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Customer Service Network Engineer

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
January 10, 2020

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NAME: Makkena Sumanth Kumar




1.9 years of Network admin/ Linux admin/IT Security/IT Infrastructure With Seeking a Technical position fully utilizing strong customer service attitude, exceptional organizational ability and technical skills

Technical Skills:

•Design and maintain Network infrastrusture

•Installing the appropriate systems.

•Providing support for the systems throughout the working day.

•Solving problems connected to the network and the systems.

•Monitoring the network efficiency.

•Knowledge on programs and hardware.

•Knowledge on Ram and Motherboard.

•Experience knowledge on file and file system.

•Experience in networking troubleshooting.

•Knowledge on process Management.

•Knowledge on memory management.

•Working Interaction with the ios.

•Experience knowledge on Boot process.

•Knowledge Installing windows,Linux,Macos.

•Knowlwdge on How the internet works.

•Knowledge on The Transport and Application Layers.

•Experience knowledge on Troubleshooting and the Future of Networking.

•Knowledge on Connecting to the Internet.

•Knowledge on - Linux user, super user, password, adding and removing user.

•Working on - Disk partitioning, formatting, mounting, unmounting, swap partition.

•Experience in - process management, creation, termination, resource monitoring.

•Knowledge on - remote connection and ssh, file transfer.

•Working on - virtual machines, system monitoring, event viewer.


Professional Expriences:

1 : Working with [Css corp Pvt Ltd]., Chennai from October 2017 to july 2019.

Key performance indicators:

Network Engineer:

•Experience in Troubleshooting Pitfalls to Avoid.

•Experience working on network infrastructure.

•Experience knowledge on routers and switches.

•Working in Ipconfig,Dns troubleshooting.

•Experience in Ticketing Systems and Documenting Your Work..

•Working knowledge in Documenting in Ticketing Systems.

•Experience in Computer Architecture Overview.

•Working knowledge in Count in Binary.

•Experience in Programs and Hardware.

•Experience in Batteries and Charging Systems.

•Experience in Remote Connection and SSH.

•Experience in Files and File Systems.

•Experience in Virtual Machines.

•Working knowledge of The Network Layer.

•Experience in IP Addresses and IP Datagrams and Encapsulation.

•Experience in Address Resolution Protocol.

•Experience in Subnetting and subnet mask.

•Experience in Interior Gateway Protocols.

•Experience in TCP Control Flags and the Three-way Handshake.

•Working knowledge of TCP Socket States.

•Working knowledge of Connection-oriented and Connectionless Protocols.

•Experience in The Application Layer and the OSI Model.

•Experience in DNS and UDP.

•Working knowledge of Resource Record Types.

•Experience in DNS Zones.

•Experience in NAT and the Transport Layer.

•Experience in NAT, Non-Routable Address Space and the Limits of IPv4.

•Working Kmowledge of Virtual Private Networks.

•Experience in Disk Partitioning and Formatting a Filesystem.

•Experience in Mounting and Unmounting a Filesystem.

•Working knowledge on Linux Filesystem Repair.

•Experience in Process Creation and Termination.

•Experience in Managing Processes windows.

•Experience in Windows Resource Monitoring.

•Experience in Linux: Resource Monitoring.

•Experience in Remote Connection File Transfer.

•Working knowledge on System Monitoring.

•Experience in Windows Event Viewer.

•Working with Logs.

•Experience in Operating Systems Deployment Methods.

•Working knowledge on Network Ports and Patch Panels.

•Knowledge on The TCP/IP Five-Layer Network Model.

•Working knowledge on Networking Services.

•Experience knowledge on Object Oriented Classes.

•Working knowledge on System Programming - Mixins, Libraries, Packages.

•Experience in Chef Configurations.

•Automation - Alerting, alert rules, blackbox and whitebox monitoring

•Experience in The Cloud services.

•Working knowledge of IT Infrastructure Services.

•Experience in Troubleshooting and Managing Issues.

•Experience working knowledge on Systems Administration Tasks.

•Experience in Remote Access Revisited.

•Experience in FTP, SFTP, and TFTP.

•Experience in Network Support Services.

•Experience in DNS for Web Servers.

•Experience in Unable to Resolve a Hostname or Domain Name.

•Working knowledge of Managing Services in Linux.

•Experience in Managing Services in Windows.

•Working Knowledge on Configuring Services in Linux.

•Experience in Configuring DNS with Dnsmasq.

•Experience in Configuring DHCP with Dnsmasq.

•Experience in Configuring Email Services.

•Experience in Configuring Security Services.

•Experience in Network File Storage.

•Experience in Typical Cloud Infrastructure Setups.

•Experience in directory server.

•Working knowledge on Implementing Directory Services.

•Experience in LDAP Authentication.

•Experience in Active Directory.

•Experience in Joining an Active Directory Domain.

•Experience in Group Policy Creation and Editing.

•Experience in Group Policy Troubleshooting.

•Experience in Data Recovery.

•Experience in Backing Up Your Data.

•Experience in Disaster Recovery Plan.

•Experience in Post-Mortem.

•Experience in Disk Encryption.

•Experience in Logging and Auditing.

•Experience in Software Patch Management.

•Working knowledge on Incident Reporting and Analysis.

•Experience in Creating a Company Culture for Security.

•Experience working knowledge on Incident Handling.

•Knowledge on Understanding Security Threats.

•Experience in AAA Security (Not Roadside Assistance).

•Experience knowledge on Securing Your Networks.

•Working knowledge on Pelcgbybtl (Cryptology).


•Aws certified developer associate (Completed).





Rsr eng college


Vignan college


Montessori high school

Personal Details:

Father's Name :


Date of Birth :

04 07 1991

Present Address :

Dno1a sdm super market hastinapuram bustand 60064

Permanent address : dno:4-243-a chaellamathota tangutur prakasam dist near ongole 523274

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