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Medical Technician

Akron, OH
January 09, 2020

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Sean Keating

*** ******* *****.

Doylestown, OH. 44230

Cell: 330-***-****


OBJECTIVE: Exploring new and exciting employment opportunities in the laboratory field.


I was working in an approximately 500 bed level one trauma center with five other hospitals making up the Summa Health System. It is a fast growing hospital system that continues to strive for the improvement of medical care in the northeastern Ohio area. I furthered my career by working for the Cleveland Heartlab which is a state of the art, cutting edge reference lab looking for innovative ways to help with preventative care with heart disease and inflammation. I then working at t began working at Cleveland Cord Blood Center which is a growing cord blood storage and processing facility. I currently am working for one of the highest rated hospital systems, not only in Ohio but also in the country, the Cleveland Clinic.


1990-1994 Barberton High School Graduate

1994-1998 Bachelor of Science from Walsh University

2001-2003 Associates Degree in Laboratory Science from Stark State University


2019-current Medical Lab Technician at Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital.

I am a third shift generalist responsible for performing tests in blood bank,

coagulation, urinalysis, hematology, and chemistry. I’ve used Sysmex XN

hematology analyzers and stainers, Cobas 6000 chemistry analyzers, Clinitek

urinalysis instrument and,Ortho blood bank instrumentation and reagents.

2015-2019 Medical Lab Technician at the Cleveland Cord Blood Center

My responsibilities for the position are performing technical and administrative procedures in a cGMP compliant laboratory. I have the responsibility of processing and testing umbilical cord blood specimens independently and in a team environment. There are a variety of laboratory procedures. I perform cord blood unit accessioning and processing using the Thermogenesis AXP system. I store collected cord blood units in liquid nitrogen Bioarchive containers. I perform flow cytometry and analysis. I set up colony forming unit assays and enumeration of colonies using a microscope. I perform cell sorting using the Sysmex XE-2100. I perform ABO forward typing. I do hemoglobinopathy testing. I inoculate blood spot cards for HLA typing. I Prepare and store plasma in Cryosafe storage containers. I prepare and send samples to ARC.

2015-2015 Medical Lab Technician at Canton Mercy Medical Center

My primary responsibilities are that I’m a generalist in departments blood bank,

Hematology / coag, and urine analysis. I use the Ortho Provue in blood bank to

perform type and screens and antibody panels. Prepare blood and blood products

when ordered. In hematology/coag I perform manual differentials, when

needed. I also run PT/PTT, fibrinogens, and D-Dimers and several manual tests

such as sed rates and mono spot tests. In urine analysis I use the Clinitest Atlas as well as the UF 1000. I perform ionized also run PT/PTT, fibrinogens, and D-Dimers and several manual tests such as sed calcium test using the Cobas b 221. I perform manual tests such as urine preg tests, occult blood tests and FFN. . I must also maintain compliance with all CLIA,CAP,OSHA and other regulations as instructed.

2013-2015 Special Chemistry/Molecular Technician, Cleveland Heartlab

My primary responsibilities include running and maintaining mass spec. instruments as well as PCR testing for a molecular lab . In special chemistry I perform F2 isoprostane, vitamin D2D3, and CoQ10 testing. In the molecular lab I perform PCR testing for APOE, MTHFR, and CYP2C19. . I must also maintain compliance with all

CLIA,CAP,OSHA and other regulations as instructed.

2011-2013 Specimen Processor, Cleveland Heartlab

My primary responsibilities include receiving and unpacking human blood and urine specimens, performing quality checks on the specimens and the test requisitions. Accurately entering patient demographics and test order information into a LIS system, and preparing the specimens for laboratory analysis. I must be able to identify, correct, and document errors when/if they occur. I may also be asked to prepare specimens for shipments, prepare shipment documentation and arrange for a courier following DOT and IATA regulations. I must also maintain compliance with all CLIA,CAP,OSHA and other regulations as instructed.


2003-2011 Medical Laboratory Technician (ASCP), Summa Health System

As a full-time blood bank technologist I am responsible for the safety and quality of blood and blood product transfusions. My routine responsibilities are completing blood types and antibody screens using the Ortho gel system and, when needed, doing antibody panels using the same gel system. When applicable, test our inventory for antigen negative units. Routinely thawing plasma and cryoprecipitate and also pooling platelets. I also have experience performing blood gases for open heart patients as well as other patients who, late in the day,

might need it done. We use handheld I-Stat blood gas machines to do this. Also done are urine pregnancy tests and serum potassium tests

for our same day surgery patients. I have some experience performing more labor intensive and time consuming tests such as the W.A.R.M. autoantibody test, as well as using triple-cells, and performing a rEST cold antibody adsorption. And finally, we act as a reference lab, not only for our sister hospitals but also for the nearby children’s hospital as well.

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