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Student and General Worker

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Negotiable with Company
January 12, 2020

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Gilles Ravel Elie Mambou

Personal Details

Surname: Mambou

Names: Gilles Ravel Elie

Date of Birth: 06 August 1991

South African ID Number: 910**********

Driver’s License Number: 4028000SNBLB

Languages spoken English, French

Address Details: 04, Piet Joubert Street

Suburb: Monument

City: Krugersdorp

Contact Number: 083*******

Email Address:

Educational Qualifications

High Schools Attended: Dom Helder Camara (2005-2008)


Standard Passed: Standard 10

Year Obtained: 2009

Matric Subjects Completed: French; Mathematics; Biology; English; Physics; Chemistry; Philosophy; Statistics; Geography; History; Sport and Physical Education

Tertiary Education

Name of the Institution: Brigham Young University, Idaho (USA) (Online Study: From 2014 – To date)

Degree studied: Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology

(Major: Computer Information Technology)

Courses completed thus far:

CIT111 - INTRODUCTION TO DATABASES (Score obtained: 93.17%)

Course topics: Database management systems; Relational databases; Tables, rows, columns; Normalization; Constraints; Queries; SQL

CIT110 - INTRODUCTION TO EXCEL (Score obtained: 99.94%)

Course topics: Creating and Editing Workbooks; Working with Formulas and Functions; Creating and Editing Charts; Importing, Creating Tables, Sorting and Filtering, and Using Conditional. Formatting; Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks. Using Advanced Functions; Setting Data Validation, Creating Forms, and Sharing and Protecting Workbooks; Using Decision-Making Tools and XML; Recording and Editing Macros; Customizing Excel and Using SkyDrive and Office Web Apps.

CIT 160 - INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING (Score obtained: 93.22%)

Course topics: Computer hardware; Algorithm development and debugging; Variables and data types; Boolean logic, including compound search queries; Program control structures; Writing and calling functions; Arrays .

COURSE: CIT 230 - WEB FRONTED DEVELOPMENT (Score obtained: 82.24%)

Course topics: Develop web pages that are semantically accurate using the HTML5 markup language; Style web pages using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) levels 2.1 or 3 and avoid all HTML presentational markup; Provide content that is visually appropriate, usable, and findable to humans and machines; Plan, design, and develop web pages and sites according to best practices of organization and maintainability; Solve problems through independent study and application—learn how to learn; Work effectively with others in a team environment by communicating clearly, fulfilling assignments, and meeting deadlines.

COURSE: ENF 106 - ENGLISH (BASIC WRITING) (Score obtained: 97.43%)

Course Topics: Think, speak and write critically about meaningful topics that affect your life; Discover truth, beauty, and enjoyment through writing; Share your thoughts and writings with fellow classmates, thus creating a real sense of audience (and community) while developing interpersonal skills; Analyze examples of effective and ineffective writing in order to emulate what works and avoid what doesn't work; Understand how audience and purpose guides style, content, and organization in writing; Generate a thesis and organize relevant support using rhetorical strategies appropriate for the context; Use principles of free-writing, drafting, revision and editing to achieve polished prose; Identify and correct common sentence level errors.


Course topics: Write computer programs that utilize introductory programming concepts, including control structures, modularity, and arrays; Develop algorithms to solve problems, then code, test, and debug the algorithms in Java using an integrated development environment (IDE); Learn and use a software development processes to develop an software project; Develop classes, methods, and objects in Java that use aggregation, inheritance, and polymorphism; Define variable and method scope; recognize local, instance, and class variables and instance and class methods; write Java programs that appropriately use each of the variable and method scopes; Distinguish among private, default, protected, and public visibilities, and write Java programs that appropriately use each. Read and draw UML class and write Java programs that satisfy those diagrams; Develop, create and run unit test for the functions you develop; Write Java programs that read and write both character and binary data to a file.

COURSE: CIT240 - NETWORKING (Score obtained: 96%)

Course Topics: Describe and install the hardware and software required to be able to communicate across a network; Describe, compare and contrast network communications using two examples of layered models; Describe topologies and physical issues associated with cabling common LANs; Describe how an IP address is associated with a device interface, and the association between physical and logical addressing; Describe the fundamental concepts associated with transport layer protocols and compare connectionless and connection-oriented transport methods; List the major TCP/IP application protocols and briefly define their features and operation; Configure basic network protocols and services on various network devices.


