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Software Engineer I

Long Beach, CA
January 05, 2020

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Professional Experience

Oct’**-Apr’** Associate Software Engineer Accenture, India

Completed Netwearver/BASIS. industrial training in Java, MySQL and SAP Gained and Agile a environment. deep understanding of the Software Development Cycle Key performance responsibilities issues using include SAP monitoring, Netweaver and analysing ServiceNow. and resolving Responsible troubleshooting for the implementing, SAP technical configuring, environment monitoring, as well as tuning, scheduling and and executing the SAP transport system.

Aug’17-Apr’18 Software Engineering Intern Indicus Software Pvt. Ltd., India Lead developed a team an of IoT three based people Project where on we Smart collaborated Water Management. and designed and Published eties using a IoT paper based titled on Smart the same Water project Management in IEEE conference in Housing (2018 Soci- Second Got hands ICICCT)on experience, published working by IEEE. with IoT cloud platform, various sensors, Raspberry Pi, Python

Academic Projects

Sep’19-Dec’19 Version Control System Cal State Long Beach Implemented User can perform a Version multiple Control functions System in such a team as of create four. repository, check-in project in/check-trees. out files, list repository contents, merge-out/merge- Technologies Node.js, Express.used: js Frontend : HTML, CSS, JavaScript Backend : Aug’17-Apr’18 Smart Water Management in Housing Societies SPPU Designed, ter Management Developed in housing and Tested societies. an IoT based Project on Smart Wa- Using tinuously the done project, from Monitoring anywhere of using water smartphone level and turbidity application. can be Motor con- can achieved. be controlled automatically, and full smart automation can be Technologies Platform, Relay used: Switch, Ultrasonic Raspberry Sensor, Pi, Python. Turbidity Sensor, IoT Cloud Aug’16-Dec’16 Credit Card Management System SPPU

Designed employee a for windows easy transactions. based application Viewing to customer help the customer data, account and bank de- tails simple,transactions, and easy. There issuing are credit custom cards search and capabilities related issues to aid are in made find- ing Technologies account information used: C#, and MongoDB working on customer records. Publication, Achievements and Certifications

Publication Smart IEEE Explore Water Management DOI: 10.1109/in Housing ICICCT.2018.Societies 8473262 using IoT ICICCT munication 2018 and (2nd Computational IEEE International Technologies) Conference on Inventive Com- Achievement Runner Presented Up a - project State Level idea Project and design Presentation on how a Smart Healthcare Mon- itoring ternet of System Things. can be implemented in rural parts of India using In- Certifications 2. 1. Python Python Essential and Django Training Full Stack (LinkedIn Web Developer Learning) Bootcamp (Udemy) 3. Node.js (LinkedIn Learning)

Mandar Kulkarni B

T +1-562-***-****

m mandar242 Master (Education Computer of Science Science)

Cal Aug State 2019 Long - May Beach 2021( Expected) Bachelor (Information of Engineering Technology) SPPU 2018 Skills Languages: C, Java, Python

WebDev HTML, CSS, : JavaScript, React.js,

Express.js, Node.js, Django

Database MySQL, NoSQL(Skills MongoDB):, SQLite3

Tools SAP Netweaver : 7.5, ServiceNow, GIT,

Postman Coursework Cal - Advanced State Long Analysis Beach of Algorithms

- Languages Advanced Topics in Programming

- Advanced Software Engineering

SPPU - Data Structures and Problem Solving

- - Software Object-Oriented Engineering Programming

- - Database Operating Management Systems Systems

- - Computer Design and Networks Analysis of Algorithms

- - Cloud Internet Computing of Things

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