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Riverview, FL
January 04, 2020

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Around 14 years of hands on experience in developing n-tier web/windows applications using Microsoft .NET technologies. I have worked in all the phases of SDLC like Requirements, Analysis/Design, Development and Testing and implementation.

Proven technical experience in a Smart Automation Programming (RPA) development environment for last 5 years, ideally worked in RPA tools (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Cicero, Xceptor and win automation) and I have trained in the RPA tools like KNIME, Kryon.

Proficient in development using programming tools as Net3.5, C#, ASP.Net, WCF, XML XSLT, Java Script, SQL server 2008 and I have worked on SSRS and ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework.

Hands of experiencing in Software Configuration Management Tools like Visual Source Safe and TFS.

I have worked in various vertical Banking and Financial Service, IME, Healthcare, Retail and Insurance.

SharePoint portal creation with customized master page and menus.

Migration projects from VB6.0 to C#.Net and VB. Net using both manual and auto conversion Wizard tools.

Agile and Scrum environment to achieve smooth collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams.

I have experienced with process modeling using UML, Flow charts, Sequence diagrams, Activity diagrams and created the use cases in JIRA tool to track on Development and Change Management activities. TECHNICAL SKILLS

RPA Tool–UiPath 2018.4.1,Automation Anywhere 10.3/11, Cicero1.8, Win Automation 6.0,Kryon 5.25, KNIME,Xceptor,Celonis

Languages – C#3.0/3.5, VB6.0, VB.Net, ASP.NET, SharePoint2010, WCF, ADO.NET, MVC, XML/XSLT/XSD, Entity Framework, Java Script,JIRA

.Net Framework - 3.5/3.0/2.0

Databases – MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.

Development Tools - Visual Studio 2010/08/05

Source Safe Management-TFS, VSS, SVN

Deployment Tool - Team Forge

Designer Tool - Adobe LiveCycle E4,Visio 2016


AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional

MCTS – Microsoft Technologie Specialized in .Net 2.0 Framework

Agile Professional Development


Cell : +1-813-***-****,



Traveled to Mexico/Fort Lauderdale to gathered the LATAM operation business requirement

Agile Professional Course Training completed in Citi, USA

Adobe Live Cycle ES4 Designer Training Completed in Travelers, USA

Undergone developer level1 trainings in Cicero and Automation Anywhere tools in UBS and completed the certification projects successfully


Citi (Assistant Vice President ) - RPA Tech Lead/IT Senior Business Analyst Department Banking (ICG Markets)

Environment Automation Anywhere 10.3/11, UiPath 2018.4.1, KNIME, Kryon 5.25 Period November 2017– Till

Role and Responsibilities

• Participate in client meetings and provide technical architect support to the teams in RFI/RFP process.

• Analyze client processes, identify automation opportunities, define RPA value proposition, reengineer process to improve automation potential and recommend RPA approach/strategy

• Develop detail as Is Process Description in to an Automated Process Description -SDD (Solution Design Document)

• Conduct RPA High Level Assessments and Develop RPA client architecture and solution proposal focusing on scalability and extensibility

• Provides continuous suggestions of improvements to process to the RPA Development Leads and Developers

• Developed Common utilities to overcome the redundancy on the bot code.

• Identifying and communicating the technical infrastructure requirements to deploy automation solutions

• Configuring new RPA processes and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand using Automation Anywhere.

• Problem solving issues that arise in day to day running of Client's RPA processes and providing timely responses and solutions as required

• Creating and documenting test procedures and scenarios for the UAT and Pilot phases.

