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Engineering Software

Los Angeles, CA
January 05, 2020

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*** **** **** ******, **** 7, Los Angeles, CA, 90007 EDUCATION

• University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering - Los Angeles, CA (May 2021) Master of Science, Computer Science (STEM)

• University of Mumbai - Mumbai, India (June 2019) Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering, GPA: 9.13/10.00 PROJECTS

Applicant Ranking System using Neural Networks – Python, Django (April 2019 –October 2019) Personal Project.

• Created a system that ranks applicants based on their qualifications, experience and disqualifiers.

• Drafted a subjective test format which used keyword matching algorithm to detect keywords and generate probabilities.

• Used Keras and TensorFlow in Google Colab along with KNN classifier.

• The model correctly predicted the rank of a candidate at four predefined levels and it achieved a 94.72% accuracy. Halma: a version of Chinese Checkers – C++ (August 2019 – September 2019) University of Southern California.

• Programmed an AI agent to simulate the Halma Board Game.

• Implemented and optimized Minimax Algorithm along with Alpha-Beta pruning to increase the search depth to level 7.

• Built an evaluating function of cumulative Euclidean distances to obtain a winning accuracy of ~86%.

• The agent was tested against other AI agents developed by other 750 students and bested 672 agents. Electronic Circuit Simulation Software – C#, C++, Unreal Script, UnrealEngine4 (August 2018 – April 2019) University of Mumbai.

• Developed a custom Doubly Linked List for my circuit simulation software built using Unreal Engine 4.

• Built and implemented the simulation software in 3D by employing C#, Java and Unreal Script.

• Conceptualized and modeled simulation software to replicate the behavior of basic electronic circuits.

• International Journal Publication – “Electronic Circuit Simulation Software”, Volume 6, Issue XII, International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology. Model website for Buying/Selling Games Online – PHP, MySQL, C++, CSS, JS (January 2018 – March 2018) University of Mumbai.

• Created an E-Commerce website for buying and selling games online.

• Mapped and designed user interface for an ecommerce website using HTML5, CSS and PHP and backend using JS.

• Devised and monitored account management system, user databases using MYSQL.

• Contributed to the team by solving bugs and core functionality issues. SKILLS AND INTERESTS

• Programming Languages: Python, C/C++, C#, R, Java.

• Cloud Platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Chameleon Cloud.

• Databases: MongoDB, SQL, MySQL.

• Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, XML, jQuery, JS, Php. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

• President, Student Council A.P.S.I.T (July 2017- June 2018) President of Student Council of undergraduate college (A.P. Shah Institute of Technology). Organized 20+ department level events along with six college level events with a footfall of more than 2000+ people.

• Vice President, CSI A.P.S.I.T (July 2016- June 2017) Vice President of Computer Society of India, for undergraduate college. Lead student committee overlooked and executed all student chapters; hackathons, workshops and idea-presentation.

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