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Software Engineer, Web Developer, Frontend, full-stack, full stack

San Francisco, CA
January 05, 2020

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Cole Schneider San Francisco, CA

425-***-**** Technical Expertise

Strong: TypeScript, JavaScript / ES6, React, Redux, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Git, HTML/CSS, AWS Experienced: Python, Angular, C++, Java, R, Docker Professional Experience

Blend Software Engineer Intern Blend

A digital platform for consumer lending

● Communicated with product managers to achieve goals set during sprint planning.

● Worked with design, product, and legal teams to meet deadlines in ways that distributed engineer workload and preserved scalability of our app. Executed personal initiative to communicate these deadlines with stakeholders.

● Refactored frontend authentication app for improved routing, a mobile responsive layout, and added 100% unit test coverage with jest.

● Implemented custom frontend tracking and analytics using React and Redux written in TypeScript. WhatsWhat Full Stack Developer and Creator

Twitter clone built with React, Redux, and Node

● Engineered front-end using React with Redux in ES6, and optimized structure for unambiguous one-way data flow by implementing functional programming techniques to pass down application state.

● Implemented a Virtual Scroller that caches heights of DOM elements, and only renders what needs to be shown in the window.

● Automated deployment process via CircleCI, Docker, and AWS, enabling a continuously tested and deployed pipeline with EC2 with status/health checks.

● Designed efficient API endpoints while using schemas and MongoDB to map custom response objects.

● Arranged client-side signed S3 file uploads using FileReader APIs for secure bucket access. Teacher Assistant Pepperdine University Paid Assistant/Internship 2017-2018

● As a sophomore in college, tested out of the first Computer Science Courses and was hired for a Teacher Assistant position, being the first Sophomore TA in a highly competitive, fast-paced division.

● Taught, graded, and gave feedback to my peers on entry-level to advanced concepts ranging from sorting algorithms, Big O Notation, and advanced data structures.

Oxnard Recreation Center for Adults & Seniors Engineer and Web Design Repo Link

● Designed a progressive, and tailorable website for an up and coming non-profit organization ORCAS.

● Communicated with AWS’s customer support to deliver a highly scalable and low-cost solution through their non-profit program. Education

Pepperdine University Business Administration, B.A. December 2019 Cascadia College General Studies and Applied Sciences, A.A. Attended 2014-2016 Personal

• UX/UI I started with web-design but became fascinated with JavaScript’s extensive ecosystem.

● Phi-Theta-Kappa Honors Top Graduates selected.

● Dean’s List and Faculty Honors

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