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Medical Surgery

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
15000-20000 USD
January 11, 2020

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Personal Data

Name: Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hadrani

Date of birth: 26.11.1954

Date of Recruitment in Sana'a University: July 16, 1990.

Current Academic Position: Chair Professor, since 2001.

President of Thamar University 2004-2014.

Senior Consultant Surgeon, Ministry of Health- Saudi Arabia 2014- till now.

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties: 15GM0016300.

Mobile phone: +966*********


Academic Qualifications, from earlier to latest

Bachelor, General Medical and Surgery, Ain Shams University, Cairo, with honor grade 1973-1979.

FRCS, General surgery, The Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow-UK 1984-1988.

MS.Sc, General Surgery, Dundee University-UK 1990.

FACS, General surgery, fellowship, American college of Surgeons, San-Francisco-US 1999.

Title of Doctorate Thesis

The treatment of human colorectal cancer xenografts with haematoporphyrin derivatives and Gold-vapor laser light. Comparison beween early versus late photodynamic therapy.

This dissertation has been submitted as a newly selected subject worldwide with regard to research and outcomes. The thesis was rated as equivalent to upper degrees post to MD, ChM, and M.S.

Experience as Academic

Teaching medical students: lecture, clinical rounds and tutorials.

Surgical Clinical research

Postgraduate teaching


Ranking as a surgeon

Training and working in united Kingdom a a registrar, in accident and emergency in Great Yarmouth- and as a registrar in general surgery, Queen Elizabeth hospital, King- lynn, and Lancaster Royal infirmary, UK between 1986-1988.,

Working in clinical surgery, Department of Surgery Ninewells Hospital, Dundee University, UK. 1/9/1988 - 13/7/1988990.

working as a Consultant Surgeon in Kuwait University hospital. Sana'a-Yemen.

Working as a Consultant Surgeon in Al-Thowrah teaching hospital, Sana'a- Yemen

Working as a Consultant Surgeon in specialized hospital (Private) Sana'a-Yemen, 1995-2002.

Working as a Consultant Surgeon in Yemen German hospital- (private) Sana'a -Yemen between 2003-2014, Sana'a- Yemen.

Experience as a Surgeon

-Digestive surgery of the stomach, small bowel and colon; emergency and elective surgery.

-Biliary surgery: lapar/open cholecystectomy, hydatid cyst of the liver

-Anorectal surgery fistula, tumors, piles

-General surgery operations:

. hernia mesh repair (incision, inguinal, femoral).

. Breast surgery: modified radical mastectomy, Brest conserving surgery.

-Thyroid surgery.

-Trauma and war surgery, long term experience in the surgical management of: gastric, duodenal, pancreatic, liver, spleen, small bowel and colorectal injuries.


1.Testimonial and gratefulness – Ministry of Health in Yemen 1994.

2.Testimonial of the International Conference of the International Society of Surgeons, the International Society of Surgery, Acapulco 1997.

3.Testimonial of the International Conference of the Egyptian society of Surgeons, Alexandria 1998.

4.Award of Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Sciences and Culture, The utmost scientific Yemeni award, Yemen 1999.

5.Testimonial, the 35th of the International society of Surgeons, Vienna- Austria 1999.

6.Testimonial, the International European, Conference on Endoscopic Surgery, Nice- France 2000.

7.Gold medal, testimony, The American Institute of Characters, US 2000.

8.Testimonial, the US ambassador to Sana'a, American Embassy 2000.

9.Acknowledgement of Merit, the Friendship Yemeni-Italian Society 2001.

10.Acknowledgement of Merit of the Medical Yemeni Society, 2002.

11.Testimonial, The Regional Office, World Health Organization (WHO), Cairo 2002.

12.Diverse Recognition and Gratefulness, Students of Thamar University 2005-2009.

National and international memberships

1.Member, Syndicate of Yemeni Physicains, Sana'a 1982.

2.Member, Syndicate of Academic Staff, Sana'a University 1990.

3.Member, International College of Surgeons, USA 1990.

4.Initiator and Head, The Yemeni Society for Combating Cancer, Sana'a 1993-1998.

5.Member & Representative, The International Society of Surgery, Switzerland 1994.

6.Member, The International Society of Trauma, injuries & intensive care, USA 1995.

7.Initiator & member of International Society of Breast Cancer, Switzerland 1997.

8.Member, Yemeni-British Friendship Society, Sana'a 1998.

9.Member, Who's Global Society, USA 1990.

10.Member, Yemeni-Italian Friendship Society, Sana'a 2001

11.Member, Yemeni Society for Fulbright Foreign Student Program US, Sana'a 2003.

12.Yemen's representative in the scientific Commission of Erasmus Mundus of the European Union (EU), Amsterdam, Netherlands 2008.

13.Member, The Arab Council for Scientific Research & Graduate Studies of Arab universities, Cairo 2009-2011.


1.Attendance, The Annual Conference Organized by Society of Surgeons in Britain & Ireland, Edinburgh, Scotland 1989

2.Presentation, Summer Conference Organized by the British Society of Digestive System Disorders, Dublin, Ireland 1989.

