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Data Python

New Delhi, Delhi, India
January 09, 2020

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Vivek Sharma

To work in a professional environment where my potential and hunger prove my skills would be a value and to associate myself with an organization that gives me a chance to learn and update my skills and to utilize them in the development of company. 877******* New Delhi, India BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (IT)

06/2013 – 06/2017

Study Program

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University [Bhopal]


06/2012 – 06/2013

Higher Secondary Class (Class XII)

Happy Blue Bird Public School (CBSE)


06/2010 – 06/2011

Study Program

Senior Secondary Class (Class X)



Air quality index (12/2019 – 01/2020)

analyzed the data and predict the air quality index using linear regreesion,decision tree regreesion,knn regression Bike Renting Prediction (12/2019 – 12/2019)

Analyzed the data and found the pattern of bike renting compared error rate of different prediction algorithm like random forest,decision tree,Knn by usingMSE and found linear regression is best on preprocessed data

predicted count of bike rental based on some seasonal and environmental condition by using linear regression Employee absenteeism (11/2019 – 11/2019)

Analyzed the data and found the pattern and reason of absenteeism

compared error rate of different prediction algorithm like random forest,decision tree,knn by usingMSE and found random best fit on preprocessed data

predicted how many employee are going to be absent based on same attribute by using random forest

Online Attendance Software (04/2017 – 05/2017)

We created a software which will help the teachers of an institution to maintain the attendance of the student without having to carry around attendance register.

Restaurant Reviews System (10/2016 – 11/2016)

Website based ‘Restaurant Reviews System’ which analyzes user’s reviews to extract the features of restaurant and provide features wise rating.


Python R Tableau Mongodb

Machine learning Statistics Data preprocessing

Exploratory Data Analysis Predictive Analysis

Database & sql Numpy Pandas Seaborn



Secured 5th rank in Robowar in IIT Roorkee.

Secured 1st rank in Cypher test in College Techfest. Secured 2nd rank in Robowar in College Techfest.

Organized an Ethical Hacking Workshop for Regional Colleges

Coordinated the National conference on Energy and


Organized the national science week in college


Data Scientist Career Path Training (10/2019 – 12/2019) Learnt Predictive Modelling through different algorithms using Python and R. Learnt Supervised learning, Supervised learning, Text mining and basics of tableau. Undergone different Real time Projects to build Predective Models.

Web Designing (06/2016 – 07/2016)

Web Designing course completed this course as a ‘6-weeks summer training course’ from HCL Noida in 3rd year of my course. LANGUAGES


Full Professional Proficiency


Native or Bilingual Proficiency


Science Technology cricket Animal welfare


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