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Front Desk Support

Chicago, IL
January 11, 2020

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Birmingham City University Masters of Science Degree

Major: Management and International Business Birmingham, UK

University of Benin Bachelor’s degree

Major: Business Administration Benin, Nigeria

University of Benin Diploma

Major: Law Benin, Nigeria


I am dedicated consultant seeking positions in Healthcare IT Organization that would give me the opportunity to share my knowledge with a diverse population of team members.


EPIC Consulting: ClinDoc, Prelude/Cadence, Ambulatory, Radiant, ASAP, ADT/Bed planning.


CERNER Consulting: CPOE, PowerChart, FirstNet, SurgiNet,

Electronic Medical Record Consulting, Microsoft Office, Education, Business Development.


Epic Consultant (Cadence/ADT/Bed Planning) 09/2019- 10/2019

NYCHH Mt Sinai Brooklyn, NY

Provided support for front desk staff in scheduling existing and new patients

Supported front desk staff in scheduling from predetermined group of providers and scheduling a single visit with multiple providers

Provided training for front desk staff in scheduling appointments for patients with worker's compensation or Medicaid

Assisted clinicians in configuring reporting workbench and modifying providers schedule

Provided ATE support for front desk staff and managers in all aspects of their work flows

Epic Consultant (Grand Central/ASAP) 07/2019 - 08/2019

NYCHH Metropolitan Hospital Bronx, NY

Supporting ASAP and Grand Central.

Assisting Physicians in the ED (ASAP) Department.

Providing support on admitting and registration to end user.

Provided support to front desk / patient information coordination staff with regards administrative responsibilities which included and was not limited to registration, verification of patient insurance, hospital billing, guarantor

Epic Consultant (Inpatient) 07/2019 – 08/ 2019

Jacobi Hospital Bronx, NY

Provided Elbow support to Physicians and Nurses in Epic Care Inpatient

Assisted clinicians to set up and utilize smart tools – smart text, smart phrases etc.

Guided users through daily workflow, communicated issues and opportunities for enhancement and training

Training Physicians/ Hospitalist on how to navigate through workflow, creating addendums, medication reconciliation, appropriate use of charting tools and effective use of In Basket

Updating information on flow sheets and work lists, order management, patient lists creation, medication administration and scheduling task for the MAR

Charge Capture and using Smart Phrases and Smart

Epic (ClinDoc) 02/2019 – 02/2019

Shodair Children Hospital Helena, MT

Provided support to End Users with regards to understanding the functionalities of the tabs on their tracker

Support physicians with creating new documents (History & Physical, Progress notes, discharge summary...) and creating Quick Texts to help expedite the process of patient care and documentation.

Help set up Physician dragon device with pre dictated generic notes to improve time spent on documentation

Supported clinicians with medication reconciliation to ensure that patient record is up-to-date

Helped Physicians build coverage list, default their tracked to- My All Patient List- and general customization of their work space

Helped Nurses build their “My List” and navigate the PCS Status Board

Support and train Nurses on work list documentation

Epic Consultant (Cadence/ADT) 01/2019- 02/2019

NYCHH Mt Sinai Brooklyn, NY

Provided ATE support for front desk staff and managers in all aspects of their work flows

Provided at-the elbow support for Physician, Nurse Practitioners, other clinical staffs on the floor

Efficiently support clinicians to navigate through their clinical workflow on the hyperspace.

Proactively troubleshoot workflow issues to report any technical issues to command center assisted

Assisted clinicians to set up and utilized smart tools - smartext, smart phase.

Ensure that provider and other clinical staff were set up in correct Inbasket pool

Assisted clinician in adding more activities to their hyperspace toolbars

Cerner Consultant (FirstNet) 12/2018- 01/2019

Jupiter Medical Center Jupiter, FL

Provided Go live support to physicians and nurses in the Emergency department.

Trained Emergency department staffs in identifying standard work flow and application uses

Provided Tip Sheets and all daily communication to End users

Assisted physicians with orders

Supported physicians with completing task in message center

Supported nurses on Documentation of Medication administration Record (MAR)

Supported nurses on completing task

Supported nurses on documenting and charting on I

Supported physician on completing notes

Cerner Consultant (SurgiNet) 09/2018-10/2018

Antelope Valley Hospital Lancaster, CA

Provided support with the personalization of physician workspace in various departments as needed

Assist providers in utilizing Cerner Power Chart to enter and customize orders, print prescriptions, input the patients home medication, past medication, med rec, dynamic documentations, transfers and discharge

Supported Anesthesiologist in documenting and finalizing scheduled cases

Go Live support for in Pre-op, PACU, ICU, PostOp, Surgeons and Emergency room

Instruct physicians and nurses on how to use PowerChart, Capacity Mgt and SurgiNet

Cerner Consultant (Customization lab & Dynamic Documentation) 08/2018 – 09/2018

Dignity Health (Mercy Medical Hospital) Sacramento, CA

Assisted physicians with managing change with respect to transitioning from Power Note to

Dynamic Documentation without altering the approved workflow

Supported with the customization of Advanced auto-text and entire clinician workspace to ensure documentation efficiency whilst allowing ample

