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Dallas, TX
January 10, 2020

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Objective: To contribute in a systems and electrical engineering team with a focus on RF Applications.


The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas Expected - May 2020

Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering (RF engineering) 3.46/4

Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, India June 2017

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications 8.79/10


Relevant courses: RF and Microwave Circuits, RF and Microwave Systems Engineering, Microwave Design Measurement Lab, Digital Communication System, Probability Random Variables and Statistics

Engineering Tools: AWR (MWO, VSS, AXIEM), Keysight ADS, LabVIEW, Altium, GNS -3, Wireshark, Simulink

RF Concepts: Smith Chart, Impedance Matching, Noise Figure, VSWR, P1dB, IP3, Return Loss, S-Parameter

Equipment Training: Vector Network Analyzer (Agilent E5170C), Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, RF Signal Generator, Noise Figure Meter, 3.5mm Calibration Kit (SOLT), Soldering Station

Certifications: Introduction to Python Programming (Udemy), MATLAB OnRamp & Simulink (MathWorks), Learning Altium (LinkedIn)

Languages: Python, C, MATLAB


RF Measurements: Semester long course involved in circuit design, EM simulation, assembly and measurement of circuits used in RF designs. Microstrip based passives were designed on 1.52 mm thick Rogers 3035 substrate.

Performed gain, power and noise figure measurements for an RF amplifier at 2.5GHz using vector network analyzer and noise figure meter at 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0 GHz.

Performed conversion loss measurements for RF mixers and analyzed the effect of resolution bandwidth on noise.

Microstrip Resonator Design

Designed single and double stub resonator on RogersO3035 substrate at 2.5GHz.

Wilkinson Power Divider

Designed a 3-dB microstrip Wilkinson power divider on FR-4 at 2.5GHz frequency with <1 dB of insertion loss.

Microstrip Filter Design

Designed a Chebyshev 0.5dB equi-ripple low pass filter on FR-4 substrate at 2.5GHz cut-off frequency.

Designed a 3-dB maximally flat Butterworth low pass filter on FR-4 substrate at 2.5GHz cut-off frequency.

Dipole Antenna Design

Designed two identical half-wave dipole antennae, resonant at 2.5GHz and measured the received power sourced from signal generator.

Analyzed the RF power at the receiver linear and cross-polarization by varying the distance between the antenna.

RF Systems - Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

Implemented an RF system that detects and communicates conditions of ice sheets in the polar region by dynamically monitoring their variation in size/location using RADAR and two communication systems (14.475 GHz) in AWR VSS that also measured various RF Link Budget parameters with cascade analysis and yield analysis.


Advanced Networks Research Lab, Graduate Student Researcher, UT Dallas January 2019 – Present

Analyzed the dynamic allocation of bandwidth to slice links based on the incoming traffic service function chain requests over 5G-networks and RF communication link using Python programming.

Tata Consultancy Services, Assistant Systems Engineer, IND October 2017- June 2018

Monitored and generated reports for fault/incident/alarm analysis of the jobs received.

Telecommunication Department of Indian Railways, Intern, IND May 2016 - July 2016

Studied the RailTel System, including its signalling equipment and technique used for short and long haul connectivity (MPLS, SDN).

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