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Telecommunications/Field Engineer/Field Technician

Hope Mills, NC
September 09, 2019

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Hope Mills, North Carolina


Leland C. Robinson

Summary of Skills

To Earn a Position with a Company that utilizes and expands my education, training and experience in Wireless and Wired Communications.

Professional experience

7/2019- 8/2019 Dish Wireless Southeast US

RF Engineer

Performs system coverage and capacity drive tests. Recommend site and system

parameter settings to best optimize the systems’ coverage, performance and capacity.

Provide support for all radio sites in the assigned region by hands-on hardware troubleshooting.

Serve as a deployment region’s technical subject matter expert on RF deployment matters.

Audits testing methodology used by DISH’s civil construction firms to ensure accuracy on PIM and VSWR sweep test results of antenna systems.

Physically builds and assembles cabinets and equipment.

Connects commercial AC and antenna connections.

Commissions and integrates BBU. RF data testing.

Work with the operation team to troubleshoot site network problems.

Review fault and performance data to assist with determining cause of faulty equipment.

Updates trouble ticketing databases with resolution or actions taken

10/2016-7/2019 Goodman Networks Fayetteville NC

Field Technician II

Repair or replace damaged or faulty items in a timely manner to ensure maximum network availability.

Perform all components of cell site maintenance including: automatic/manual optimization, antenna testing and results analysis.\

Perform testing, acceptance and analysis of DS0, FT1, T1, T3, OC3, and STS1 circuits including: Microwave or SONET systems, CSU, T1 interface devices, Digital Cross Connects and physical cross connects utilizing appropriate test equipment (T-BERD or equivalent)

Ensure power systems are functional which includes performing and analyzing battery routines, performing voltage adjustments and PM’s on rectifiers and DC power systems.

Ensure proper maintenance of site buildings and grounds.

Perform inspection of microwave systems. Including: performs routine preventive maintenance, equipment alarm analysis, inspection of waveguide pressure and desiccant, annual preventive maintenance on all radio types, advanced troubleshooting, basic installation and acceptance of radio and path alignment with tower crew.

Train and assist Junior Technicians

6/2010-03/2016 Ericsson Services Fayetteville NC

Field Technician I

Troubleshoot, Maintain, and Repair Sprint's iDEN, CDMA, and LTE Cellular Networks.

Performed Maintenance, Calibration, Troubleshooting and Repair on Motorola and Alcatel Lucent, iDEN, CDMA and LTE Base Transceiver Station

Installation and Maintenance of Clearwire WiMAX High-Speed Data Systems

Mobile Cell Site (COW) BTS Setup, Maintenance and Integration

Troubleshoot and Maintenance of DAS systems,

Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers.

Fiber Optic Cable and Coax Antenna Line Testing.

RF Drive Testing, Network Analysis and Repair of Customer-Impacting Network Issues.

Test Backhaul T-1, OC-3, SONET and Microwave.

Proficient with Spare Parts Inventory (MfieldWorks) and RMA processes.

Maintained responsible Network Equipment at a 98+ % availability.

Sprints’ CDMA to 3G Network Equipment upgrade.

Sprints’ 3G to 4G (LTE) Network Equipment upgrade.

Train Junior Technicians and Contractors

Proficient in Microsoft Office and Outlook

08/2008-03/2010 Sovereign Advanced Technologies Ft Bragg NC


Lead Crews Installing SIRPNET and NIPRNET cable networks. Terminate jacks, patch panels, test and troubleshoot when necessary. Build MDF’s, IDF’s. Install Fiber Optic cable, terminate connectors, fusion splice Fiber Optic cable, test, and troubleshoot when necessary. Install OSP cable through manholes, terminate, and test. Plan day-to-day schedules to meet deadlines. Estimate projects and materials for future contracts. Work to complete projects in a timely manner to ensure a quality product.

11/2004-4/2008 Time Warner Cable Fayetteville, NC

Installation Technician

Installation of video, internet and telephone services. Installation of cable in residential and commercial buildings. Disconnects, upgrades and downgrades. Access accounts on AS400.

5/2004-11/2004 Henderson Electric Fort Bragg, NC

Electrician/Telephone Technician

Installation of wiring through conduit, and install boxes and fixtures. Installation of telephone network to include punch downs of telephone jacks and 110 blocks in multiple closets as well as testing the entire system. Install fire alarm cable, pull stations, horn strobes, smoke detectors, and test.

1/2004-4/2004 All American Alarms Fayetteville, NC


Install Security Alarm Systems in residential and commercial construction. Read blue prints for layout determination of system cabling and wiring. Program fire alarm and burglar alarm panels. Respond to customer service calls.

5/1999-5/2001 Datacomm Fayetteville, NC

Fiber Optic/Telephone Technician

Install Fiber Optic, Cat-5, Cat-3 and Coax cables in Offices, Factories, underground and aerial. Terminate, Splice and Fuse Fiber Optic Cable. Terminate Cat-5, Cat-3 and Coax. Install various phone systems. Troubleshoot Fiber Optic, Telephone, and Data Networks when necessary. Supervise the installation, termination, and testing of Cat-3 and Coax in eight Barracks at Ft. Bragg, N.C. Operate Test Equipment.

5/1983-5/1999 Kelly-Springfield Tire Company Fayetteville, NC

Setup Man

Program Allen-Bradley Tire machines to build various types of tires. Check tire machines to maintain proper specifications are being used to build tires. Respond to service calls as required.

10/1976-10/1980 U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet


Set-up, service and maintain all onboard radio communications equipment, receivers, transmitters, transceivers and Teletype. Honorable discharge.




Leviton Network Solutions course for Copper and Optical Fiber

03/2007 NCTI


Broadband Digital Installer

08/2007 NCTI


Computers and Broadband Modems

06/2006 NCTI


Trouble-shooting Advanced Services

07/2004 Fayetteville Technical Community College

Fiber Optic Certification/Certified Splicing Specialist

Fiber Optics Association. Completed a 63 hour course in Fiber Optics, which taught Fiber Optic Equipment used for testing, splicing, system design and optical loss calculations. Emphasis was placed on fusion and mechanical splices and OTDR testing.

12/2003 Fayetteville Technical Community College

Fiber Optic Certification/Certified Technician

Fiber Optics Association. Completed a 70 hour course in Fiber Optics, which taught Fiber Therory Singlemode and Multimode, Cables Inside/Outside, Connectors, Physics of Fiber, Distribution Theory, Transmission Fundamentals, Fitel Fusion Splicing Machine, operating an OTDR, with a concentration in Splicing-Fusion and Mechanical.

9/2003 Fayetteville Technical Community College

CATV Certification

CATV Telecommunications Technology Cabling Course. Completed a 400 hour course in CATV Communication Cabling, which required a demonstrated knowledge of CATV design and construction techniques, as well as an understanding of basic electrical principals and theories.

12/1999 Hubbell Inc. US-CT-Stonington


Hubbel premise wiring certification

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