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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

New York City, NY
January 10, 2020

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U.S. Citizen Passed FE/EIT Exam

Dragoljub Milojevic

**** ********, #**, *** ****, 10040 Tel: 917-***-****


University of Belgrade (5 year diploma course/Bologna Process) GRADUATE MECHANICAL ENGINEER (MSME)

Specialized POWER PLANTS, Turbines (Steam-1500MW, Gas/Jet), Turbocompressors, Steam Boilers, Nuclear Reactors,

Combustion, Gas Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer,/Thermodynamics, HVAC/LEED, Energy Analysis

Technical High School Design/Drafting(GD&T), Strenght of Materials, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Transport Equip.

(4 year diploma course) Machine Elements, Machine Tools, Metal Forming, Automatic Control

MBA: Corporate Finance, LEAN-Six Sigma (DOE,etc), SQL Server (OLAP, Data Mining), SAP/Quick Books

Management Accounting/Costing, Budgeting, Supply Chain, Strategic Management. Statistics (ANOVA,etc.)


FEA (SW Simulation-Premium, ANSYS Mech., NX-Nastran, Autodesk)

REVIT Arch., REVIT MEP (Load Calc.) CFD (ANSYS CFX/Fluent, SolidWorks-EFD, NX-SimCenter)

eQUEST, Navisworks, PlanSwift, MS Project, CNC (MASTERCAM-X8-Multiaxis, NX12, CATIA, SW)

Excel, Power Pivot


January 2017 to Now Self Employed (Remote Design-REVIT-MEP/Architecture, Teach Calculus, ANSYS, etc.)

Have an Architectural Firm in Belgrade, Serbia. Can Direct/Distribute work from NYC

May 2016 to January 2017 AECOM NYCHA PNA Project 2016

Intermediate Mechanical Engineer Inspection of Mechanical Equipment in NYCHA Buildings

Performed Inspection and Reporting (Extensive iPad Menu) of: Air-Conditioning Equipment (Chillers, AHU, RTU,

AC Units, Ducts/Fans, etc.) Heating Equipment (Steam/Hydronic, Steam Coils, Pumps, etc.), Heating Plant,

Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers Steam Boilers, Vacum Pumps, Ventilation, Fire, and Plumbing equipment

Building Code, Boiler Code

September2014 to April 2015 Parsons Brinckerhoff (WSP) BCAS Project 2014

Intermediate Mechanical Engineer Inspection of Mechanical Equipment in NYC Schools

Performed Inspection and Reporting (Extensive iPad Menu) of: Air-Conditioning Equipment (Chillers, AHU, RTU,

AC Units, Ducts/Fans, etc.) Heating Equipment (Steam/Hydronic, Steam Coils, Pumps, etc.), Heating Plant,

Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers Steam Boilers, Vacum Pumps, Ventilation, Fire, and Plumbing equipment

BMS/BAS Building Code, Fire Code, Mechanical Code, Plumbing Code, Fuel Gas Code, Boiler Code, OSHA 40 Hrs.

February2004 to September 2014 Self Employed

Management Consultant/Auditor (Belgrade) New York (since 2010)

Wrote ISO 9000 Procedures/Costing-Accounting Tutor (Math/Calculus, Mechanics, Statistics, CAD/CAM)

Quality Assurance Instructor Arcitechtural Designer (AutoCAD Architect.Desktop, REVIT)

January 2002 to January 2004 ENGLISH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Belgrade, Serbia

(Licence by:)

Professor of Business Accounting (in English) Universities' of Devon/Edinburgh/Camebridge curricula

Financial Accounting (R.Giles, F.Wood) Bookkeeping, External Reporting, Internal Control/Audit

Corporate Finance (MBA-Edinburgh) Valuation, Investment, Financing, Treasury, Risks, Derivatives

Management Accounting (Cambridge) Costing, Budgeting, Variance Analysis, Forecasting

April 1998 to June 2001 SERBIAN RAILWAYS, Belgrade, Serbia

Mechanical Engineer Commissioning/Receiving of High speed Carriages

Manufacture Supervision, Testing, Hand-Over, Mintenance

Designed Testing Procedures, Wrote Technical Specifications, Checked Calculations/Drawings/Documents/Submitals

Profound Study and Experience in: Bogie/Truck frame and suspension/ Mathematical Modeling/ Simulation

Automatic Doors, GEC-ALSTOM Static Converter/ VFD, SAB WABCO electro-pneumatic disk brakes

HAGENUK Air-Conditioning Unit, French/EU Regulations/ Theoretical Background

Translated Manuals/ Regulations/ Specifications – Engilish and French into Serbian/ Serbian into English

Dragoljub Milojevic

March 1997 to April 1998 Yugoslave PRODUCTIVITY INSTITUTE, Belgrade

Valuation for privatisation/ Acquisition

Net Asset Value - Balance Sheet Analysis, Reported Earnings, P/E Ratio–Surrogate P/E, Estimates– Take-Offs,