• Supporting the Operational Teams during the UAT and rollout phases and provide a support for after Go live until the warranty period

• Developed POC for new RPA tool on-boarding

• Handled on-site/offshore robotics development team and supported technical guidance SATHISH BATHIRASAMY

Cell : +1-813-***-****,


Cognizant (Senior Associate) - RPA Onsite Lead/Senior Developer Client UBS, JPMC

Department Banking

Environment Cicero, Win Automation 6.0

Period May2016 – November 2017

Role and Responsibilities

• Involved in Integration check to identify the feasible scope and provide estimation to develop the robots

• Developed robots as per scope and deployed robots in SME machine for user acceptance testing

• Coordinate with COE team for final deployment and signoff for the robot

• Conceptualized robots and made recommendations for robots to automate and improve productivity

• Traveled extensively and delivered clients' requirements

• Good understanding of robotic recommendations to solve the repeated process issues

• As per client need, recently started doing integration check using the Automation Anywhere tool Project Description

ROBO#1: - File Xfer Manager (FXM) –FXM application is used to provision File transfer manager request database. This process manually performed from SME approximately 2-4 hours per day. Robot processed within 15 min.

ROBO#2: -Financial Crimes Investigations Portal (FCIP) – The Financial Crimes Investigations portal supports JPMC’s compliance process for internal review and investigation of suspicious activities. It is a web-based Application used by analysis, compliance professionals, managers, administrators and other principals involved In the process. This process manually performed from SME approximately 3 hours per day. Robot processed Within 20 min.

ROBO#3: -Time Tracking (TIMETRKG) – Application is used by Wholesale and Correspondent operations to log Effective time work and drive productivity reporting used in the quarterly incentive processing. This process Manually performed from SME approximately 3 hours per day. Robot processed within 20 min. ROBO#4- Brokerage Reconciliation Process - Brokerage fee reconciliation performed on a monthly basis and brokerage Fees are paid and ensure accuracy 3-way reconciliation is done across broker invoices, broker fee schedule and trades data from application. This process manually performed from SME approximately 45 min per day. Robot processed within 3 min per day.

ROBO#5- TD/SD30 Report Automation - On a daily basis, the analyst login to Page Center application and download the reports. Analyst then runs the excel macro and update the cumulative tracker and email to distribution list. This process manually performed from SME approximately 120 min per day. Robot processed within 5 min per day.

ROBO#6- TFI/Muni Trade Support – Associate receives an email on a daily from DL-WMA-PandS with excel attachment on broker trades DK List with standard subject line. An associate saves attachment in a shared folder and sorts a list with broker details. Send individual e-mails to all respective brokers with their relevant DK trades asking confirmation on the trades. This process manually performed from SME approximately 75 min per day. Robot processed within 3 min per day.


Cell : +1-813-***-****,


Cognizant(Associate) - PDF Automation Developer / Dot Net Tech Lead Client Travelers, Cuna Mutual Group, CareFirst, Aetna, Wal-Mart, LexisNexis, Xerox Department Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, IME, Manufacture Environment Adobe LiveCycle ES4, C#, VB.Net, VB6.0, SQL 2012&Windows 7 Period Sep 2009 – May 2016

Role and Responsibilities

Application Development

• Analysis of the existing legacy application and new requirements and for the new reengineered VB

.Net application

• Creation of Technical Design Document from the Business Requirements specification

• Implementation of coding standards for quality of the projects

• Involved in coding and Unit testing and implementation

• Performing Code reviews and Verifying Unit Test Results

• Verified and compare the Quality Center Test Results

• Involved in QA support, defect management, implementation of Service Request

• Conduct the Implementation Project Kick-off and Status meetings

• Develop and Peer Review (Initiate/Participate in Peer reviews)

• Provide status updates to TL/PM/ as required and data for Metrics collection PDF Automation

• Handled the adobe PDF design and development

• Deployment and Configuration Management of the project forms in Adobe LiveCycle workbench Development and UAT Server

SharePoint Design

• Requirements gathering for the content of KM wiki page and Metrics Dashboard application

• Handled the SharePoint portal prototype design and Customized Master page

• Setting up new customized master page in CareFirst TCoE SharePoint portal

• Review the content loading the overall portal pages and Metrics Dashboard chart presentation in Excel Sheets