3.Attendance, The 71st. Conference of the British Research Society, Liverpool-UK 1990.

4.Presentation, The Annual Conference of the British Research Society, Newcastle-UK 1990.

5.Attendance, The 6th Scientific Conference of the Egyptian Syndicate of Physicians, Cairo-Egypt 1994.

6.Attendance, Conference on Digestive System Disorders & Diseases, Dubai-UAE 1995.

7.Attendance, The International 35th conference of the International Society of Surgeons, Hong Kong 1995.

8.Attendance, The International 36th Conference of the International Society of Surgeons, Portugal 1995.

9.Head of the Supervising Committee & Lecture Presentation, The First National Conference on Injuries, Sana'a-Yemen 1997.

10.Session Chairman of Lecture Presentation & Research Presentation, The International 37th Conference of the International Society of Surgeons, Acapulco-Mexico 1997.

11.Research Presentation, The Summer Conference for the Egyptian Society of Surgeons, Alexandria-Egypt 1998.

12.Lecture Presentation, The First Yemeni-German Conference, Sana'a-Yemen 1998.

13.Head of Supervising Committee & Lecture Presentation, The First Conference on Hazards of Pesticides on Human & Environmental Safety, Sana'a-Yemen 1999.

14.Research Presentation, The International 38th Conference of the International Society of Surgery, Vienna-Austria 1999.

15.Member of the Scientific Committee, The First Medical Yemeni-American conference, Sana'a-Yemen 1999.

16.Attendance, The Annual Conference of the American College of Surgeons, San-Francisco-USA 1999.

17.Lecture Presentation, The Annual European Conference on Endoscopic Surgery, Nice-France 2000.

18.Head of the Scientific Committee, Conference on Cancers in Yemen, Taiz-Yemen 2001.

19.Chair session & Lecture Presentation, The Second Medical Yemeni-Italian Conference, Al-Mukalla-Yemen 2001.

20.Research Submission & presentation, The 40th Conference of the International Society of Surgery, Hong Kong 2003.

21.Attendance, International Conference on New Emergent Techniques for Diagnosis & Therapy of Cancer, KSA 2003.

22.Research submission & presentation, The Summer Conference of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons, Alexandria-Egypt 2003.

23.Attendance, Conference of Rectors of Arab universities, Cairo-Egypt 2005.

24.Attendance, Conference of the American College of Surgeons, San-Francisco-USA 2005.

25.Attendance, The Role of Leaders in Higher Education in the USA, Several American States 2005.

26.Headship & presentation of lecture, Several Seminars Organized in Thamar University, Thamar-Yemen 2005-2010.

27.Lecture presentation, Arab Forum Conference, Beirut-Lebanon 2006.

28.Participation, Conference on Development of Arab universities, Alexandria-Egypt 2006.

29.Attendance, Association of Arab universities Conference, Egypt 2006.

30.Prime lecture presentation, The Medical Yemeni-Italian Conference Organized in Thamar University, Thamar-Yemen 2007.

31.Attendance, Cancers in Developing Countries Conference, Italy 2007.

32.Attendance, Association of Arab universities Conference, Riyadh-KSA 2008.

33.Attendance, European Union, The Annual meeting for Hosting & Recipient universities organized within Erasmus Mundus program, Netherlands 2008,

34.Attendance & lecture presentation, The Annual Conference on Higher Education organized by the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education, Sana'a-Yemen 2008.

35.Attendance & contribution, Association of Arab universities Conference, Kuwait 2009.

36.Attendance, Communication & Terrorism: Evaluative Symposium organized by Prince Naif University, KSA 2009.

37.Lecture presentation, General Meeting with the Yemeni graduate post-students in Malaysia, 2009.

38.Attendance, The Annual Conference on Higher Education organized by the Ministry of Health in Yemen, Sana'a-Yemen 2009.

39.Attendance, The Annual Meeting of European universities & the Recipient universities within Erasmus Mundus program, Netherlands 2009.

40.Attendance, The Annual meeting between European universities & group 7 universities within Erasmus Mundus program, Sweden 2010.

41.Attendance, Association of Arab Universities Conference, Jordan-Amman 2010.

42.Attendance, The Annual meeting between European universities & group 7 within Erasmus Mundus, Spain 2012.

43.Attendance, Association of Arab Universities Conference, Jordan-Amman 2013.


1.Documents & researches of the first National conference on Pesticides, Editor; Sanaa- Yemen: 2000.

2.Khat- scientific textbook on khat problems and side effects, second edition; (Editor). Dar Obadi, Sanaa-Yemen: 2005.

3.Intellectual Figures in Arab/Muslim Medicine, Editor, Thamar University, Yemen: 2006.

4.History of Thamar, Editor, Thamar University, Thamar: 2009.

5.The benefits of honey and honey products, Author with others, Thamar University, Yemen: 2012.

6.Intellectual Figures in Medicine (in English), Author, Thamar University, Yemen: 2013.

