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Manager Developer

Oviedo, FL
January 05, 2020

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Indie Game Alliance **** - Present

Executive Director

Sole architect and developer of over 30K lines of PHP automation code

Founded and developed business, managed all finances, corporate documents, etc.

Manage 900+ globally distributed volunteers and 1200+ globally distributed clients

Developed integrations with UPS, USPS, Stripe, Square, PayPal, many more

Developed web-based ecommerce platform with varying roles for distributors, reps, etc.

Developed RESTful API for third party partner integrations

Consulting on millions of dollars in Kickstarter campaigns

Game development, copy editing, manufacturing analysis, fulfillment Entertainment Benefits Group March - Nov 2019 (Contract Role) Senior Web Application Developer

Developed a self-documenting RESTful API in PHP

Developed an API-aware ORM framework to standardize future data access projects

Conducted a full documentation project for EBG’s legacy API in OpenAPI/Swagger

Utilized third-party APIs to integrate with ticketing providers such as Cirque du Soleil HostDime Premier Global Datacenters 2015 - 2019

Software Architect

Developed and maintained self-documenting RESTful API in PHP with OAuth2

Utilized ACNS and other tools to automate DMCA takedown requests in PHP

Developed an in-house inventory tracking and management system in PHP

Integrated a legacy CoffeeScript/NodeJS support chat application with authentication

Served as primary software planner, designer, and documentation curator Tyler Retail Systems 2011 - 2015

Software Developer

Developed an inventory management system and gift card/certificate module

Developed, maintained and utilized Rhino-based JavaScript testing suite for Java apps

Served as software planner, designer, and documentation curator

Co-designed and implemented web-based point-of-sale platform in JSP/J2EE Applied Media Technologies Corporation 2008 - 2011 Director of Technology

Conceptualized, designed and developed Eos Music for Business (

Developed heuristic AI-driven program manager / disc jockey application

Oversaw design and development of AVR-based media player devices

Directed OEM manufacturing channel, conducting testing and working with factories

Contributed more than 70,000 lines of Java code

Migrated 9 data silos in SQL, Access, and other flat files to one unified MSSQL solution

Managed data center operations, including server migrations

Led team of 20 developers, support techs, QA personnel and sysadmins Matt Holden

Core Skill Sets

Software Architecture

REST API Development


Agile / Scrum


Java / J2EE / JSP

SQL (My, MS, Postgres)

C / C++

Javascript / JQuery

Automated Testing


Technical Writing

PCI / GDPR Compliance

Marketing & PR

Copywriting and Editing

Strategic Partnerships


PC Repair & Upgrades

Game Development


Stripe, USA ePay, Paypal



Kickstarter & IndieGoGo

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit

Google Maps, Analytics

Discord, Jabber

Various other REST APIs



eCommerce platforms

Inventory systems

Customer & admin portals

Accounting modules

Point-of-sale systems

Time clocks

Survey editors / gatherers

eLearning platforms

CRM applications

Shipping platforms

Subscription services

Job boards

Video games

Applied Media Technologies Corporation 2006 - 2008 Marketing Manager

Authored over 30 nationwide RFQ responses, several successful

Maintained customer relationships with over 100 national corporate clients

Designed ads for print and Web and authored press releases and advertorials

Coordinated all logistics and travel for convention appearances

Increased sales 40% year-over-year in my first year (more than $1M increase)

Conducted sales applicant screening, hiring, and product knowledge training

Designed 7 PHP web sites to update corporate branding Hands-On Technology Transfer 2004 - 2005

Programming Instructor

Taught weeklong boot camps in C, C++, Java, and SQL

Edited and authored course materials

What my COWORKERS say...

“I enjoyed my time working with Matt, and have always been fascinated with his experience and side projects. He is a valuable asset with a wealth of experience from past work and his side business, basically single-handedly generating a complete digital experience platform to empower board game creators to deliver their work. He is honest, with himself and others, dependable, and really cares about his work. He is vocal, offering constructive criticism of solutions to ensure they do not compromise effective security or performance considerations.

His knowledge of software design and architecture and expertise in API-driven solutions was a huge advantage to our organization. He literally single-handedly integrated a clever API system that many in the past at the company have failed to conceive of prior in order to transform a restrictive monolithic platform into an open resource for international teams’ development efforts.

Along with his undeniable talent, Matt has always been an absolute joy to work with for me. He developed additional soft skills during my leadership, is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees. He wants to do things the right way and not cut corners or compromise on what is possible or necessary to solve the real job to be done.” Joe Still, DevOps Manager, HostDime Premier Global Datacenters (supervised me)

“Matt has terrific visions for software that will not only improve productivity for the company but will also improve the company itself. Since taking over the R & D / IT departments at AMTC many improvements have been made. His knowledge and ideas continue to amaze me on a daily basis. It's nice to have a supervisor that appreciates you and the hard work that you do.”

Stephen Underwood, Systems Administrator, AMTC (reported to me) Matt Holden



Eclipse & Visual Studio

Git & SVN

Jira, Redmine, etc

Confluence, MediaWiki

LAMP, Tomcat

CI / CD using Jenkins



JUnit / PHPUnit

OpenAPI / Swagger

Hibernate, Propel, ORMs

Swing, AWT, DirectX

QuickTest Pro


Payment Gateways


Conversational Spanish


Associate of Science

Game Development

Full Sail University

June 2004

Associate of Arts

Computer Engineering focus

University of Central Florida

July 2004

A+ Certification


February 2001

Gold Star Retail Sales

The Friedman Group

November 2001

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