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Developer Java

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
January 05, 2020

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Richard Marais, Fourways, Gauteng, South Africa +276********

Key Skills


Number of Years

Last Used










JQuery, AJAX, DWR, ExtJS


December 2014



April 2019







Hibernate & JPA



Spring, Spring Boot

10. 2




December 2012

Web services (SOAP & RESTful)



Maven & ANT



Other Skills

Programming Languages & Frameworks

Typescript, VBA, XML, UNIX, UML, ANT, BPEL, Ionic, Angular, ExtJS 4, React

Java Specific Skills

SOA, & T-SQL, PL SQL, HTTPS, XML, JSON, XSLT, JUnit, Mocking, Selenium, iBatis, Maven, JAWR, Highcharts, Lucene, SVN, P4V, Git, CVS


Tomcat, Wildfly, JBoss, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Portal Server, Hudson, TeamCity, Jenkins

OS Platforms

Windows, UNIX, AWS, Google Cloud


Sybase, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Firebase NoSQL, PostgreSQL

Career Summary

Software Engineer. June 2019 to present

Freelance Developer for Melewi who is based in Singapore. Involved in project estimates and budgets and development work (JavaScript, HTML, CSS).

Freelance development work for Versofy based in South Africa. This entailed a hybrid mobile application.

Environment: Tomcat 8 on AWS EC2, MySQL, Firebase

Technologies: Ionic3/Angular7/Node, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java8, SpringBoot, Firebase NoSQL, Firebase Authentication, MySQL.

BMW Group: Midrand, South Africa. March 2018 to April 2019 (contract)

Solutions Architect working on the Online Sales Master project and the New Retail Sales Model. I have been involved working closely with Project sponsors, Interface partners, Business Analysts and Developers. A large portion of my responsibility is to provide technical analysis for business requirements to developers, mentoring developers, and ensuring standards are adhered to in a fast paced Agile environment. Also working with enterprise architects about required standards, enhancements and visions, as well as providing architectural diagrams, documentation and doing whiteboard sessions and presentations. Also refactoring existing Monolith into event-driven Microservices, designing a payment gateway, etc.

Technologies: Java8, REST, JPA, Hibernate, RabbitMQ, Websockets, Maven, Node/Angular, Git, Jenkins, Bitbucket, PostgreSQL, Glassfish/Payara

Wipro Ltd: London, U.K. October 2017 to December 2017

Senior developer/Architect working on the Lloyds Banking Group Digital Transformation account. I have been involved in the Architecture, Release Process and development on the Sales teams in order to split them into Microservices.

Technologies: Java8, REST, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Git, Gerrit, Docker, Jenkins

theWhoZoo: Irene, South Africa. October 2016 to September 2017 (self employed)

I developed a Mobile App aimed at creating a platform for job seekers and employers to find each other, using In-App purchases to access an in-built messaging app. The app was developed using Ionic3/Angular2 (Typescript/Javascript client) which is a hybrid framework able to build to both Android and iOS. The server hosted Java RESTful services talking to MySQL over Hibernate/JPA. Google Firebase was used for user authentication as well as the Firebase NoSQL database for JSON real time messaging. Please see

Environment: Tomcat 8 on AWS EC2, MySQL, Firebase

Technologies: Ionic3/Angular2/Node, JavaScript/Typescript, Java8, Spring 4.3.1, Hibernate 5.2.1, Firebase NoSQL, Firebase Authentication, MySQL SQL, Maven.

Marbros Farming (Pty) Ltd: Limpopo, South Africa. January 2015 to October 2016

I worked as Director of a 6000ha crop farming operation. My father passed away and I came to help my brother run his business. Now that that my brother is comfortable and can continue without me, I have decided to return to work in Software Development as it is my background and passion.

Catlin Insurance: London, U.K. September 2013 to December 2014 (contract)

I worked as a Senior developer supporting a large framework called theFrame. theFrame was responsible for processing most of the company’s transactions from new policies to claims. I worked on a number of projects, which included new development, optimization and support.

Environment: Tomcat App Server, Windows Servers, Oracle, Maven

Technologies: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, RESTful Web Services, Agile, TDD, JUnit, Mockito, integration testing.

Barclays Corporate: London, U.K. June 2013 to August 2013 (contract)

I worked as a Senior developer on buyit which is the corporate version of pingit (the mobile payment app). The main focus was on routing messages via a secure gateway via RESTful services. A lot of the focus was ensuring a secure system using Asymmetric Encryption and HMAC validation. I also wrote integration tests running embedded Jetty servers configured in Maven. The application was wired with Spring and mapped to Oracle with Hibernate and JPA 2. Worked using agile methods and used TDD. Deployed to Linux environments.

