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Software Engineer

Reno, NV
January 07, 2020

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Resume: Luyueh Chuang +1-775-***-****

n Education

University of Nevada, Reno

Master of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) 08/2018 – 05/2020 GPA: 3.74

Thesis topic: Automation behavior sharing social application Use machine learning to analyze data collected from smartphone or wearable devices to conjecture user’s instant behavior and show this behavior on map via figure avatar. Courses

Artificial Intelligence


Internet Programming II

Human Computer Interaction

Appl of Game Theory in Cybersecurity

Software Engineering

Project Management

Course Projects

1. Cyber-Insurers Trust in Third Party Assessment of Organizations Security level 2. Improved reader view browser extension

3. Visual Studio on Mac

4. Mountain car using Q-learning

5. Tic-Tac-Toe game using minimax algorithm

Fu Jen Catholic University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Management (IM) 09/2011 – 01/2017 Graduate project: Service industry Auto-shifting

Analyze various needs of different industry and implement an auto-shift web-based system using PHP, framework CodeIgniter, JavaScript, and MySQL. n Working experience

1. Aqua sports auction: Web developer 09/2017 – 11/2017 Develop Intranet application for employees to share, exchange information and files, delivery notification, record and track orders or tasks.

Web development: XAMPP, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, CSS, jQuery 2. Asia Pacific Development Inc.: Software Engineer— 10/2016 – 07/2018 Maintain and update the Intranet. (Unlisted shares business) Develop websites for external users to browse instant unlisted shares price. For update needs, also responsible for data procedure such as converting heavy CSV files into database. Web development: VB, C++, Python, Visual Studio, SSMS 3. University of Nevada, Reno: Data Processing 08/2019 – present Use Python package–Pandas to process data from database. Remove unnecessary columns, convert data format and integrate data.

Data processing: Python, pandas. SQL Server, SSMS

n Leadership experience

Senior project in university—Fu Jen Catholic University 12/2015 – 05/2016 Hold meetings, coordinate time and job, make and follow group rules and track progress n Skills

PHP, Python, C#, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, SQL Server, .NET Core, Git, Object-oriented Programming, WordPress

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