Course Topics: Understand, configure, verify, and troubleshoot LAN Switching Technologies (VLAN, STP, EtherChannel); Understand, configure, verify, and troubleshoot Routing Technologies (Inter-VLAN, OSPF, EIGRP over IPv4 and IPv6); Understand, configure, verify, and troubleshoot WAN Technologies (PPP, MLPPP, PPoE, GRE tunnel, access connectivity such as MPLS, WAN topologies, eBGP); Understand, describe, configure, verify, and troubleshoot Infrastructure Services (HSRP, cloud resources, QoS, ACL for IPv4 and IPv6); Understand, describe, configure, verify, and troubleshoot Infrastructure Maintenance technologies (SNMP, IP SLA, local SPAN, AAA with TACACS+/RADIUS, network programmability).


Course Topics: Explain the complementary natures of scientific and religious inquiry.

Be able to identify and reconcile apparent conflicts.

Describe the process of science and apply it to a variety of disciplines.

Demonstrate how exploration & discovery, testing ideas, community analysis & feedback, and consideration of benefits & outcomes contribute to the development of scientific knowledge and theories.

Illustrate the process of science in the development of major theories in various disciplines, including cosmology, chemistry, geology, and biology.

Apply science personally and generally to their daily life.

Evaluate the validity of scientific claims.

Become excited about science and appreciate its usefulness.

Show an increased positive attitude towards science and scientists.

Recognize positive contributions science makes to society.


Course Topics: Ability to use basic DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL SQL commands.

Ability to design and model a database.

Ability to compare, contrast, and convert SQL dialects.

Ability to plan and write cross, inner, natural, left, right, and full joins.

Ability to upload and merge large data sources.

Ability to research independently SQL syntax differences.


Course Topics: This course prepares students to understand, analyze, and solve real-life problems that require quantitative reasoning. Topics include the meaning of probabilities, how to read, critique, and apply statistical information found in news reports, public policy debates, consumer reports, and other daily life and professional situations; the use of mathematical models in describing, understanding, and making predictions about real world phenomena; and the mathematics of budgeting, loans, and investments. Topics will be illustrated by examples and applications from daily life and natural phenomena. Math for the Real World is to inspire students to act wisely when faced with quantitative challenges in collegiate coursework, employment, and daily living.

OTHER SKILLS: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Mural activities:

Feb 2015 – Dec 2016: 1st Counselor in the Young Men Quorum, LDS Church with purpose to help youth.

Dec 2016 – Jan 2019: Spent 2 years of volunteer work as a Missionary of the LDS Church with purpose to invite everyone to come unto Jesus Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end.

Feb 2019 – April 2019: Sales Representative with Le Morgan Direct Marketing selling designed homeware products such as dinnerware, cookware, cutlery, glassware and selected electrical appliances on a direct selling basis for cash or on terms.

Jul 2019 – Up to date: Waiter in the Netcafe Franchise of Pinehaven Netcare. Duty to help take orders and serving customers to make them happy, pack shelves with item products and cold drinks in Fridges when empty, and working on the retail till.

Community Work Service:

I participated in various Helping Hands service projects including the cleanup of Munsieville Township, painting of a school, and cleanup of the abused Women and Children’s school. I had a classified temporary Job with MTN

Other activities:

Part-time Waiter, Krugersdorp Golf Club Restaurant “Murray”; classified temporary Job with MTN as a software downloader.


To work in an environment, in carrying out duties associated with various functions. I believe I have substantial assets and skills which undoubtedly will help meet your needs. In that I would represent an ideal candidate for the position. Should the opportunity be granted I will endeavor to make it up to your expectations and be of good help.

To start as soon as possible


Name: Peter Bellas

Company: Rio Grande Shop

Position: Owner and manager

Phone: 011-***-****

Name: Elie Kitoko Mambou

Company: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Position: Procurement Specialist

Phone: 011-***-**-** / 082-***-****

Name: Verna

Company: BBQ Brothers (Netcafe)

Position: Manager

Phone: 076-***-****

You will find below my certificate of Advanced Competencies of my 24 months spent on Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the skills which I had achieved.

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