada, 20 May ’14 - 22 May ‘14

o17th World Pain Congress, 12 Sep ‘18 -16 Sep ‘18, Boston USA


Completed Medical Writing and Publishing Workshop by Hilary P. Grocott Editor in Chief, Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia held at Advance Cardiac Centre, PGIMER Chandigarh, India in collaboration with University of Manitoba, Canada.

Neuro-Modulation Update & Hands on Training, Medanta - 7th Dec ‘18

IAPC Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care 10-11th Nov, 2018 Dr. B.R.A IRCH, AIIMS New Delhi

17th World Pain Congress September 12-16th 2018 Boston USA

Canadian pain society 35th annual scientific meeting, Quebec City, QC, Canada. 20 May ’14 – 22 May ‘14

Indian Society of Study of Pain ISSPCON 2014, D.Y Patil Medical College, Mumbai

8th annual transoesophageal echocardiography workshop PGIMER, Chandigarh 28thFeb -2nd Mar ‘14

Indian society for the study of pain CME 20th Oct ‘13

Anaesthesia CME and alumni meet on 13th-14th Apr ‘13

Research Methodology and Biostatistics course held in April 2013

Workshop on cardiopulmonary resuscitation 18th Aug ‘12

“Anaesthetic concerns for neonatal surgical emergencies – Pearls and pitfalls” held on Sunday, 30th Sep ’12


Original Articles

Jeetinder Kaur Makkar, MD, Balbir Kumar, MD, Kajal Jain, MD, Saravdeep S. Dhutt, MS, YK Batra, MD, and Preet Mohinder Singh, MD

o .2018;21;243-250

Imran H Bhat, Alok Kumar, Balbir Kumar, Rajarajan Ganesan, Banashree Mandal, Vikas Dutta

oEchocardiographic Evaluation of Right Ventricular Function in the Immediate Postoperative period after Major Pulmonary Resections; Observational study 2017Dec.46 (5); 42-45

Jeetinder Kaur Makkar, Deepak Dwivedi, Aswini Kuberan, Balbir Kumar, Indu Bala

oMinimum alveolar concentration of desflurane for maintaining BIS below 50 in children and effect of caudal analgesia on it; Anaesthesia essays and Researches (AER)2018;12;512-516

Case Reports

Balbir Kumar, Soni S, Jafra A

oAnaesthestic Management of Double Atrial Septal Defect with Moderate Pulmonary Hypertension Emergency Caesarean Section. J Anesth Clin Res 10: 1000876. doi:10.4172/2155-6148.1000876

Balbir Kumar, Sethu Madhavan j, Goverdhan Dutt Puri, Sandeep Singh Rana

oRole of TEE in Improving diagnostic Accuracy of Congenital Heart disease; journal of perioperative echocardiography (JOPE); 2014 dec;31(2):71-74

Balbir Kumar, Sumit Soni, Kamal Kajal

oPerioperative Artefactual ST Segment Changes in ECG with the Use of Electro-Cautery in Patient with Cardiac Disease. Int J Med Res Prof. 2018 Nov; 4(6):241-44. DOI:10.21276/ijmrp.2018.4.6.052.

Sumit Soni, Balbir Kumar, Anudeep

oAnaesthetic Management of a Case of Haemophilia: A Case Report and Literature Review; International journal of medical research professionals (IJMRP) P-ISSN: 2454-6356; E-ISSN: 2454-6364

Sumit Soni, Amarjyoti Hazarika, Balbir Kumar

oLimb girdle muscle dystrophy and caesarean delivery: Anaesthestic management and brief review of literature; Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia; 34 (2018) 173–174


oFellowship (Observership) in chronic pain management in pain centre (Clinique Antidouleur Hotel-Dieu), Centre hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal (CHUM), Montreal Quebec CANADA for one week from May 29th-june 3rd2014.

oBest paper presentation (3rd prize) in 8th annual transoesophageal echocardiography workshop PGIMER, Chandigarh 28th February-2nd March 2014

oAwarded financial aid by IASP Financial Aid Working Group to present research paper titled “Effect of Different Doses of Dexamethasone on Pain Relief in Patients Receiving Fluoroscopic Guided Para sagittal Interlaminar Lumber Epidural Steroid Injection for Radicular chronic Low Back Pain” at 17th World Pain Congress September 12th-16th 2018 Boston USA.

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