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Customer Service Sales

Daly City, CA
January 07, 2020

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San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Expected Grad Date: 05/2020

CSC 642: Human-Computer Interaction

Learned the design, implementation, and evaluation of human-computer interfaces. Topics included interface devices, interface metaphors, interaction styles, user-centered design, testing, and quality assessment.

In the class we learned the fundamentals of design for mobile applications to build a working prototype in Axure. Advancing in topics such as analyzing User Groups, User Profiling, Task Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation and Controlled User Experiments we proposed ideas to better improve our application and them implemented them within the prototype environment. CSC 510: Analysis of Algorithms

Studied algorithm and design methods.

Measured algorithm complexity in space and time.

Studied algorithms of classic problems including sorting and scheduling including the complexity of such algorithms. CSC 412: Advanced Software Lab

Learned programming using software development tools and web technologies. Self project for the semester was to develop and maintain a personal portfolio website.

CSC 256: Machine Structures

Learned digital logic circuits, data representation, the assembly language, subroutine linkage, machine language encoding, exception handling, memory system concepts, and CPU organization. CSC 220: Data Structures

Learned linear and non-linear data structures in Java. Examples include lists, stacks, queues, trees, tables and graphs. We also learned concepts like recursion, iteration, sorting, searching, big O notation and hash tables. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

SuperDry – San Francisco, California

11/2017 – 4/2019: Retail Sales Associate, Supervisor

Former stockroom manager. Handled shipments coming into the store while, at the same time, organizing products efficiently to reduce coworkers confusion. Compressed the storage area by 50%

Former head of Visual Merchandising Team: Lead by example to show how the store should always exceed standards

Former SAS Ambassador: challenged coworkers on our guidelines to better aid customers with our core values

Aided in our branch to being the top selling store in California by exceeding weekly sales goals from an average of 120-140% SF Hacks – San Francisco, California

05/2018 – 3/2019: Sponsorship Director

Handle thousand-dollar contracts and agreements with large companies

Attend tech events to network and promote SF Hacks

Get in contact with marketing teams or recruiters

Draft sponsorship contracts with the Executive Director

Assign and distribute tasks to members of my team

Design the packet to receive funding from targeted sponsors Starbucks - Morgan Hill, California

10/2016 – 06/2017: Barista, Shift Lead

Oversee program and display set-up, ensuring all functions and displays exceed expectations.

Maintained a detailed delivery calendar to coordinate schedules, installation consultations and appointments

Ensured the office was always working at top productivity, managed all mailing and shipping needs, filing & scanning

Appreciated for the quality and timelines of reports, attention to detail, exemplary customer service delivery and team-player attitude. The average time of our drive-thru was 3m:27s during my shift we were 27% faster than the national average

Distribute needed breaks, in a timely fashion, to not disrupt the flow of work, while maintaining maximum efficiency SAMUEL BAHLIBI 408-***-**** Technical Skills

Technical Knowledge

Core Competencies

Product Roadmaps, UX/UI Design, Technical Knowledge, Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Assembly, C++ and Python Object-Oriented Concepts, Client Interaction, Administrative Support, Effective Communication, Organizational Skills, Adaptive Learner

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