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Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 07, 2020

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Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******










• B.Tech Engineering.

University of JNTU (INDIAN).


• Course in "OSHA NASP IASP Construction" (40 h) 2010. IN HSE Engineering.

• Diploma in “Health and Safety applied to Designs and Construction Works” (national Institute of fire and safety.

( Certifications )






(U.K High fields Fire & Safety)

IDIP-OSH BSC( from British Safety Council )


UDRU: Mother tongue.

English: Reading (Advanced). Speaking (Advanced). Writing (Advanced). ARABIC: Reading (Upper Intermediate). Speaking (ADVANCE). Writing



• Sound understanding of safety concepts, practices and procedures.

• Excellent ability of meeting deadlines and working in a fast paced work environment.

• Thorough understanding of practices, laws and regulations regarding safety.

• Capable of maintaining confidentiality concerning project information.



I have more than 15 years of experience in different construction projects such as drainage and house connection projects involving the installation of pipes with diameter of 1400-2400mm, execution of treated water transmission lines which comprise of seven pump stations (underground and over ground) linking with polishing plants and waste water treatment plant which includes construction of cell box culverts and cell reinforced box culvert (RCBC), 5243 Meter long, high-rise buildings projects, Pre stressed Concrete Strategic Water Reservoirs & Steel Strategic Water Reservoirs in Jeddah and Riyadh and RC shafts diameter 11m to 16m depth 25.5 m constructed by RC piles and managing other consultants HSE in the program system program system,

Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******



Responsible to the company management to establish, implement and maintain the HSE procedures. Ensuring that all agreed safety standards and applicable safety regulations are complied with, ensuring that work areas and proposed work methods(risk assessment & method statement) are before work commences. Extensively concerned in spreading HSE awareness and assisted hazard identification and risk assessment. Assist contractor in conducting training and induction/awareness courses on HSE and related areas CAREER DETAILS

From September-2017



Duration : Working from Jan 2019 to till Date

Company : AECOM Arabia

Client : (Saudi Customs Authority )(Mashroat )

Project : Saudi Customs Program

Position : HSE Manager. (EPMO)


Responsible for the implementation of a new set of procedures across the region of KSA under a change management process via a team of, program managers, project managers, project engineers, health and safety advisors and document controllers. As member of the PMO (Technical Project Management Office), responsible for supporting the Assets Manager, Program Directors, Program Managers and Project Managers with the day to day activity.

All 65 Project HSE Managers/Engineers were reporting to me and I was in charge lead to provide them with technical expertise to ensure that Consultants and Contractors questions and issues can be resolved without delays. Prepares status reports of all the projects on a weekly and monthly basis and provides relevant requested data/reports to the Program Managers and Steering Committee of the CEO on agreed timescale. As a member of Strategic Technical Support Services (STSS) I was responsible for implementing Saudi Customs’ Project Management Manual (PMM, Safety Section) and carryout project management training and knowledge transfer. Assisting both PMO & Construction Supervision Managers in all the issues regarding HSE and implementation of SAC PMM across region .

Studying and reviewing the Consultant’s and Contractors’ HSE plans and procedures. Prepare the HSE issues and directions periodically to all the Contractors and the Consultant Teams to be executed on sites.

Conducting training and awareness program to all the contractors & consultant teams regarding HSE. Making sure that all the HSE measures are obliged during all the construction stages.

Duration : Working from September 2017 to till 2019 Company : AECOM Arabia

Client : (National Water Company)

Project : WAS01/02(Waad Al Shamal )

Position : HSE Manager. (PMO)

Project Description: Design & Construction of Transmission lines of treated water to King Abdullah for Developing waad Al Shamal City, 450 Km of pipe laying for Transmission of Treated Water from sakaka, Arar and Turaif to waad al shamaal city, comprise of excavation through thrust boring micro-tunneling process, Pumping stations, Polishing plant, 17 GLS tanks, and Treatment plants.

FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ENTRUSTED BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Report functionally to PMO Lead and Line Manager. Responsible for Ensuring HSE Consultant adherence To Overall Health, Safety, and Environmental Plan at site. Reviewing and approving Health, Safety and Environmental reports of supervision consultants, Contractors and sub- Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******




Duration : Working from May 2014 to September 2017 Company : TYPSA CONSULTANT JEDDAH

Client : National Water Company

Project : Phase - 1( Construction of Pre stressed Concrete Strategic Water Reservoirs in Jeddah City)

:Phase - 2( Construction of Steel Strategic Water Reservoirs in Jeddah City) Position : HSE Manager.

Project Description: Water Storage Facility in an upland area east of Jeddah city. The facility is to comprise 10 number of tanks, 126m diameter 18m height including 21m dome for water in which 4 tanks of Pre stressed Concrete Strategic Water Reservoirs & 6 Steel Strategic Water Reservoirs in Jeddah bariman area. Job Responsibility:

• Determining causes of unsafe conditions through procedure review, equipment and facilities

• Reviewing contractor’s safety program for compliance with project policies, plans and Client’s HSE procedures.

• Go through contract documents and specifications of all the facilities.

• Have site walk through on daily basis and raise observations reports for rectifications and improvement.

• Build proper communication between all the departments

• With keen observation analyze the hazards and spread awareness.

• Implement new documents as per the site conditions and contractors work procedures in order to meet the safety requirement.

• Take strict actions against safety violations.

• Maintain records for the observation with its corrective action and rectification. Toolbox talk, trainings, monthly safety brakes, Monitor all work related activities and conduct regular inspection to ensure that the work is being carried out in line with approved JSA, Risk Assessments and Method Statements and approved Permit to Work Systems, Ensure supervision and coordination to achieve the Project Overall Safety goal. Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.

• Carry out construction - environmental protection, hygiene, sanitation, fire protection and prevention, participating in emergency exercise and render report, Maintain and submitting Safety Statistics and Records.

• Report to Management on the adequacy and effectiveness of HSE Project Management System and recommend areas for improvements.

• Ensure supervision and coordination to achieve the Project Overall Safety goal. Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******



From December-2012 To




Duration : Worked from December 2011 to till April 2014 Company : Zuhair Fayez consultant Jeddah

Client : National Water Company

Project : (Sewage Network Drainage Program)

Jeddah Saudi Arabia

1) Al Alfiyah

2) Al Waha

3) Al Ajaweed 1 & Al Ajaweed 2

(Jeddah Saudi Arabia)

Position : HSE Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Communicate with and advise line management ( Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, And Foreman) on implementation of the project HSE plan.

• Performing Task hazard analysis.

• Coordinate with main Contractor implementing HSE rules @ site. Carrying out Safety Inspections for the complete construction activities as deep excavations, shoring, concreting, transportation, scaffolding, harnesses, and emergency evacuation including Heavy Equipment’s As Crawler / Mobile / Tower Cranes, Excavators, Shovels, Dozers and other heavy Equipment’s.

• Conduct HSE meeting along with project manager to address any HSE issue @ site, Conduct HSE meeting/trainings @ site and brief employees on safe work methods.

• Identify hazards and ensure corrective actions are taken to rectify/mitigate the same

• Prepare the risk assessment/aspect impact study taking into considering the organizations.

• The Hazardous materials/cylinders etc. are stored separately and adequately as per theMSDS/Supplier’s/Manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Ensure adequate signage is placed.

Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******



From March-2011 To




Duration : Worked from march 2010 to November 2011 Company :

Client :

DuratSaba construction Company


Project : Flood Control Project Jeddah JSDP

(JEDDAH Saudi Arabia)

Position : HSE Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Maintain the procedure according to OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000 and BSI 14001. Maintain the Regulation Rules of EHS procedures on the work site.

• Update the risk assessment and aspect/impact study on occurrence of any accidents/incidents.

• Induct new employees on HSE.

• Conduct inspection of the cabins on a monthly basis and report any observations to the project management.

