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Falls Church, VA
January 07, 2020

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Swarnamala Sankaranarayanan

**** ******** ****, ***** ******, VA 22044. Email:, mob:346-***-**** Summary of qualifications

Over 6 years of senior embedded software engineering experience on technologies (networking, communications, signal processing, speech compression, telephony, compiler design, RTOS, machine vision) primary platforms(DSPs and embedded Linux and mobile) and programming languages

(c,c++,java,j2EE,j2ME, swift, python, Matlab, Analog assembly, fixed point programming).

Enthusiastic developer with strong analytical skills, self motivated to participate in all stages of product cycle individually or with a team to drive tasks to successful completion. Carry natural aspiration to motivate and mentor team.

Active developer till Date. Present interests are in contributing technically with state of art tools/techniques to product development for greater good, with the enthusiasm I have been always carrying.

Professional Experience

Recent: (2018- 2019 in U.S)

Outside U.S Experience:

Senior Research Officer, RITCoE, IITM Research Park, IIT Madras, India (nov 08:oct 11)

- Voice authenticated door lock embedded control on Analog Blackfin platform running embedded Linux (an ALSA kernel driver development)

- Voice authenticated door lock, an embedded control on a pSOC in c using PSTN interface for voice capture and biometric authentication

- Mobile J2ME client applications in Banking, Education and Registration using GPRS/Bluetooth connectivity and custom font rendering capability. In addition, Parser generation experience (JSON to HTML)

Project Consultant, tenet group, IIT Madras, India (nov 06: oct 07)

- The scope of work involved development, integration and testing of a configurable multi-channel modem receiver for a satellite data-over-voice system on Analog Blackfin based platform in assembly. Contract Researcher, Center for Signal Processing, Yonsei Univ, S.Korea (jul 05:mar 06)

- Development of a Digital Oscilloscope backend software (signaling library) in c/c++ running on TI’s C64xx

Project Consultant, tenet group, IIT Madras, India (may 01:mar 05)

- Lead the software team for Transcoder part of Sparse Area Communication System (SACS)

(Telecomm) providing data and voice connectivity over satellite link. Software development was in assembly. Primary development being G.723.1 complaint real time speech codec. Additional Experience

Associate Consultant, Banyan Networks, Chennai, India (Feb 99:Mar 01)

- As part of a bigger team developing a DIAS(Direct Internet Access System) product using 2 channel ISDN in customer loop, built BDSU software.

- Also implemented PSTN exchange interface software for a Lanfone (providing external telephone interface over LAN) product.

Analyst, Intelligent Systems (India) Pvt Ltd (jun 97:feb 99)

- Developed the CISAM database file system for indexed sequential access of postal address for resolving address with errors and thus enabling correct sorting of mails

- Implemented a VB2C preprocessor using the Unix tools Lex and Yacc to speed up a porting of Visual Basic code running on Windows as C on unix platform. Member of Technical Staff, Multimedia and Communications Laboratory, ITI, National Compute Board, Singapore (Nov 90: Feb 95)

- Acoustic echo canceller for a H.264 based hands free video conferencing system on a ASIC using TI 320c30 floating point DSP.

- A machine vision application to extract transactions in a credit card slip and OCRing it to deduce as a text capable of indexing and saving a database to reduce banking backup storage space for verification of credit transaction disputes.

- Implementation and training of a backpropagation neural network in C for financial forecasting

- Automating of rating of paint failure in C using neural network and image processing. Educational Qualification

1991 - Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering with distinction, Anna Univ, India.

1989 - Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering with honours, Madurai Kamaraj Univ, India.

Tech advance Certs from GMU (2019)

- Quality Assurance (May 2019)

- Testing Automation (Sep 2019)


1. Prof. Robert Tai, Curry School Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville E-mail: Tel: 434-***-****

2. Prof. Eric Bredder, Department of Electrical and Computing, Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC), Charlottesville, E-mail: Tel: 973-***-**** 3. Prof. Patrick Obasi, George Mason University, Virginia E-mail: Tel: 585-***-****

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