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Software Engineer Web Developer

Hayward, CA
January 06, 2020

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Ruchit Dhoka

Aspiring Software Engineer

Hayward, CA +1-510-***-**** June 2018 - July 2018

June 2016 - July 2016

Data Analytics and AI Intern


Built the framework for an AI creating structures and templates and classes and the foundation for the software, allowing for a team of ten people focus on algorithms and testing Gained exposure to IT based environments

Significant focus on data analytics and building on topics such as facial recognition Understanding how data analytics can help a business thrive Researching and building on AI designed for facial recognition Technologies used included Python, C++, and Java

Web Developer Intern

Sindhen App

Helped design and build more fluid websites with easier access for visitors Implemented improved Search Engine Optimization which increased web traffic by 2000 visitors per week Oversaw managing coding of websites for the company as well as creating search page assistance Created multiple SEOs for web pages allowing for increased search traffic to the company website Technologies used included HTML, CSS, JavaScript

2016 - Present

2011 - 2016

B.Sc in Computer Science

California State University East Bay

Currently enrolled in a B.Sc in Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering. Expected Graduation in Spring of 2021

High School Graduate

Jakarta Intercultural School

International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Courses Banking Software built with C++ (2019)

Built a banking software utilizing various forms of sorts, lists and stacks that would take inputs for names, balances and interest. Software allows for entries to be stored, retrieved, and edited MIPS Assembly Calculator with GUI (2018)

Created a Calculator using MIPS Assembly with a functioning GUI. Calculator can do basic functions in addition can perform trigonometric functions and use of exponents. Nevim Facial Recognition Artificial Intelligence (2018) Build the base framework for an artificial intelligence using C++, Java, and Python. Tasks included working on program inheritance, classes and structure to ensure that the coding of the programming was streamlined Jakarta Intercultural School Magazine Website (2016) Built a website that allowed for issues of the school magazine to be uploaded and accessed by anyone and everyone using HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Sindhen Website Optimization (2016)

Helped Optimize the Sindhen Nightlife App and its website allowing for better page loads, clearer search results and ease of access for search engines leading to increase in site traffic with the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript Built IOS App designed to Movie/TV information (2015) Built an IOS app using Swift that would allow users to search for a TV/Movie of their choice and then display said item with its IMDB data,

Running Man Java Game (2014)

Made a running man game in which a player uses arrow keys to move a character. Objective is to dodge incoming projectiles. Made by creating sprites and then coding sprites with animations and interactions with the player

Obstacle Course Clearing Robot (2014)

Programmed a robot vehicle using C++ to follow a path and react to changes in light sensor to indicates turns and proximity sensor to indicate turn around or find a different path Raspberry Pi Musical Player (2014)

Coded a Raspberry Pi Musical Player that would be able to play songs and ontop of that could play a self coded beat and melody, coding done in Python






Go (Go Lang)








Android Studio

Adobe Suite

MIPS Assembly Language

Microsoft Office Suite


English (Native)

Hindi (Native)

Bahasa Indonesia (Fluent)

French (Fluent)

German (Conversational)

Discrete Structures

Data Structures

Computer Organics

Artificial Intelligence

Assembly Language

Algorithms and Complexity Analysis

Object Oriented Programming

Machine Learning

Computer Architecture

Operating Systems

Programming Language Concepts

Linear Algebra and Algorithms for Computer


Statistics for Computer Science


Work Experience






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