Project Description

Project #1: - eBusiness Rate Chart and Cyber Risk Premium Indication Tool The ebusiness Rate Chart is a web-based application which facilitates the service of Rating documents for calling the Rate Chart service and creating the Rate Chart PDF. A rate chart is a business -marketing document that SATHISH BATHIRASAMY

Cell : +1-813-***-****,


provides as agent with an indication of appetite for what may be submitted and underwritten. Specific information found on the rate chart included the types of obligation Travelers writer, underwriting guidelines requirements along with the filed rates. Information is provided for each state in which the obligation is filed. Automated assembly of PDF document containing underwriting guidelines consisting of state and national risk factors and base rates for obligation templates used to create bonds. The assembly document will be returned as a PDF stream that may be saved and printed locally. Rate Chart service will consume a dataset from the CGI Rate Base sub-system containing base rates and tiered rates by coverage limits. Output is expected to support all limits obligation designated as material to be displayed on rate charts. The specific obligations to be displayed in the rate charts will be identified through an indicator that will be added to the obligation detail table. Obligation detail is the data source for title of obligation and state and national risk factors. Formatted content such as the document shell used as the generic starting point for the document will be maintained using the Adobe Live Cycle product. The document shell will be accessed from LiveCycle for assembly using the PolicyDelivery.LCFramework method CreatePolicy.The business rules platform will be used to support conditional inclusion of text in the document either through bookmark deletion or conditional selection of document fragments or sections of formatted content in LiveCycle. Project #2: -Cyber Risk - A web application was created which accepts minimal inputs from the user to create a Cyber Risk premium indication. The application makes use of the same CGI rating engine Polaris user granting the ability to match calculations done by Polaris. While Polaris offers many more inputs than the new application, the business identified those inputs which mattered most to them when providing indications. Any required inputs not offered on the UI are defaulted behind the scenes in the request to CGI.The resulting premium calculated by CGI is then used to create a+/-10% range rounded to the nearest $100.After an underwriter has calculated the indication range they have the ability to create a PDF.This process uses LiveCycle to automatically map the inputs and outputs on the screen onto a PDF to be sent to an Agent by any mechanism offered by Adobe reader.

Project #3: -Intergroup Feature Automation - Intergroup Feature Automation Project is to provide a user interface for updating intergroup data that allows Implementation Support Consultants (ISC) to run a batch process that updates multiple provisions and features across credit unions in a given association (state) or specifically identified credit unions within an association (state). Project #4: - KM Wiki Page and Metrics Dashboard - KM wiki page is a SharePoint portal application which facilitates the knowledge of CareFirst client business process and Operational documents for creating this portal. Project #5: - Strategic Contract Manager- This is a contract management application of one the top 3 US healthcare insurance company. It is an application that allows their local market to create contracts for the negotiation of the cost effective payment rates for their providers. Application suite comprises modules such as Code Table Maintenance, PADU Manager, Template Manager and Contract Manager. The application maintains Code Table Maintenance enables the region coordinators to maintain the data’s such as company, employee, contract type, organization structure etc. PADU Manager allows the user to create different type of rules such as preferred, accepted, deferred and unaccepted. Template Manager enables the user to manage the entire set of templates which are categorized under different Line of Businesses. Contract Manager Application has workflow for the contract such as creation of the contract, amendment, approval / rejection and termination of the contract. It manages a single source of rate information that is used to generate provider contracting documents and is read by the claim engine for claim payment. It retrieves the current version of agreements, participation criterion, and schedules (by state) for a particular contract. It generates documents for the contracts with rates. Project #6: - Picking and Management System(PAM) (Dec 2013 – Dec2014) - The PAM application was developed a number of years ago to provide an in-store application for managing, picking, recording sales, and SATHISH BATHIRASAMY

Cell : +1-813-***-****,


delivering orders for the UK Grocery Home Shopping operation. The PAM application is now also being utilised in the US Grocery Wal-Mart to Go operation. This project provides some tactical enhancements to the PAM application to deliver some operational efficiency improvements and reduce some key risk areas within our Grocery Home Shopping Business. This project will deliver a key operational enhancement to the PAM application, to improve pick rate efficiency by identifying the location of every item within the store down to bay and shelf level. This will simplify the store pick layout process and automatically match item location to layout.

