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Food Safety Customer Service

Edmonton, AB, Canada
January 07, 2020

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Resumé for Jaden A. Demas

Work experience:

Aquisitions (November 2018 – November 2019)

In this employment I would speak with anywhere from sixty to over a hundred people in a day to fundraise for multiple charities including the Canadian Red Cross. It was also my responsibility to train and manage other idividuals whilst creating and maintaining a positive and energetic work environment.

Volunteer camp counselor at Camp Triumph (July-August 2016, last two weeks of July 2017)

Within this volunteer position I was tasked with looking after groups children ranging from ages 7 to sixteen whilst running various activities. I would also find myself helping out in the camp kitchen in the preparation of meals and snacks.

Camp Cook (July-August 2018)

In this position my job was to feed around eighty people with the help of various volunteers, who would usually be there to help with a single meal at a time. I found myself working upwards of twelve hours a day, whilst having to learn new skills and taking on a leadership role. It was my job to manage food safety, some meal planning and to maintain a pleasant environment for the volunteers who were aiding me. I also gained experience with problem solving and improvisation in a stressful environment.

Volunteering at the Eastglen leisure center for 3 sessions of swim lessons.

This volunteer experience involved me assisting water safety instructors in teaching children and adults the basics of swimming and water safety.

Bonnie Doon Safeway deli clerk (September 9 2013 to June 21 2015)

As a deli clerk I was tasked with constant customer service, cooking chickens, making sandwiches, washing dishes and cooking equipment such as a deep-fryer, stocking shelves, slicing meat, maintaining the area around the deli and properly disposing of used cooking oil. In my time as a deli clerk I was often left in charge of the deli during evening shifts and I was often required to train newly hired employees.


French immersion high school diploma (Harry Ainlay)

Three year of post-secondary open study at Concordia University of Edmonton without working towards a degree.

Other skills and accomplishments:

Former member of Harry Ainlay High School mixed jazz choir

I spent two years of my high school career involved in my school’s mixed jazz choir. Each year we performed four times: twice in the school’s auditorium, once at the German cultural center, and once at a high school music festival that we had to travel to attend, the first year we travelled to Whistler British Columbia and the second we travelled to Portland Washington. This has familiarized me with large crowds and social settings.

Karate student and instructor:

I have studied Chito-Ryu karate for a number of years, attending classes twice weekly. Our classes are split into two hour long portions, the first being a junior class that I teach, and the latter half being a senior class taught by my sensei. I have learned a great deal of self discipline through this practice as well as expanding my physical capabilities.

Former boy scout

I spent a portion of my free time involved in scouting from when I was eight years old to when I was eighteen years old. This involved volunteer service projects such as cleaning litter from highways or basic landscaping for elderly citizens, numerous camping trips in which we would build structures to sleep in, and eventually taking on small leadership roles.

Bilingual (french)

I attended French immersion schools from kindergarten through grade twelve.

Accomplished public speaker

I have taken many opportunities to speak in front of large groups ranging from one-hundred to five hundred people.

Alberta Food Safety Basics certified

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Previous Employers:

Kathi Sheriko

Director of Camp Triumph

Kyle Casoria

President of Titan Advertising Group



Regan Homeniuk


Bob Wilber


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