• Encourage and conduct additional toll box talk on new activities as required.

• Review relevant checklists appropriate for the job with the project team in tool box talks.

• Carry out inspection on firefighting equipment and take necessary action to update equipment’s.

• Inspect l adders/scaffoldings/power tools/hand tools and l i fting equipment’s periodically and ensures it meets the requirements.

• Supervise loading/unloading of heavy equipment’s at site.

• Ensuring permits are used for any Hot Works activity and are closed in adequate manner.

• Issue HSE violations to those who are found violating the HSE rules and requirements.

• Prepare monthly HSE reports and forward it to HSE manager/P.M for review and approval.

• Reports any accidents/incidents/projects related to HO QHSE/HSE Manager.

• Ensure MSDS for all HAZARDOUS material/substance are maintained at project site and necessary precautions are taken and copy has been forwarded to first Aid Room.

• Inspect the store periodically and ensure the Hazardous materials/cylinders etc. are stored separately and adequately as per the MSDS/Supplier’s/Manufacturer’srecommendations

Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******



• Implement Emergency preparedness plan.

• Maintain all HSE documents related to the projects and ensure it is kept up to date, and produced for any references or audit.

• Face all HSE related audit.

• Ensure that all NCRs are closed out within the stipulated time and adequate corrections/corrective actions are taken to address the nonconformity.

From August-2009 To




Duration : Worked from august 2009 to Feb 2010

Company : Core Construction Ltd

Client : Saudi Glass Factory

Project : Chemical Unit Construction & Glass production


Position : HSE Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities:

Conducting Emergency Drills, Environment awareness program. Monitoring Camp Hygiene, fire prevention,

• Scaffolding works, Lifting & Rigging at the job site along with lifting plans and third party certifications of rigging and heavy equipment’s.

• Initiate and participate in incidents/accidents/near miss investigation and ensure that all corrective actions and recommendations are implemented accordingly.

• Lesson learned are roll out to the workforce Liaise with client representatives and Subcontractors for any HSE issues.

• Conduct safety tool box meetings and orientations for the workers prior to start of the work activity or before proceeding to work area.

• Firefighting training and seminars explaining about hazards at construction work area.

• conducting emergency evacuation procedures and conducting fire drills and educating the work force about the evacuation procedures. Keeping records of incidents, accidents and producing statistics for managers keeping up to date.

Eng. Azher Mohiuddin (HSE MANAGER)

Mobile: 055*******



From December-2005


January 2009


Duration : Worked from December 2005 to January 2009 Company : GMR Construction

Client : Govt. Of Andréa Pradesh

Project : Infrastructure (NIZAMABAD INDIA )

Position : HSE Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assist manager in establishing and monitoring safety programs to implement health.

• Safety and environmental policies and procedures for safety and its compliance at site Prepare and conduct the induction course to employees at the beginning of their work operation on the project site.

• outlining safe operational procedures, which identify all relevant hazards and accurately assess risks.

• Carrying out risk assessments and looking at how risk could be reduced.

• Upgrade safety where possible, inspect working areas to detect and plan practical and effective solutions and correct unsafe or unhealthy situations.

• Negotiating with managers and operators try to eliminate conflict between production and safety considerations. Making changes to working practices that are safe and comply with legislation.

• Liaising with officials from the regulatory authorities to ensure the organization is compliant with mandatory regulations More about Myself:

• A confident team leader, careful decision maker & ability to work under pressure.

• Loyal and determined who can administers HSE Management Systems, policies and procedures; perform Risk Assessments, Inspections and Audits. Proven Management skills, Wide Experience of Risk Management techniques, operates in compliance with all company policies and regulations, employed in the water, waste water, mainlines and network, house connections, industrial

(petrochemicals, refineries), civil (UG Piping, Dams, Channels), infrastructure, airport, commercial and residential industry for over 16 years. I’ve worked with multiple nationalities on Major Projects, Strong analytical ability, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

• Task and goal oriented, self motivated & team building expertise.

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