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Minneapolis, MN
January 06, 2020

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Je Vi Tan 612-***-****

LANGUAGES: Java, Python, C, C++, SQL, Dart, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, OCaml TECHNOLOGIES: MySQL, React, Flutter, PyCharm, Tensorflow, Android Studio, Bootstrap EDUCATION

B.S. Computer Science, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA - TWIN CITIES CGPA: 3.88 / 4.00 Expected Graduation: May 2021 Award: Dean’s List American Degree Program – Computer Science, TAYLOR’S LAKESIDE UNIVERSITY CGPA: 3.94 / 4.00 Graduation Date: December 2018 Award: Summa Cum Laude Award, Dean’s List EXPERIENCE

Can You Hack It – Hackathon October 2018

- Built a mobile application that facilitates personal financing by visualizing users’ historical data and statistics from their daily spending.

- Used MPAndroidChart library to allow scaling and animating the graphs for more appealing visual representation of data.

- Implemented sorting algorithm to sort the order of transaction according to users’ preference (Ex: Date, Amount…) Fishackathon February 2018

- Built a maritime border alert application that provides navigation system and alert function dedicated for fisherman.

- Designed the user interface with Android Studio Designer Tool.

- Implemented GPS navigation systems with FusedLocationProvider API to achieve high accuracy in navigating user’s location. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant January 2018 – August 2018

- Conducted classes to facilitate students understanding for Multivariable Calculus and Physics I.

- Developed learning strategies with lecturers to ensure effective learning progress of the students.

- Offered personal tutoring on request by students. Teaching Assistant for Examination Preparation Campaign August 2016 – October 2016

- Assisted lecturers to prepare students for the upcoming examinations for Math and Science subjects including Computer Science. PROJECTS


- Built an application that predicts the weather specifically the quantified data like temperature.

- Implemented the backend based on a temperature calculation model that is trained with 1000+ historic weather data entries with the use of linear regression model built with PyCharm and TensorFlow.

- Designed the UI for the application with Android Studio. Automated Trading System

- Built an automated trading system written in MQL4(subset of C language) to be used on MT4 trading platform for Indices and Forex

- Implemented features like position and risk management, and automated trade execution based on certain candlestick pattern.

- Incorporate the dynamic averages of past prices to increase the win-rate of the strategy.

- Achieved a win-rate of as high as 55% with average profit is 1.5 times of average loss over 50+ trade samples. Lorem FoodSum

- Built a web application with React that generates highly random food-related passage.

- Implemented Linear Congruential Generator algorithm to retrieve random phrases from dictionary in O(1) time.

- Increased the randomness of passages between different users by taking the user’s name as the seed. Algorithms Tutorial

- Built a web application with React that animates the action of sorting algorithms (Merge, Quick, Heap, Selection Sorts).

- Complemented with automatic highlights of corresponding line of respective algorithm’s pseudo code for each action performed. The Guiding Glass

- Physical glasses designed to help out people with vision impairment

- Serves as an equipment that detects surrounding objects with the implementation of ultrasonic sensors written with Python

- Implemented GPS navigation systems by using Google Map APIs to provide several safety features like nearest public transport, current location of the user and so on.


Taylor’s Lakeside University Actuarial Science / Mathematics Society – Treasurer

- Assisted the lecturers with Math-related activities and competitions.

- Managed sponsorships and funds to ensure sufficiency of fund to run the society. Distinction in Australian Mathematic Competition

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