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Software Engineer Manager

Arlington, TX
January 07, 2020

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MOHAMMAD SURAJ SHAIK *** W Mitchell Street, Apt - 256, Tx,76013. +1-682-****-*** EDUCATION

University of Texas at Arlington, Texas August 2019 - June 2021 Master’s in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, Database, Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India August 2014 – May 2018 Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering: CGPA: 8.2/10 Focus: Data Structures and Algorithms

Selected Courses: Data Structures, Algorithms, Database, Operating Systems, Compiler Design, Software Engineering TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming Languages: Java, C, Python, SQL.

• Web Development: HTML, CSS.

• Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X.


Software Engineer, IDEMIA January 2018 – May 2019

Elliptic Curve Cryptography January 2019 – February 2019

• Implemented ECC and ECDH (for Key Exchange) for SECP256r1 curve using Montgomery Ladder method

• Used it for Encrypting SUPI (Subscription Permanent Identifier) to SUCI (Subscription Concealed Identifier) for 5G Technology, Implemented in C language.

Mobile Payments project for Huawei June 2018 – December 2018

• Securitized the code of payments application by implementing as per the EMVCO guidelines for Global Platform and Java Card by using Object Oriented Principles in Java.

• Debugged the code and verified for function flow control and corrected them.

• Secured the code to withstand Double Fault Attacks.

• Verified the code flow for proper handling of APDU by GP (Global Platform), JCRE and Microkernel. Triple DES May 2018

• Implemented Triple-DES in a secured way by preventing SPA and DPA attacks using Microsoft Visual Studio.

• Learnt, dealing with bits, to minimize the code size and runtime for efficient use of crypto package for sim card’s operating system, Implemented in C language.

CC Certification of Tachograph April 2018 – May 2018

• Worked on CC (Common Criteria) certification of the Tachograph (European Driver Cards) Project.

• Learned how securely programs should be developed and follow the security guidelines such that they can clear Common Criteria certification.


Database Management System Architecture Modules August 2019 – December 2019

• Implemented a B+ tree to understand Disk Space and Buffer management by limiting the number of I/O’s.

• Implemented Transaction manager and learned concurrency control using locking for strict 2 phase locking.

• Learnt Parallel data processing using map/reduce to process IMDB data from 2001 to 2015. Data Analytics Project on “Natural and Man-made Disasters” January 2017 – May 2017

• Performed statistical analysis of data regarding the death toll caused by natural and man-made disasters using the R language.

Java Application for Hostel room booking February 2015 – May 2015

• Developed a Java application using JDBC and MySQL for storing user details and created GUI for booking rooms. Android Application January 2015 – May 2015

• Developed an application with the help of Google Maps to find the nearest vendor using Dijkstra’s algorithm.

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