Environment: Tomcat App Server, WebSphere Application Server 7.0, Oracle, Maven, Git

Technologies: Java 6, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, RESTful Web Services, Asymmetric Encryption, HMAC generation, Agile, TDD, JUnit, Mockito, integration testing.

Lloyds Banking Group: London, U.K. February 2013 to May 2013 (3 month contract)

I worked for Digital Transformation developing a Management Information website. The purpose of the website is to allow project managers to have charted views of projects iterations, resources, costs, etc. Concurrent RESTful queries to extract data mapped to Oracle with Hibernate and JPA 2. The application was wired in Spring and built using Maven.

Position: Senior Application Developer involved with the delivery and management of business requirements using Agile and TDD.

Environment: Tomcat App Server, Windows, MySQL, Maven, Git, RTC.

Technologies: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, RESTful Web Services, JQuery, JavaScript, JSON, Highcharts, AJAX, JUnit, Mockito, Multi-Threading

Barclays Capital: London, U.K. December 2010 to December 2012 (2 year contract)

I worked for Investor Solutions as a developer on BARXIS which is trade capture and workflow management system for Structured Products. The platform runs over multiples environments using many technologies.

Position: Senior Application Developer involved with the delivery and management of business requirements using TDD in an agile environment. I worked on developing rich clients in Swing and web based clients using JavaScript and Spring for Inversion of Control and an Oracle back end. Event driven asynchronous messaging between environments using JMS when receiving price feeds on a message queue, sending email notifications, etc.

Environment: Tomcat App Server, Windows, Oracle, Solace, TeamCity, P4V, Jira.

Technologies: Java 6, Spring, SQL, Swing, JMS, Solace, RESTful & SOAP Web Services, Apache CXF, XML, JSON, JSP, JavaScript, ExtJS 4, Highcharts, JQuery, AJAX, DWR, JAWR, JUnit, Mockito, Caching, Multi-Threading, ANT, Lucene

The term of my contract was initially 6 months, which was extended another 18 months

BlackRock: London, U.K. October 2008 to December 2010 (2+ years)

My main focus was on the European iShares which is an ETF platform.

Position: Senior Application Developer involved with the delivery and management of business requirements using agile methods and TDD. The application was wired in Spring and used Hibernate and JPA 2 over Sybase. Wrote integration tests using selenium and in-memory database configured in Maven running in a CI environment. Implemented caching and restful multilingual urls for seo.

Environment: JBoss Application Server, Apache Web Server, Windows, Unix, Sybase. Hudson continuous integration and automated testing, CVS.

Technologies: Java 6, Spring MVC & Framework, Hibernate, iBatis, RESTful URL, RESTful Web Services, XML, SQL & T-SQL, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, DWR, JAWR, Junit, Mockito, Selenium, Subversion, Teamsite, ehcache, Multi-Threading, Maven, ANT, Hudson, UNIX.

Legal & General: Kingswood, Surrey, U.K. July 2007 to August 2008 (1 year contract)

Position: Senior Application Developer involved with developing and maintaining MVC applications and message flows (SOAP, JMS, MDB), Service Components (WPS, ESB) and Web Services. Defined interfaces, built service components, mediated and processed messages and built business logic using Java and Spring & Spring MVC.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 6 (WAS), WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 6 (WESB), Rational Application Developer 6 (RAD), DB2.

Technologies: Java1.4, JMS, SOAP Web Services, XML, SQL, Spring MVC & Framework, EJB2, JSP, Junit, Subversion, Remedy, ITIL.

The term of my contract was initially 6 months, which was extended another 6 months. L&G out-sourced their IT to TCS and as a result did not extend any contractors contracts.

Vero Insurance (VTech.): Auckland, New Zealand. August 2005 to March 2007 (20 month contract)

Development of a Greenfield Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) pilot project in the Insurance sector involved in the full development lifecycle of this project including liaising with the business to gather requirements, architecture, design, development, deployment and working with the testing team.

Position: I was the senior technical developer and oversaw other developers involved on the project offering mentoring and guidance.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 6 (WAS), WebSphere Process Server 6.x (WPS), WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 6.x (WESB), WebSphere Portal Server 6, Rational Application Developer 6 (RAD), WebSphere Integration Developer 6 (WID & WASADIE), DB2, Oracle9i. Technologies: Java1.5, SOA design, BPEL, Web Services, XML (SOAP, XSD, XPATH, WSDL, W3C & OASIS, JAXP, DOM, SAX, XSLT), Portal5.1 & 6, Spring Framework, JSP, JSTL, JUNIT, SQL.

The term of my contract was initially 4 months, which was extended another 16 months until project was delivered and I left Auckland.

