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Quality Director

Dublin, OH
January 12, 2020

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Operations & Quality Systems Management

New Product Development Production Management Plant Optimization

Experienced Operations Director, skilled at driving growth and sustainability, through operational excellence. Gifted educator of teams on all professional levels, sharing knowledge of the importance of operational excellence necessary to boost profitability and increase the success of international business processes. Proven leader with extensive experience implementing Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen and TPM tools and methodologies. Strong communicator and dynamic motivator, with an impressive track-record of sharing a clear vision and understanding of higher performance standards with workforces throughout the world.

Leadership & Coaching

Research & Development

Strategic Planning

Business Development

Quality Management

Strategy Deployment

Zero Loss Analysis

Supplier Collaboration

Product testing and validation

Lean/Six Sigma/Kaizen


Global Management

Professional Experience

ASC/Airtex Performance Pumps

Global Director Quality & Continues improvement June 2017- Present

Managed Quality Systems for all product lines, built robust systems to insure no defect pass

Established Global Quality systems, global KPIs, benchmark and process for best practice sharing

Supervised planning and execution of Kaizen events, Six Sigma projects & TPM, deploying A3 DMAIC

Focused the organization on customer satisfaction, link adjustments and warrantee to customer satisfaction

Stabilized the Supplier quality issues and steer the organization into more proactive approach

New Product development and testing validation

Certified all locations IATF, Ford Q1, reduced waste by 70%, and warrantee cost down by 30%

Established the foundations of Operational Excellence & Strategy Deployment for the organization


Director Manufacturing Processes Commercial Tires, 2016 – June 2017

Managed Production Systems for all lines of Goodyear commercial, aviation, and off-road tires.

Supervised planning and execution of Kaizen events and Six Sigma projects.

Developed and implemented Lean improvement processes, while exploring methods of maximizing customer relationships and cost savings, generated over 20M savings from Waste and rework

Led projects, using zero-loss analysis, to determine those with potential for best return on investment.

Identify gaps in competence and knowledge and address with lead training and resources.

Utilized strategy deployment (Hoshin Kanri) to align the strategy and actions of the organization

Manufacturing Director Istanbul, Turkey 2 sites, 2014 – 2016

Responsible for two Turkish plants, while both were undergoing a nearly 80% change in products manufactured at their facilities; successfully navigated the plants through this process, improving productivity by 15%, and increasing production by 35%, 250 Million USD operation.

Deployed TPM as part of manufacturing excellence at 2 large plants that employed 110 engineers, and hourly workforce of 1500 individuals, with an annual production rate of more than 8M tires.

Strategy deployment using the Hoshin-Kanri process.

Improved all quality KPIs and reduced waste generated due to defects by more than 50%.

Cultivated a highly skilled and productive workforce, including managers and supervisors, with consistent alignment to processes and quality requirements.

Created a safety culture where no one gets hurt, promoting safety as a value, ran the last 390 days Osha free.

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / EMEA, Luxembourg 2014

Regional Operations Manager Consumer Tires 22 factories in Europe

Oversaw plant optimization, TPM, & operational excellence for all manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, while training workforce and encouraging productivity.

Created budget and ensured cost-effective, efficient processes and production of quality products.

Advocated awareness of quality standards, encouraged audit preparedness and responsiveness.

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / THAILAND 2012 – 2014 AP Regional Director Quality, Technology & Manufacturing Services

Oversaw all aspects of quality for Goodyear’s Asia Pacific (AP) region, including line, design, appearance, delivery, and display qualities.

Reduced costs by $70 M over a three-year period, while generating approximately $27 M – or a 60% reduction – in savings, relating to waste and material development.

Monitored suppliers and audits, while maximizing investment, building talent, and increasing capabilities.

Responsible for customer satisfaction in the areas of operational excellence and aftermarket results, as well as government compliance, adjustments, cost reduction, material development, and waste reduction.

Established testing facilities to validate supplier performance

Managed all regulation testing and validation testing for new products, and line sampling.

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / CHINA, Shanghai 2011– 2012

Regional Director Quality, & Plant Services

Responsible for factory openings and relocations in Pulandian and Dalian, and established the region’s quality functions and audit systems.

Created quality and technology team to cater to Asia Pacific region.

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / Lawton, Oklahoma 2009 – 2011

Quality, Technology & Environmental Manager

Spearheaded initiatives that saved more than $3 M in the first year.

Effectively reduced waste by 40% and cut new product industrialization cycle time by 30%.

Led efforts for factory to win the Shingo Prize, considered the “Nobel Prize” of manufacturing.

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / Napanee, Ontario 2007– 2009

Quality, Technology & Environmental Manager

Integrated environmental, health and safety considerations into all key business decisions, and worked with all departments to ensure outstanding client service and total customer satisfaction.

Continuously worked to reduce environmental impact by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling materials.

Acted as a direct liaison and problem-solver between clients and various departments, leading to strong, solid customer relationships and total customer satisfaction, resulted in zero PPM for all OEMs

Performed activities to drive compliance to Process & Product audits, ISO, TS, QS, and other audits considered necessary for the improvement of the product, process, and quality system.

Proactively solved problems, by analyzing capabilities of products and production processes, as well as the risks; developed solutions and improved performance, using Six-Sigma, convergent diagnostics and TPS.

Piloted critical and detailed studies to examine all aspects of quality and environmental requirements for key operating divisions; information gathered used in the effort to sustain product quality and production processes.

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / Kobe, Japan 2004 – 2007

Global Technology Advisor & Director, Joint Venture

Created ground-breaking and cost-effective product plans incorporating consumer needs, market and technology trends, competitive data and more, to use for technology exchanges between Goodyear and Sumitomo.

Employed technical abilities to carry out VSM, TPS, Kaizen, A3 and other Lean initiatives, while certifying Six Sigma Black Belts in Japan, Indonesia and China, total 29 Black belts certified.

Trained as lean master in Japan at Toyota facilities and trained many of Goodyear leadership teams

GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER / Akron OH 1996 – 2004

New Product Design Sr. Engineer and NPD leader in Union city TN

Education & Credentials

Master of Science in Polymer Engineering, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan



Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Design of Experiment (DOE)

Ongoing Reliability Testing (OTR)

Six Sigma Black Belt & TPM

Lean Specialist Training • Convergent Diagnostics

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