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Mechanical inspector, inspection engineer

Ash Sharqia Governorate, Egypt
January 10, 2020

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Personal Information:

Name : Reda El Soultan Hussien

Date of Birth : April, 1982.

Place of Birth : Abouhendy Kafr Saqr- El Sharkia

Nationality : Egyptian.

Position : Inspection engineer &NDE Inspector

Marital Status : Married.

Military Service : Exempted.

Tel. No. : (002) 010********.

Address : Abouhendy Kafr Saqr- El Sharkia

E-mail :

Academic Attainment:

Faculty of Science - Zagazig University (Chemistry department) May2003.

Personal Qualification:

* API - 570 - Authorized Piping Inspector Certification # 49497

* API - 510 - Authorized pressure vessel Inspector Certification # 58999

* Rope Access Level II Certification # 2/50798.

Ultrasonic Testing level II ( UT )

Radiographic Testing level II ( RT )

Magnetic Particle Testing level II ( MT )

Liquid Penetrant Testing level II ( PT )

Visual Inspection Level II (VT)

Lixi Profiler


I Have 10 Yrs experience in the field of Inspection In service for storage Tanks (fixed, floating & Dome Roof), PIPING & Pressure Vessels.

Work Experience:

Period : From JAN 2010 till now.

Company : Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO - British Petroleum BP Site) @ Ras Shieker

Position : inspection engineer( API 510 & 570 Inspector in service Off /On Shore).

: plant inspector & NDT Inspector

Projects : pipeline (18") From R-6 to free water process (10km)

Projects : shut down plate form M-1 complex.

Projects : shut down plate form OCT complex.

Projects : shut down plate form M-36 complex.

Projects : shut down plate form Badri complex.

Job Description:

Acts as client representative during the construction, shutdown and maintenance inspection of storage oil tank.

Evaluation of Tanks, Pressure Vessel and Piping for suitability for service

Evaluation of Non Destructive testing (NDT) for repaired welds

carried out on stream and visual inspection

On Stream and shut down inspection of stationary equipment like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Piping System, Insulation

carried out internal and exernal inspection

Supervision & monitoring of replacement and repaired for defect plates.

Conduct internal & external inspection to determine the physical condition of various tanks

Ascertain that all inspected tanks are in safe & sound working condition until the next schedule shutdown

Carried out ultrasonic lamination check & weld test for pipe lines, raw pressure vessels, fabrication works, and pressure vessels . materials, weld scan, tanks equipment and materials.

Carried out UT thickness survey, corrosion monitoring & as well as Internal Inspection on pipelines, Columns, Vessels, Tank, Exchangers Separators,Condense Surge Drum, Fuel Gas Drum, nozzles, equipment's various etc

Carried out Thickness gauging on Pipelines, Tanks, Boiler Tubes, Heat Exchanges and Boilers Carried out UT thickness

survey, corrosion monitoring & as well as Internal Inspection on pipelines, Vessels, Tank, Exchangers Separators.

Carried out MPI& PT test for various types of industrial components like pipe lines, stands, lift baskets, fabrication items and various equipment and materials

Carried out Thickness gauging on Pipelines, Tanks, Heat EX.

Reporting items of non-conformance to concerned site management and Quality Lead as required and follow up and close out of NCR, and also provide early warning of potential quality problems to construction management.

Riser survey and recommend for repair, Riser repair & section replacement, Riser Splash Zone Coating & holiday test and commissioning.

Witness and monitor all NDT, Nitrogen Purging, Flushing, tie-in/Hook up, Installation of Risers and riser guard during section replacement, and verification of flange alignment and tightness during piping/ pipeline installation.

Witness and monitor all coating activities at offshore including Holiday test with splash zone coating system.

Responsible for all QA/QC Inspection activities such as materials, welding and coating inspection during fabrication and installation erection process.

Identifying areas of special concern and deterioration (e.g., dead legs, injection points, buried piping, corrosion under insulation(CUI), erosion & corrosion/erosion)

preparation of inspection procedures to follow-up their resolution to improve Plant integrity

Confirm that contractor procured materials is traceable and properly stacked and preserved.