Discounted Cash Flows, Due Diligence, Uncerainties/Risk

March 1993 to October 1995 GEOMASHINA, Belgrade, Serbia

Rotary Drilling and Mining equipment Maufacture

Technical Director in charge of:

Manufacturing Processes (Routing), Maintenance, Tool Design and Making, Quality Assurance

Designed combined factory Heating (InfraRed), Designed Gear Reduces/ Planetary Gears, Designed Dies and Tools

Wrote Manufacturing Instructions (Process Routing) for: Milling, Hobbung, Turning, Grinding,

Stamping, Forging, Forming, Welding, Assembly

Expert in composition, structure, and properties of various Steels & Heat Treatments.

Supervised Tool Making (for Forging, Stampig, etc.) and Repair .

Organized and performed Overhaul and Maintenance of: Machne Tools, Drop Hammers, Presses, Cranes,

Heat Treatment Furnaces, Compressors

Introduced ISO 9000, Total Quality Management, Toyota Production System

March 1991 to March 1992 HAZEN&SAWYER, New York

Mechanical Engineer Sludge Dewatering - Wards Islad Plant Construction

Inspected Instalation of mechanical and electrical equipment (HVAC, Sludge feed, Polimer feed, Scrubbers,

Centrifuges/Hydrolic motors, HW Boilers) and extensive piping (Ductile Iron, Steel, PVC).

Participated in preparation of change orders, established partial payment quantities. Wrote testing procedures.

Organized and performed Sturt-up and Testing of various major systems.

Expertise in: Sludge thickening centrifuges, Pumps and Motors (change of speed/VFD, Static covertors),

Boilers, Hot Glycol Distribution, and AHU units.

Experience in broad range of instruments ( flow, pressure, temperature, level, rpm, PH, etc.). P&IDs.

NY Building Code, Fire Code, Mechanical Code, Plumbing Code, Fuel Gas Code, Boiler Code, OSHA

June 1988 to June 1990 MAIN SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT, Toronto, Canada

Assistant Engineer

Participated in Maintenance of mechanical equipment ( Pumps, Blowers, Screens, Collectors, Diffusers,

Boilers, Digestors, Vacum filters, Belt presses, Incinerators)


Performed Design and Drawing of mechanical parts and assemblies (e.g. Incinerator Cooling system)

Created weekly and monthly reports (Spreadsheet/Lotus&FrameWork) on plant performance for the Ministry of

the Environment. Daily collection and handling of relevant data ( Flows, Chemicals used, Laboratory tests,

Removals, etc.)

Dragoljub Milojevic

January 1980 to October 1986 SUTJESKA, Belgrade, Serbia

Mechanical Engineer/Engineering Department Manager (from 1984) Medical Equipment

Performed project supervision, design and development of medical devices (Dry Sterilizers,

Reverse Osmosis) and systems (Central Medical Gas distribution – Dräger).

Designed six types of Industrial Electric Furnaces.

Organized manufacture of Steam Sterilizers (Stainless Sheet metal/ Stamping, Forming).

Supervised installation of equipment in a number of hospitals. Experience in Project Management,

Estimates, Commissioning, Testing, Hand-over.

Military Hospital in Belgrade (VMA): Design and Installation of 35 miles of copper piping for Medical

Gases including Liquid Oxigen/Cylider Manifolds, Compressor Plant, Vacuum Plant, NO Manifolds.

Installation of gas piping in more than 50 smaller hospitals.

Sales Manager / Yugoslave Chamber of Commerce member. Prepared Offers and entire Contract Books

including extesive Technical Specifications. Cost Analysis, Budgeting, Planning of complex Hospital

Systems ( Central Sterilization).

April 1977 to July 1979 KOLUBARA Metal, Vreoci, Serbia

Mechanical Engineer Open Pit Coal Mine

Oganized and supervised upkeep of Earth Moving equipment.

Experience in field maintenance of Dredgers and Power Shovels and shop maintenance of sub-assemblies:

Steel structures, huge gear reducers, machine treatment (Milling, Hobbung, Turning, Grinding, Stamping,

Forming, Casting, Welding, Assembly), heat treament, etc.

Designed transport equipment ( Bridge Crane in Foundry Shop, Field Coveyor Belts, etc).

Participated in the general overhaul of a 205 MW Steam Turbine / Boiler (Obrenovac Power Plant).


Welding Engineer

Participated in field assembly oh Refinery of Skoplje. Field experiance on setup of process lines, columns

tanks,and piping arrangements.

Supervised welding and assembly of a Chemical plant (Ethilene) in Czechoslavakia (Most)

Experience in pre-assembly of piping lines and final field assembly.

Expert in Welding matallurgy and Nondestructive testing techniques (NDT).

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