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Software Engineer

Madison, WI
January 07, 2020

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Duoduo Xue

Cell: 608-***-**** Email:

Address: **** * ******* **, *******, Wisconsin 53715 SUMMARY

Junior undergraduate student majored in Computer Science with Digital Arts Certificate. Solid knowledge of computer science and programming skills in Java, C, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Looking for an internship in Summer 2020. EDUCATION

University of Wisconsin-Madison GPA: 3.65 September 2017-December 2020(Expected) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Digital Arts Certificate Coursework: Programming I II III with Java, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Machine Organization and Programming with C, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Code and Power, Building User Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence WORK EXPERIENCE

Software Engineer Internship Sinopec Group June2019- August 2019

• Worked with development team responsible for test and verification of an Android/iOS app

• The app enabled user to make reservation, purchase oil, manage order online and navigate to the nearest or specific gas station by using GPS service

• Tested program correctness and fluency such as modifying personal account information, handling order process and using coupon by rule


Pair-Video Player app November 2018

• Developed a video player for iOS using Swift to help user pair up and synchronize video play

• Devices can get paired by entering ID number, which enable both users to control devices

• If one user plays/pauses the video, the other's video will also be played/paused without any action

• Designed and implement backend server with Python and handled HTTP requests and responses with Alamofire library

• Developed iOS app in Swift by leveraging AVPlayer and Alamofire library

• Deployed on Cloud Virtual Machine and Served real traffic

• Participated in MadHacks program and won the Wolfram Alpha Award Fitness application October 2019-November 2019

• Built a React-Native project with JavaScript, a fitness app which can track calories

• Created multiple pages which enable users to sign up, log in, view and edit their profile and add/delete meals or activities

• Displayed a summary of Nutrition information (aggregated data from all foods) for that day to the user

• Enabled user to compare their goals and their daily stats and view their stats for the past 7 days

• Created activities and meal reviewers/editors, which enable user to add, modify and delete activities/meal to the server

• Enabled Users to review all meals for the current day, make modifications to meals, delete meals and show aggregated nutrition information

Course scheduling application September2019-October 2019

• Built a React project, a course scheduling application with JavaScript

• Displayed the courses information and previously taken courses and allowed the user to rate courses they have already taken

• Designed a search filter which enable user to search with credits, subject and keywords

• Created a cart that users can view which courses are in the cart, add courses to the cart and remove courses from the cart

• Created a system for users to add and remove tags (corresponding to keywords) and search by these tags

• Generated a list of interest areas based on the course data, created the recommender algorithm that takes in the rated courses and interest areas. Searched through subjects and keywords to find the courses most similar to the highly rated courses and the courses that match the most interest areas, recommended courses to the user Android Assistive App for Blind People September2019-October 2019

• Designed and built an Android app to assist blind people to accomplish daily reading tasks independently

• Implemented image recognition by using Google OCR followed by text to audio conversion

• Developed with Android Studio, Gradle, Android SDK and ADB Debugging, Android Unit Testing with Robolectric

• Accessed Camera and Photo Gallery and manipulated Image in Android App

• Implemented HTTP data upload and response parsing with multithreading on Android

• Experienced complete app development lifecycle: from UI design, Testing to Implementation SKILLS

Programming Languages: Java, C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS; Software knowledge: JavaFX, React, Swift, API, Windows, IOS, Linux, Eclipse, Android studio, Gradle, Cocos 2d, Virtual Machine, Google Cloud, UX development, Web Design, Game design

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