EpicHelp Desk (Mary Washington) 06/ 2018- 06/ 2018


Answer the epic staff support line

Manage EPIC outlook mailbox prioritizing and responding to staff request

Provide daily support to EIPC users through troubleshooting and coaching

Open and monitor Service Now tickets

Communicate with staff changes in EPIC or Downtime

Complete required training in a timely manner

Perform other duties as assigned

GE Centricity to Epic Conversion Consultant (Chart Abstraction) 05/2018-06/2018

Covenant Hospital Nashua, NH

Transfer historical patient data from Centricity to the appropriate session of the Epic EMR system

Daily data entry into Epic via abstract encounter and media manager

Maintained high level data accuracy per Performance Improvement measures

Ensured qualitative analysis of records to ensure data entry accuracy, internal consistency and correlation of historic data

Support physicians, nurses and midwifes on optimizing their workspace and navigating through hyperspace in line with their approved workflow

Cerner (FirstNet) 04/2018-05/2018

Dignity Health Sacramento, CA

Support of tech and nurses

Elbow support floating all department

Assisted in adding previously excluded orders to a power plan, and add orders to a power plan that do not exist within that power plan.

Providing a support in Viewing, Customizing the Orders workspace and the Orders Band in medication List

Assisted in Signing orders, create a favorite folder, add orders to favorite, placing orders from a favorite folder, and deleting orders from a favorite folder

Supported the Emergency Room while educating clinicians on FirstNet application

Epic Consultant (Optimization/ASAP. Grand Central) 04/2018-04/2018

Providence St. Joseph Newport Beach, CA

Provide one-on-one/classroom end user support to physicians (training and optimization workshop)

Assisting end users with inpatient workflow enhancements.

Performing on-site evaluations to ascertain current issues within Epic and identifying a number of possible solutions pre go-live

Provided support to ED Physicians, nurses and Techs; customizing their workspace to suit current practice and hospital workflow in order to be more efficient

Provided support to front desk staff with regards administrative responsibilities which included and was not limited to registration, verification of patient insurance ...

Supported staff in ADT, Registration, Bed Planning, Referrals, E-Verification, and understanding of insurances

ATE Consultant (ASAP/Radiant) 02/2018-03/2018

Virtual Health (ED Berlin) Berlin, NJ

Supported ED physicians with navigating through encounters, managing in basket, order placements and sign offs, create preference lists and efficient use of order sets.

Supported ED users with documenting in their ED manager/Track board.

Supported nurses with documenting in the ED Narrators and MAR.

Supported nurses with releasing doctors’ orders and documenting time it was given.

Generally provided excellent customer care to end users on the floor.

Supported Nurses and Techs with the navigation of hyperspace

Worked as a member of the support team to clinicians.

Supported end-user in basket management and in basket pool assignments.

Trained and supported physicians, Techs, radiologists, nurses and lab techs with accuracy in documenting in hyperspace.

Trained and supported Medical assistance with cosigning orders and Ed notes.

Identified system configuration issues and escalated them to the Command Center for resolution.

Assisted nurses and staff with creating personal notes and managed report and tools-bars.

Epic Consultant (Prelude/Cadence) 02/2018-03/2018

John Muir Health Antioch, CA

Support FD/MA in scheduling and registering new and existing patients

Provide 1-on-1 support for end users that had difficulty adapting to the application especially while working with Transcribing orders, Order entry, locating Patient information, Patient list setup, and admission.

Support end-users how to utilize work queues, register, admit, transfer patients, as well as schedule appointments for Hospital visits

Provide support with placing orders for medications, labs, procedures and consults

Support and train front desk end users on customizing their DAR, scheduling appointments, creating guarantor accounts, RTE, assigning coverage, scanning using media manager, and

Epic Go-Live Consultant (Clindoc/CPOE) 11/2017-12/2017

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids, MI

Supported beacon physicians/ nurses with placing and releasing orders for chemo

Supported nurses with charting patient rounds in their flowsheet

Assisted with documenting medications that ought to have been administered in a certain time but reevaluated

Provided support to physicians with respect to writing notes – smart links, phrases, text etc.

Guided both physicians and nurses through the process of creating their preference list

Provided support with the general navigation of Epic hyperspace

Offered professional courtesy with a positive energy to bring comfort to end users whilst encouraging them to embrace the change.

Epic Go-Live Consultant (Prelude/Cadence) 10/2017-10/2017

Texas Health Physicians Group - Orthopedics Dallas, TX

Supported front desk with troubleshooting pop-ups to allow the ease of patient registration

Assisted administrative staff with checking patients out of the hospital, collecting and documenting co-pay

Provided support to nurses with scheduling and viewing physicians schedule

Helped staff retrieve and resend documents that have been assigned to the wrong patient

Provided support to administrative staff in customizing their workspace for ease of navigation

Supported coding administrative staff with the posting of bills, readjusting of patient’s insurance status and ensuring that referrals are attached appropriately.

Support Epic (Clindoc) 06/2017 – 07/2017

Terrebonne General Medical Center Houma, LA

Provided assistance for clinical documentation and general navigation in Hyperspace

Supported nurse in assigning beds within hospital unit

Assisted end users on creating smart phrases and preference lists

Helped with documentation of I/O on flow sheets

Provided elbow support, educating clinicians to properly document encounters, use In-basket and preference lists and manage orders

Supported doctors in placing signed-and-held orders

Provided guidance with reconciling transfer orders, discontinuing orders, releasing orders, MAR documentation etc.

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