7.The diabetes( داء السكري), Author, published 2018, Jarir book shop (in Arabic) /Saudi Arabia.

8.Trauma Management (in English), Author,(in press).


1.Head of auditing & assessment committee; Critical assessment of children with nephrolithiasis, PhD level, Cairo University 2010.

2.Head of auditing & assessment committee: Lost tissues of the soleus & lower part of the leg, PhD, Cairo University 2003.

3.Head of auditing & assessment committee; Detection & treatment of schisto somiasis complications on the urinary system, PhD level, The Medical University of Russia 2003.

4.Head of auditing & assessment committee; Clinical objective assessment in embodied model for Breast reduction by reserving the upper part, PhD level, Cairo University 2003.

5.Head of auditing & assessment committee; Endoscopic cholecystectomy: advantages & risks, PhD, University of Bucharest 2003.

6.Head of auditing & assessment committee, Treatment of tibial fractures resulting from shotguns, PhD, University of Moscow 2003.

7.Main supervisor, Yemeni patients with cholelithiasis, Master (MS) level, Aden University.

8.Main supervisor, Diabetic foot, Master (MS) level, Sana'a University 2002.

9.External examiner, Endoscopic surgery, Master (MS) level, Sana'a University 2005.

10.Reviewer, Referee, Book of Curriculum development issued by King-Abd Al-Aziz University, King Abd Al-Aziz University, Jeddah, KSA 2010.

11.Supervisor, Hydatid disease, MS level, Thamar University 2010.

12.Supervisor, Thyroid autoantibodies in diabetic patients; Thamar University 2014.


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9.Enforcement & control of medical laws in Yemeni; Documentary Book of the First National Conference on Health Improvement, second, Ministry of Health, 1994; Yemen.

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43.In the Arab-Muslim medical heritage: The foundations of anesthesia and respiratory resuscitation (in Arabic),first, Nakheel a scientific authentic referee review, 2008;24:36-41, UAE.

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1.Evaluation in Medical Education, 3-7 April 1989, Dundee; UK.

2.Joint Meeting of the Mediterranean states, on cancer control 20 July 1995, Muscat, Oman.

3.National Workshops for Records and Combat of Cancer, 16-21 Nov. 1996 Aden, Yemen.

4.The First National Symposium on Combat of Cancer Diseases, 6-8 Jan 1997, Sana'a Yemen.

5.The second National Symposium on Control of Cancer, 16-1997, Sana'a Yemen.

6.The 'Third National Symposium' held within event of the third anniversary of society for combating cancer in Aden, 18 Dec. 1997, Sana'a, Yemen.

7.The National seminar on current status and future of scientific research, 15-17 Jul. 1997, Sana'a- Yemen.

8.Workshop on identifying vulnerable chromosomal and genetic analysis, 15-19 May 1998, Riyadh-KSA.

9.Seminar on cancerous diseases in developing countries, 16-23 Jan 2001, Rome-Italy.

10.Seminar on curricula of the faculty of medicine, 31 Dec. 2001, Sana'a University- Yemen.

11.Specification of the nationwide "standard criteria for medical education and it accreditation system' in faculties of medicine in Yemen, 19-20 Oct.2003, Taj Saba'a Hotel, Sana'a-Yemen.

12.The role of leaders in higher education in the USA, 26 Sep. 2005, Several States in USA.

13.Special seminar on medical curricula, evaluation of students performance, and teaching methods, Faculty of Medicine, Sana'a University.

14.EU's seminars organized within the context of Erasmus Mundus program, 2007,2008,2009, Italy- Netherlands.

15.Diverse seminars organized by the ministry of higher education, 2008, 2009, Sana'a- Aden-Taiz- and Hadhramaut.

16.Diverse seminars on higher education and universities, 3-22 June 2013 Several states, USA.


Chair Professor of general surgery, Sana'a University 2001.

Head, Department of General surgery, Sana'a University, 4 March2002 -26 Nov. 2004.

Member, the National Committee for Standardization of Examinations in the Faculties of Medicine in Yemen, R.O. Yemen, (under the auspices of the Ministry of higher education) 2001-2003.

Head, the technical commission for assessment of the faculties of medicine of the private universities (under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education).

Editor-in-chief, Thamar University Journal of Applied and Medical Sciences.

Chairman, Council of Scientific Research, Thamar University.

Founder and Member The directory council of the National Information Centre, ministry of higher education, 2008-2013.

Member, the Arab council for scientific research and graduate studies, Cairo, 2009-2011.

President of Thamar University, Dec 2004 – Sep 2014.

Senior consultant surgeon – Al-Thwrah general hospital, and Yemeni-German hospital.

Working now as a senior consultant surgeon - Jizan- Ministry of health- Saudi Arabia – since 2014 .


Prof. Sir. Alfred Cuschieri, Professor of Surgery, Dundee University, Dundee, United Kingdom.


Prof. Dr. Abe Fingerhut, Past Chief of Surgery, Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal. Paris, France.


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