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Engineer Manager

Doha, Qatar
January 10, 2020

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MR MOHAMED ABID Bldg #**, Zone 61804 Dafna St,

Diplomatic Area West Bay, DOHA, QA,

Doha 61804, Qatar



• Almost 17 years of rich and dynamic experience in the Telecom Industry and IT development with a diverse exposure to GSM architecture, Intelligent Networks and its relevant signalling, Quality and Revenue assurance. People and Project Management; carrying a track record of success in the Planning, Commissioning, Acceptance Testing, Operations & Support of Intelligent Network systems.

• Results-driven engineer with a strong educational background in IT development combined with successful employment tenure at leading Telecommunications Vendors and Mobile Operators alike.

Excelling in both self-managed projects as well as a team member.

• Effective communicator and technical consultant; with the ability to learn rapidly and adapt seamlessly to changing environments, producing outstanding results.

IT Lead Development Manager (Acting) 12/2012 – present Ooredoo Qatar, Doha, Qatar

• Solution Designer and Acting IT Lead Development Manager in IN Charging System Business Configuration team.

• High-Level Design (HLD) Implementation and Documentation according to the solution blueprint.

• Low-Level Design (LLD/TDD) Implementation and Documentation according to the HLD.

• Experience in CS.5 and CS5.2 features, including Shared Accounts, Timer Offer, Composite DAs, Offer Management, Usage Counters, Account Management, Policy Control, PAM, Product Private DA, Multiple Product Purchase, etc.

• Arranging meetings with Agile team and MKT team for the finalisation of the requirement.

• Checking the feasibility of new features after configuring those features on Test

(SDP and AIR SMA/RMA) and conducting thorough testing of those features.

• Coordinating with different IT teams during design and testing phase of the Product.

• Providing full onsite support during joint business UAT and user acceptance testing and troubleshooting end-to-end problems occurring in SDP and AIR configuration logic.

• Dealing with Customer Commercial Teams to finalise Solution Blueprint and HLDs.

• AIR Refill Configuration and verification for the UAT.

• SDP RMA/SMA Configuration and verification for the UAT.

• HXC GUI Configuration and verification for the UAT.

• Supporting and coordinating with IT Provisioning Team if any issue is faced during provisioning via UCIP/ACIP/ACIP/VSIP/BCIP/SOAP/SMPP interface.

• Providing On-call support to the customer during weekends if any issue is encountered during testing.

• Revenue Leakage Investigation – handle the DWH and Finance queries regarding the revenue leakage and provide the explanation or workaround.

• API development:

o Java API (using Multithreading technology) to perform Billing Account Creation and to Link MSISDN with Billing Account; duration of the execution was 4 hours. o During the CRA project, we have faced an issue in creating a billing account due to the timeline, which was 3 days before the launch; note that using Ericsson Standard functionality to create the billing account (in our case, this was more than 1 million subscribers) will take a minimum of 6 days.

o SDP Trace analyser API to facilitate rating trace reading. o Java API for data recovery on SDP.

o Java API for daily SMS statistic report.

o Java API for monitoring the renewal on HXC.

o Java API for Promotion removal; an SMS will be sent to the Marketing team in order to notify them about the promotion end date. Profile

Work experience

Ericsson Charging System, Sr Engineer 12/2009 – 12/2012 Ooredoo Qatar, Doha, Qatar

• SDP and AIR rating issues investigation occurring during testing phase of a Product with the help of traces.

• Customer Complaints Handling – troubleshooting and handling customer/individual/bulk complaints, providing workarounds.

• Provided 24/7 emergency on-call support.

• Coordination with Support – handling the CSR, follow-up and coordination with support.

• Statistics Collection on CCN, SDP, AIR and VS.

VAS product Manager 09/2008 – 12/2009

Algerie Telecom Mobile (MOBILIS), Algiers, Algeria

• Performed Subscriber migration to migrate all subscribers from one IN (PPS 3.6.1) to another IN (Ericsson Charging System 3.0).

• Tariff Management to enhance existing features and implement new packages.

• Performed acceptance as well as regression testing for upcoming features.

• Coordinated with other third-party equipment/systems.

• Strong knowledge of different APIs, including ACIP, UCIP and VSIP.

• Strong knowledge of System analysis, Design and solution implementation skills.

• Strong knowledge and implementation skills for integration of different systems with Charging system over UCIP.

• Strong knowledge of Ericsson Charging System Architecture and its interaction with different protocols.

Intelligent Network Engineer 08/2005 – 09/2008

Algerie Telecom Mobile (MOBILIS), Algiers, Algeria

• Provided 24/7 emergency on-call support.

• Resolution of trouble tickets raised by NOC/Customer/other SLM Teams.

• Coordinated with other third-party equipment/systems.

• CS3.0 Daily Operations and Maintenance (Check List, Backup...) Software Development Engineer 01/2002 – 08/2005

Credit Populaire d’Algérie (CPA), Algiers, Algeria

• Software application developer.

o CIB Project.

o VSAT Project.

o VCRFS Project.

o MSCC Project and TPE configuration.

o BGAN solution.

o Visa/Mastercard application.

Master's Degree in Development of Computing

Science (Software Development) 09/1993 – 09/2001

University of Sciences and Technology HOUARI BOUMEDIENNE, Algiers, Algeria Theme: Costs Management of Aeronautical Maintenance Java Android Studio Visual Basic Shell scripting Visual Studio 90 % 50 % 85 % 70 % 80 %


90 % 90 % 90 % 90 % 90 %

Work experience






90 % 90 % 40 % 50 %

Secure CRT ASNViewer Ericsson Alex


Notekeeper Wireshark

100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 75 %


French Native

English Professional

Arabic Native




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