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Python Java

New Delhi, Delhi, India
January 11, 2020

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*** * *** ********, *** Jose, California 95112 408-***-****

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Junior in BS Computer Science with solid understanding of CS fundamentals, ability to design a product from scratch, and a keen interest in data structures, problem solving, and design patterns. Seeking mentorship and challenging internships in software development to gain experience, exposure, and excellence. EDUCATION

San Jose State University May 2021

Bachelor’s in computer science 3.7/4.0


Programming Languages

(HackerRank badges)

C/C++ (gold), Java (gold), Python (silver), SQL (bronze) Web Technologies JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Apache, HTML/CSS Databases MySQL, IBM DB2

GUI Frameworks Swing (Java), wxWidgets (C++)

Testing JUnit (Java), Google Test (C++),

OS Linux, Mac OS, Windows.


Mood Modelling using simple data analytics

• Designed a secure web application, using the LAMP stack and JavaScript, to record the user’s - mood, physical and social environment, diet, and sleep – on a daily basis to predict the factors that affect the user’s mood the most and suggest activities to maximize the user’s happiness.

• Developed client-side validation with JavaScript and server-side validation with PHP + MySQL.

• Key Learnings: Authentication (users) VS Authorization (admins) User Input Sanitization Prevention against SQL injection and Cross-site Scripting

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• Designed a cross-platform desktop application, using Java swing, to assist the user in scheduling tasks

(based on the Eisenhower matrix), journaling activities, and identifying patterns in both work-life and personal-life.

• Implemented JDBC functions to communicate with the DB2 database using Java.

• Key Learnings: Software Development Lifecycle MVC architecture Agile Vs Scrum Docker Sorting Performance Analyzer

• Developed a C++ template to create datasets of any numeric type – short, int, float, or double – for testing sorting algorithms – selection sort, insertion sort, merge sort – with visualization.

• Implemented sorting with multithreading to quantify the difference between single-threaded, dual- threaded, and quad-threaded performance. See results

• Key Learnings: Multithreading concepts Real world implication of O(n2) Legal Summary Generator using Natural Language Processing

• Developed a Python application to generate extractive summaries from legal documents to facilitate faster processing of court cases.

• Implemented Python Natural Language Processing Toolkit to extract 5 sentence-level and 5 word-level features from the document.

• Optimized the weightage of each feature to produce an extractive summary with a match of 70% with a hand-generated summary by a legal worker.

• Key Learnings: NLP NLTK Design Patterns in Python MINI PROJECTS

• Rock-Paper-Scissors – Designed a cross-platform GUI for rock paper scissors game using wxWidgets.

• To-do-list – Developed a to-do-list browser application using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

• Calculator – Designed a console application to solve algebraic math equations using C++ and recursive logic to follow the BEDMAS arithmetic rule.

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