Project #7: - File & Serve is a web-based application which facilitates the delivery of electronic documents for filing to courts and service to firms and other recipients. Online access to a common set of case information and documents provides benefits to law firms and courts. Court-focused features facilitate receipt and processing of documents at filing and ruling on Substantive issues for judges. Transaction and case information is available online and can be integrated to courts and firms using multiple data-integration methods. File & Serve functionality is directly available from within Total Litigator. Here, File & Serve provides case data and documents to Court Link.

Project #8 - Single Screen - Single Screen is a web-based application which facilitates the service of contract documents for creating the service call and job to the HomeServ users. HomeServ agents access to a common set of contract information and documents provide benefits to service the HomeServ users. Single Screen application that acts as a service tool for ITAS agents to perform the business functionalities efficiently using a single system that incorporates serviceability spread across the different Claim Management systems employed. The objective is to address the difficulties faced by agents on registering Client Claim calls over multiple applications; Ensura, Impact and Wennsoft.

Eicon Computers/Adea (Software Engineer) - Dot Net Developer Client Krunchbox, Misys, Harini Fibers

Department Manufacture, Retail, Textiles

Environment VB6.0, Informix, 2.0, C#, Javascript, SQL Server 2005, SSRS, OPICS PLUS3.0 Period January 2006 – Sep 2009

Role and Responsibilities

Performance Tuning,

• Performance tuning of all Report page adding Cache, session

• Creating the send mail functionality with report attachment pages

• Creating the variance stored procedure and then proper database connection on code page. Application Development,

• Creating the Software Requirement Specification Document for based on the Client supplied requirement specification and review the technical specification document and checking the quality of coding standards

• Involved in GUI design.

• Participating in coding and Unit testing and implementation

• Creating the Stored procedure based on the working modules. SATHISH BATHIRASAMY

Cell : +1-813-***-****,


• Peer Review (Initiate/Participate in Peer reviews)

• Deployment and Configuration Management of the project in Development and UAT Server

• Conduct the Implementation Project Kick-off and Status meetings

• Provide status updates to PM as required and data for Metrics collection

• Involved in development of POC

• Auto conversion of programs from VB6.0 to C#.Net and VB.Net using the auto conversion Wizard tool provided by the client

• Reviewing, Debugging and testing of programs as specified by the client Project Description

Project #1: - Krunchbox-Retailer Service -KrunchBox is a leading global application software product and services provider focused on delivering value to the client through integrated and comprehensive solutions. It is a client -centric organization with provide the serving clients in Australia countries, passionate about delivering world class products and services that deliver significant benefits for Clients, Retailers, Whole sales - now and in future. It provides solutions for Retails product. Adea is responsible for the Performance of the project. Project #2: - Misys Banking - Misys is a leading global application software and services provider focused on delivering value to the customers through integrated and comprehensive solutions. It is a customer-centric organization with 4,500 employees serving customers in more than 120 countries, passionate about delivering world class products and services that deliver significant benefits for customers- now and in future. It provides solutions for Banking, Treasury and Capital Markets and Health Care. Adea is responsible for the Conversion of the Work Packs (Programs) from VB to C#.NET and VB.NET provided by the client. Project #3: -Harini Payroll - This is a window based project for Calculating payroll for Harini Fibers. The payroll modules involved in this project are Employee Details, Employee Salary calculation, Bonus Calculation according to the employee flow up.


Master of Computer Applications from Anna University, Coimbatore, India.

BSc (Computer Technology) Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, India.

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