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Project Development

Pune, Maharashtra, India
3 lpa
September 10, 2019

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Name: SnehalArunTilekar

Address:**/A Natraj Colony, GondhalenagarHadapsar Pune-411028

Mobile No: 888-***-**** / 823-***-****

Email Id:


Seeking a responsible position in an organization, which gives me a chance to improve knowledge, enhance my skills and enable me to strive the overall development of the organization. Education Qualification

Qualification Branch

School / College /


Board /



& Class

MSc. Computer






College Pune.



First Class





Annasaheb Magar

College Hadapsar Pune-




Second Class

H.S.C Science

AkutaiKalyani Girls

Junior College Pune-28



Second Class

S.S.C. Regular C.B.T. Sadhana Girls

Highschool Pune-28



First Class


Sound knowledge of UNIX internals.

Skilled Mass Communicator.

Good Analytical and problem-solving skill.

Experience in application development using C, C++ and Java.

Experience in Mobile Application development in Android using Java.

Experience in Client side Web development using Angular. Professional Experience

● Experience during Internship:

Company Name: ProgreDior Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Technology: Android

Work:Application Development

Project:Grocery Application

Experience:1 Year.(Including Internship)

● Working Experience:

Company Name : Shuunya Systems Pvt.Ltd.

Technology : Java

Work : Development.

Company Name : Alpha Analytics Services Pvt.Ltd


Work:Survey Programming.

Technical Details

Programming Languages:

Procedural Language: C.

Object Oriented Language: C++.

Virtual Machine Based Language: JAVA.

Scripting Language: PHP,, HTML,Typescript,Javascript. Database: MySQL,PostgreSQL.

Operating Systems:Windows NT Family, Linux Distributions. Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery IDE & Tools: Visual studio Code,Android Studio,Visual Studio,NetBeans. Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 8.0.22.

Version Control: GIT.

JavaScript Libraries: JQuery, Bootstrap

Testing techniques : Unit testing

Methodologies: Waterfall.

Tools & Technologies: Angular-CLI.

Technical Projects

1. Project Name: Noise Detection & Removing from Image Using MATLAB Technique Used: MATLAB

Operating System: Windows.


This project is using for detecting noise from image as well as removing noise from images.

2. Project Name: Virtual File System

Project Type: Research Based Project

Technology Used: C programming

Operating System: Windows, Linux.


It is a research based project, which is used to understand internal concept of file system.

Our project executes in RAM & provide all the operations, which are required for the file system.

This project Creates the Illusion of the file system. 3. Project Name: ProcMon (Process Monitoring Tool). Technology Used: Windows Programming using C++.

Operating System: Windows.


This process is considered as process monitoring tool.

By using this project, we can create log of currently running processes on our machine.

We maintain process name, its PID, number of threads of dll of that process.

This process gives whole information about the running process. 4. Project Name : Marvellous Knowledge Sharing Portal Technology Used: Angular 7 for Frontend, Firebase for realtime database. Description :

This application is developed in Angular 7.

This project we we provide multiple the functionality by using which any member of University of Company can share there knowledge on our portal.

If any user is interested in the information then using our portal they can communicate with each other.

For validation purpose we use reactive forms.

For Front end designing we use bootstrap and Material designing.

To store the data entered by the user we use bootstrap.

We deploy our application using S3 of Amazon Web Services. Technical highlights

Knowledge of Front end development using Angular 7

Knowledge of Amazon Web services.

Knowledge of Firebase with data storage capabilities .

Expertise in web deployment using Firebase and AWS.

Knowledge of Unit testing of Angular application.

Knowledge of Front end development using Material Design,Bootstrap.

Knowledge of NoSQL database as MongoDB,MySql,PostgreSQL.

Knowledge on Survey tool,Designig and Developing Survey.

Knowledge of creating Basic Android Application and Java Applications.

Knowledge of Hibernate(Basic).

Angular Project: Git repository of projects: Extracurricular Activities

Custom File Wrapper:

Technology: C++.

Platform: Windows, Linux;


This project is consider as library development project.

We can used this project, into other software development task.

For this project we are using C++ as programming language.

The class which is developed as a wrapper class can be used in other project for the further development.

Extra Skills

Qualification-Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management Institute-National Institute Of Event Management



I have done Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Music concerts, Exhibitions, Pune Festival, Pune International Film Festival, Dance competitions, Institute’s own Events Mr. & Miss University and college Idol, Event Management of the Year & College Dance Group Competition, Holicious 2015, Kala Ki Khoj 2014(Kids Idol 2014), WPSD (world public singing day 2014). etc. Personal Information

Date of birth : 12th may 1994.

Father’s name : Mr. ArunMadhukarTilekar.

Mother’s name : Mrs. Savita ArunTilekar.

Hobbies : Listening songs, watching movies.

Languages known : English, Marathi and Hindi.

Marital status : Single.

The above mentioned information is authentic to the best of my knowledge. Date: SNEHAL A. TIEKAR.

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