Ensure that inspection and measuring equipment and instruments are properly calibrated and maintained

Assures proper implementation of Integrity Management System and its main methodologies and techniques, such as Risk Based Inspection (RBI), as well as advanced NDT inspection techniques in order to maintain high standards of mechanical integrity and safety in the plant.

Review inspection findings/carry out Inspection of storage tank and repair recommendation, follow up & hydro test.

Internal audit and follow up raised NCR and closed out.

Carry out inspection of various equipment during shut down phase includes T & S Exchangers, Surfer Converter reactors, Burners, Muffle Furnace, Incinerators, Vessels, PSVs, Heaters, Boiler, Piping and Structural.

Carry out boiler inspection and witness /Review MPI inspection and UT inspection reports.

Turnaround maintenance shutdown job responsibilities included Modification of existing piping and equipment

Responsibilities include: coordination, inspection and supervision of the inspection activities such as for equipment Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Fin Fan cooler, Hot oil fired Heaters, Inspection and replace, Piping section replacements, etc.

Responsible to plan and arrange available manpower and equipment to meet the project Quality and schedule. Engineering inputs for site resolution and also provide required resources as per the requirements. Co-ordinate and team build-up with site engineering, safety and quality personnel resources and promote Quality and safety at site.

Audit implementation of contractor's quality program on site by review contractor's site quality audit schedule, monitor contractor's site audit program, and witness/observe some selected site audits.

Supervise inspection of existing offshore platform facility, piping and equipment and review the deterioration mechanism and recommend mitigation/repair activities.

Lead all QC Inspection activities during shop fabrication, offshore installation & hook up and provided early warning of potential quality problems to construction management.

Identifying areas of special concern and deterioration (e.g., dead legs, injection points, buried piping, corrosion under insulation (CUI), erosion & corrosion/erosion), preparation of inspection procedures to follow-up their resolution to improve Plant integrity

Period :

Mar. 2009 to Jan 2010


: Construction of gas Plant ( El salam Gas Train 3&4)


: Khalda


: Petrofac

Position :

: QC Inspector& NDE Coordinator


: NDT coordination, performing & evaluation Interpretation of RT films, Ultrasonic

Test, PT & MPI

: Performing NDT reports

: NDT coordination, performing & evaluation Interpretation of RT films

Performing pre during and post welding inspection (Fit up welding monitoring, visual,

and dimension check)

: Review drawing and client specification.

: Witness for all NDT required

: Witness for hydro test



Location : Romana

Contractor : EMC

Duties : NDT Inspector in 4 tanks ( 2 Gases and 2 Water)

: Check Radiographic films

:Carry out Liquid penetrant test

:Carry out Magnetic test

:Carry out ultrasonic test

SIDI KRIR CO. (may 2007 - feb 2008)


Location : Alexandria

Position : QC Inspector&NDT Inspector

DUTIES : Make Inspection for survey 6",24" pipelines

Make ultrasonic test and liquid penetrant and

Magnetic test

KHALDA CO. (sep2005-April 2006)

Client : KHALDA

Location :Matrouh

project : Gas plant Shutdown

position :QC,QA inspector&NDT inspector

DUTEIS : NDT Inspection (VT, RT&PT) and Hydro test activity

NDT coordination, performing & evaluation and Interpretation of RT films

Period :

mar .2005 to august 2005

Project : NDT Inspection of 4 tanks




: NDT coordinator


: NDT coordination, performing & evaluation Interpretation of RT films

: Witness for Hydro test


Arabic : Excellent (Native Language)

English : Very Good


* ICDL International Computer Driving License

* Technical Support ( Hardware and Software)


*Leadership, Creative, Team Worker, Hard Worker and Can work under pressure.

* Learning in every new in my field and Ability to learn new tasks quickly.

* Ability to work individually and as a co-operative team member


(Work permits, risk assessment, energy isolation, lifting operations, performing authority & Firefighting)

Preparing safety permits for cold and hot work, preparing risk assessment and evaluate the hazards for every job done in const. sector.

Control of work (COW)

Perform all risk assessment required for any job.

Perform and review hot & cold work permits.

Perform and review all high risk procedures related in oil,

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