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Data Design

San Francisco, CA
January 08, 2020

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Hao Shen

**** **** **. ***. ****, San Francisco, CA




University of San Francisco (USF), San Francisco, CA B.S. in Computer Science December 2019


Operating System Spring 2019

● Learning about basic Linux OS architecture and design

● Build a Command Line Shell using C language

Software Development Fall 2018

● Emphasized professional management of extensive lines of code

● Built back end of a search engine through several projects NOTABLE PROJECTS

Request Library Fall 2019

● Implemented a generic Openprise task to call out external endpoints to process data and get new data back

● Receive configuration and data from user and send our request base on configuration and data

● Aiming to capable of all RESTful endpoints such as Google App Scripting, Google AutoML, etc.

● Automatically map the user given data to request and populate the response data back to user Back-End of Search Engine Fall 2018

● Developed an in-memory search engine using Java and JSON format

● Implements Inverted Index as backend data structure using tree map and tree set

● Optimized program by paralleling search algorithm and multi-threading

● Implemented a handler for HTTP request/response and HTML design Command Line Shell Spring 2019

● Developed a terminal like shell using C language

● Support some basic functionality of terminal, such as ls, cd, # (comments), ! (history execution), setenv, jobs, etc.

● Support history, redirection and background jobs TECHNICAL SKILLS

● Programming languages: C, Java, Groovy

● Build automation system: Gradle

● Framework: Micronaut

● Database: PostgreSQL

● Website design: HTML

LANGUAGES l English and Mandarin

REWARDS l 2019 Fall USF Hackathon Top Algorithm Group Champion REFERENCES Upon requested

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