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Sales Manager

Ottawa, ON, Canada
January 07, 2020

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Greg Sommers


Greg Sommers is a student of humanity, a promoter of passion, a grower and a closer.


Surface Concepts January 2011 - present

Edmonton AB

Founder and owner

After years of experience in the countertop industry I searched out a new technology (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) that solved the environmental concerns and design limitations of existing countertop products and brought it to the Edmonton area.

- The one time largest fabricator of GFRC countertops in Canada.

- A+ Better Business Bureau rating since 2012 with not one single complaint.

- Averaged 40% profit margins.

- Invented several new techniques and product adaptations that have influenced the industry across North America.

- By participating in the 4 day Edmonton Home and Garden Show I would generate between $50k and $85k in new business.

Elite Marble and Granite February 2004 - 2009

Grand Cayman, BWI

Sales and Production Manager

- In the first year of heading the Sales Department our annual revenues grew from $5M to $8M.

- In the first 4 months of heading the Production Department I reduced average project completion time from 5 weeks to slightly over 2 weeks by emphasizing completion as opposed to commencement.

- Oversaw all hiring and dismissal within the Sales and Production Departments.

- Worked with the owner who maintained all aspects of the financials to develop pricing strategies, marketing direction and identify new opportunities for market expansion.

- Helped Elite Marble and Granite become the largest supplier of stone countertops and tile in the Caribbean.


- Fantastic communicator

- Ability to assess the needs of clientele and lead the conversation accordingly

- Ability to invoke passion in co-workers

- Ability to slow down hostile situations in order to regain control of the environment

- Organized

- Focused

- Adaptable

- Fast learner with dedication to understanding all aspects of any project I am involved in

- Capable in all aspects of software use

- Honest and trustworthy, I believe in living my life to the highest standards of integrity


High School Diploma - 1996

Burnaby Central High School, Burnaby BC

Relevant Personal Facts:

I am married with two children ages 3 and 10.

My wife and children moved to the Ottawa area in August. I remained in Edmonton to sell our house and company and look forward to reuniting with my family in my wife's native community.

I try to coach any sports teams my children are on.

I volunteer whenever possible to any events my children are involved in and look forward to becoming involved with charities and volunteer services in my new Ottawa community.

Perhaps not as relevant, but I love to cook, make art and furniture and experience the world.


Passion sells. I am ready for a new adventure and looking for an environment that I can be passionate about and contribute to its success. I have always thought of myself as an entrepreneur and proved to myself over the last 8+ years that I could be. Being the owner of a small business has helped me define myself and I now recognize aspects of being an entrepreneur that are not conducive to my growth. I am social. I am a grower. I want to show your clients my passion.

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