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Engineering Design

Tampa, FL
January 10, 2020

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Lino James 813-***-****


To secure a challenging career to fully utilize my education, skills and experience and envision to excel by achieving personal and organizational goals in the field of Radio Frequency and Wireless Engineering. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

• Master of Science in Electrical Engineering University of South Florida (USF), Tampa, FL (Dec 2019)

• Bachelor of Engineering (E.C.E.) Hindustan University, Chennai, India (April 2015) WORK EXPERIENCE

Worked as a Technical Support Representative with IBM India Pvt Ltd. (03-09-2017 to 07-12-2017)

• Provided Voice support to IBM internal end users and external commercial account end users across North America, EMEA and AP.

• Troubleshoot network connectivity issues like TCP/IP, Dial up, Token Ring, Ethernet, LAN/WAN.

• Resolved routine customer problems.

• Analysed and met a set of defined account agent productivity measurements. TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Equipment: VNA, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal generators, Oscilloscope, Multi meter and Soldering station.

• Tools: ADS, LabVIEW, Cadence, MATLAB, Mathcad, AutoCAD, Ansys HFSS

• Computer Skills: Python, C, C++, MS Office Suite

• RF concepts: Hands-on characterization of Amplifiers, Mixers, Couplers, Filters, VCO, PA, Transmission Lines, NF, Gain, VSWR, S-Parameters, SNR, Impedance matching, Smith chart, IP3, P1dB and harmonics.

• Wireless Technologies: CDMA, TDMA, OFDMA, LTE, MIMO, 5G, Modulation/Coding, mmWave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

• Relevant Courses: RF / Microwave Circuits 1, RF / Microwave Circuits 2, Wireless and Microwave Lab, Wireless Network Architecture and Protocols, Digital Communication Systems. PROJECTS

Low Noise Amplifier Design

• Designed, assembled, soldered and tested components for unconditionally stable LNA using a packaged BJT and lumped elements on FR4 with a gain of 15.2 dB and noise figure of 1.545 dB at 1.4 GHz and prepared Bill of Materials (BOM).

Bandpass Filter Design

• Designed the schematic and layout of third order micro strip coupled line Chebyshev bandpass filter centred at 2.45 GHz with a return loss of 10 dB and a Figure of Merit (FOM) of 15.151 dB. Impedance Matching

• Designed and tuned a distributed microstrip matching circuit to match a non-50 Ohm load to 50 Ohms in both ADS and Momentum and obtained a 10 dB Return loss for a given center frequency at 2 GHz. Distributed Low Pass Filter Design

• Designed, assembled and measured a distributed low pass filter with alternating sections of high and low impedance microstrip lines with a cut-off frequency of 1.25GHz. Single-Ended Mixer Design

• Designed and fabricated a single-ended mixer using microstrip quadrature hybrid coupler, diode, RF choke and open-circuited and short-circuited stubs to down-convert an RF signal at 1 GHz to an IF at 70 MHz Patch Antenna Design

• Designed, fabricated and tested microstrip patch antenna with a fundamental resonant frequency at 2.15 GHz using momentum to design the layout of the antenna for fabrication. Receiver System Integration

• Assembled, tested and performed Power-Budget calculations at various nodes for a bench-top receiver system that will receive a signal in the 915MHz range and down-convert it to an IF frequency in the 70MHz range using an LO frequency in the 985MHz range.


• Keysight RF & Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification.

• Wireless Engineering Graduate certification.

• Rahsoft RF fundamentals, basic concepts and components certification.

• CCNA Training from Internetworkz, Bangalore, India.

• Advanced Diploma in Embedded Systems from ISM, Bangalore, India.

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