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Design C

Bergenfield, NJ
January 09, 2020

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201-***-**** Tenafly, NJ

Dror Ferents

Over 15 years of C++ and SQL development, through developments full life cycle. Focused on OOP and design, modern C++ (11/14/17) algorithm and data structure, as well as efficient and safe multi-threaded code.

I am a highly motivated, focused, quality oriented Hands-on programmer and team leader. I interact with users, understand their needs, and provide them with a system that match their needs.

Whether starting from the early stages of the product life cycle or taking on the improvement or upgrade of an existing system, I create and lead a team of high-quality individuals through the phases of setting standards, Object Oriented design, implementation, and maintenance.


C++ (11/14/17) – STL, MFC, wxWidgets, QT, OWL, CPPV.

SQL – MS SQL Server, Sybase, SQLite, DB2, ODBC, MySQL.

BitBucket/GIT, SourceSafe, CodeBlock, VC, wxWidgets, QT.

Bloomberg bbcapi,, FreeImageLib, CImg,, Rogue Wave Stingray, Java, Python.

Utilize Design Patterns as Factory, Singleton, Lazy Evaluation, Lazy Initialization etc.

Excellent problem-solving skills. Remarkable communication skills and attention to detail

Strong development experience in SQL with Stored Procedures

Professional Experience

Start-up Company - VKANSEE

Senior C++ Programmer 05/2018 – present

Designing, building, and maintaining a reliable and efficient C++ code. Implementing C++ applications for Windows platform, High performance non-GUI as well as GUI management tools.

Utilizing VC++, GCC, Code::Block, STL, MFC, wxWidgets, QT, multi-threads, SQLite, MySQL, Python, UBUNTU, FreeImageLib, CImg.

Financial Services Company

Technical Lead 08/2003 – 5/2018

Partner in a financial service company. Joined the start-up as founding partner and investor. Designing and implementing services platforms by translating business requirements into actionable strategies. Guiding entire product life cycle from concept and design, through technical infrastructure development, design of server-side components, production management, and system maintenance phases while administering development and testing of changes. Managed database development while ensuring minimal staff within a team of 5 IT and developers.

Designing, building, and maintaining reliable and efficient C++ code, created technical solutions while meeting customer deadlines, primarily using VS C++ in combination with MFC, ODBC, Rogue Wave Stingray, Windows, SQL Server.

Designing, building, and maintaining reliable and efficient SQL code, by building set of mechanism as stored procedures.

Determining requirements and writing and deploying algorithms. Testing and implementing C++ applications for Windows platform. Managing development team through the product full life cycle.

Improving performance of more than a decade old application by introduce multi-threading and memory management.


Technical Team Lead 08/2000 – 08/2003

C++ Programmer 01/1993 – 03/1996

Conceptualized, designed, and created a network protocol analysis engine, with a split architecture: A protocol definition coding language with a development environment (in which support for the structure and behavior of any network protocol can be developed), and a run-time engine to compile and optimize the protocol definition code, to decode, filter, and analyze protocols. Used this architecture to both speed up the development process and enabled the installation of new engine technologies without redefining protocols.

Developed a Protocol Definition Language (PDL), build its IDE.

C++ development of the Protocol Analysis engine, upload PDL and provide the package GUI, as well as compiler, optimizer and run-time, C++ libraries for programmers to use low level services.

Participate in a multi-team Design and development (Water-Fall model), maintenance and QA.

Second generation performance improvements (as Uploads from 37 seconds to 460 ms, run-time full filter performance improved by about 70%), introduce new concepts as async-display, or HW pre-filters that improve by 50%-90%.


BS Computer Science, BS Physics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel

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