Solnet Solutions: Auckland, New Zealand. April 2005 to August 2005 (5 Months)

Development of a rich client J2EE application used by the Ministry of Health. The application had two tiers. A thick SWT client plugged into Eclipse (Eclipse RCP), and a second tier consisting of stateless session EJBs using and Hibernate, HQL over Oracle9i.

Position: Senior Developer involved in confirming/prioritising requirements and working closely with the business in an Agile/XP environment.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 5 (WAS), WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1 (WSAD), UNIX, CruiseControl, Functional Tester. Technologies: Java, EJB2, Hibernate3, PKI security, LDAP, ANT, JUNIT, UML, UNIX.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group: London, U.K. May 2004 to December 2004 (8 month contract)

Greenfield Development of RBSG Account Opening application.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 5 (WAS), WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1 (WSAD).

Technologies: Java, Struts, Taglibs, Component Design, UML.

The term of my contract was initially 3 months, which was extended until I left London.

Warner Music Ltd.: London, U.K. April 2004 to May 2004

I was hired for a 6-week contract to help finish the development of a MVC client server web application.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 5 (WAS), WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5 (WSAD).

Technologies: Java 1.4, JSP, Taglibs, Oracle 9, PL SQL, Stored Procedures.

Orygen UK Ltd.: London, U.K. July 2001 to March 2004 (4 years incl. 17 months at JP Morgan)

Position: I was involved from the birth of the project, working out requirements, design, development and testing.

Environment: WAS, BAE Web Logic, Tomcat, Resin, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MS Access.

Technologies: Java, XML, SAX, DOM, JAXB, JDBC, SQL, HTML, JSP.

JP Morgan Chase: London, U.K. (Orygen UK Ltd) March 2000 to July 2001 (17 months)

Orygen UK Ltd contracted me to JP Morgan Chase for the Greenfield development on a Collateral Management System.

Position: Jnr developer involved in the full lifecycle.

Environment: UNIX, Oracle 8.04, IBM DB2, VAJ 3.0.2 Enterprise edition, WebSphere Application Server (Solaris).

Technologies: Java 1.1.8, SQL, JavaScript, DHTML, JDBC, servlets and JSP's.

The term was 16 months, after which I moved back to Orygen UK Ltd to work on an in-house project.

National Westminster Bank Plc. London, U.K. September 1998 to December 1999 (16 month contract)

Comfort Card (Cards IT) maintained a Point of Sale Credit System used throughout Europe. Developed various Credit Analysis programs and Management Assessment programs. AS/400 in RPG400, CL and Query.

The term of my contract was initially 4 months, but was extended a further 12 months.

Q Technology: London, U.K. May 1998 to August 1998 (4 month contract)

Q Tech. is a Software House for a number of clients in the retail industry. Developed and maintained Service Management and Billing Systems. AS/400, RPG400, CL, SQL and Query.

PG Autoglass: Johannesburg, South Africa. June 1997 to March 1998 (10 months)

Permanently Employed by PGMIS (Management Information Services). Developed and maintained Inventory Control systems, Invoice and Billing Systems and Reports. AS/400, RPG400, RPG ILE, CL and Query.

Education and Training

IBM WebSphere Portal, New Zealand November 2005

Attended a 3-day course IBM WebSphere Portal v5.1.

IMB & JSR168 portlets. Security. Cooperative portlets. Basic, Struts & JSF portlets.

IBM WebSphere DB2 UDB V7.1 Family Fundamentals Certification, U.K. September 2002

Database Objects, SQL Usage, Creating & Accessing, Installation & Planning, Database Concurrency, Security/Instances

IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite. IBM Learning Services, U.K. February 2002

IBM WebSphere Application Server V4.0 AE & AES: Assembly & Deployment tools, Installation & Migration, Security, Workload Management, Performance. IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD): Java Tooling, XML Tooling, EJB, Debugging, Performance Profiling, Web Services.

Enterprise Development with WebSphere, EJBs and VisualAge. IBM Learning Services, U.K. May 2001

Enterprise Applications in Java using IBM WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition. WAS Administration and EJB Development.

Versata: London, U.K. June 2000

Architecture, Java and the development tool.

Oxford House College: London, U.K. November 1999 to December 1999

Completed a programming course in JAVA.

Van Zyl & Pritchard: Johannesburg, South Africa. February 1997 to May 1997

Completed a 4-month full time entry-level computer-programming course in COBOL.

University of Natal, Pietermartzburg, South Africa. February 1992 to November 1995

Completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with majors in Economics and Law.

Pretoria Boys High School, South Africa. 1987 to 1991

Completed Matric with University exemption.

Personal Details

UK & SA Passport, Non-Smoker, References available on request.

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