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Project Engineer

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
January 04, 2020

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Karam Atef Andrawes Zakhary C.V.

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• Experienced Mechanical Engineer with more than 16 years sheer practical experience spent majorly in various construction projects environments ( LNG industrial Plants, Rail Metro Stations, Water Mega Reservoirs, Medical Research Center and University’s Buildings )

• Professional Engineer with demonstrated academic records that include a Bachelor of Science in the Mechanical Engineering and Postgraduate Diploma in the technology of the Thermal Power Plants as well as technical qualifications, licenses and approvals those are relevant to the career and profession. Areas of experience :

- Quality Control, Handover documentation and Completion.

- Systems Assurance, Validation & Compliance (Rail Projects)

- Buildings Services (MEP Systems Installation, Testing & Commissioning)

- Equipment Installation (Static, Rotating & Packaged )

- Coating and Thermal Insulation (Piping & Equipment)

- Refractory Lining for Thermal Equipment (Furnaces, Boilers & Reactors)

- Technical Training and Engineering Education

- Facilities Management, Assets Integrity and Preservation Maintenance. Academic Records :

• Bachelor of Science (BSc) in the Mechanical Engineering – 2001

- Faculty of Engineering - Assiut University, Egypt.

• Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in the Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Power Plants Division) - 2005

- Faculty of Engineering - Assiut University, Egypt. Work Experience :

• Company: Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) – Qatar

Period : July 2008 – Up to date (11 Years and 5 months – Full Time Job)

During this long period, I had occupied several positions that varied between Site Supervision, Quality Management, Completion and Handover in different construction environments (6 Projects).

- Current Project: Qatar Rail Metro Stations (QRMS), Jan 2017 – Up to date.

- Position: Project Engineer

- Job Profile :

Providing technical supervision and assistance to ensure that installations and quality inspections of mechanical, electrical and control systems relevant to rail stations are technically valid and their results are coordinated for project continuity and ensuring that contractual requirements and deadlines are met.

Reviewing audit reports, NCRs & CARs logs, lesson learned, statistical analyses and training schedule. Also, organize the structure and flow of the Handover & Completion documents to ensure accuracy, clarity and consistency across the project technical documentation.

Reviewing and approving As-Built drawings and ensure that the rendered drawings detail the final shape; dimensions and precise locations of all elements within the scope of the project. Also, ensure that any modification is included along with a record of approval to go along with the changes.

Reviewing Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) of MEP equipment

,Site Acceptance Tests (SATs), and Quality Control Procedures (i.e. QMP, ITP, .etc). Also, preparing proposed formats & contents for Completion Dossiers in line with project specs requirements.

Monitoring sub-contractor’s work progress in the respective areas for the purpose of payments issuance by providing detailed information, reports to contracts and quantity survey depts. Also, generating official notifications and technical reports about any deviation by subcontractors for the contractual scope of work for insuring claims or back charges due to non-conformances. Karam Atef Andrawes Zakhary C.V.

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Ensure that all persons on the installation activities at site are familiar with the Health; Safety and Environmental (HSE) policy and its application on site. Also, participating in regular Surveillance walk downs and generates observation reports for any non-conformity.

Collaborate with Systems Assurance team by ensuring that Safety Control Measures are implemented as per design principle and in compliance with the validation program requirements (i.e. ComplyPro). Also, cooperating with the Independent Safety Assessors (ISA) in accordance with CENELEC- EN 50126 Std. to perform a comprehensive assessment to the Safety Hazards associated with operation of the stations and ensures a successful testing to the Fire Scenarios during Emergency Operation Modes.

Ensure quality and delivery of the Final Safety Case (FSC) records and RAMS requirements including technical and validation documents that are complying with design, project specs and client needs.

Reviewing status of Civil Defense Inspections, Commissioning Certificates for the Life Safety Systems, O&M documents, Punch items and their As-Built drawings. Also, follow up client's action and approval for those documents before processing and uploading to the Handover Electronic Programs.

Monitoring performance of the Inspection and Testing teams and conducting regular meetings to ensure targets alignment, assess KPIs reports & dashboards, review progress trackers and discuss problems or conflicts that arise at site and agree on the required action plane.

- Project: Water Mega Reservoirs (WMR) - Packages A & C, Aug. 2016 – Jan. 2017.

- Position: Section Engineer – Materials & Equipment

- Job Profile:

Overseeing delivery and inspection process for the materials and equipment and follow up their status in conjunction with vendors and supply chain coordinators. Also, ensuring that all specific punch lists associated with the delivered materials are tracked cross referenced and cleared.

Ensure compliance with proper storage and protection requirements for the materials, equipment, instruments and spares. Also, developing a suit of preservation checklists and procedures that are consistent with the corrosion control strategy.

- Project: SIDRA Medical Research Centre (SMRC), Feb. 2015 – Jul. 2016

- Position: Senior MEP Engineer (Completion & Handover)

- Job Profile:

Ensure that all completion works are to the required standards and that all drawings, procedures, inspections and certifications are strictly adhered to, and assist project quality team in the completion of site systems test sheets and dossier.

Managing the clients snag list including comments and requests. Also, addressing them through proper communication channels, follow up, coordination and escalation with the related department. Also, coordinating with Client’s Delivery Team to ensure that the generated punch items are well described and pertinent to the associated systems and legitimate to Project Specs, Quality Std. and Safety rules.

Coordinating with engineering dept. for reviewing the As-Built drawings. Also, follow up with construction team to review the turnover packages and expedite work completion at site by resolving any issue that may delay the progress of commissioning, snagging and final handover. Also, updating snagging database (Snag-R) and defining priority in line with subsystem completion.

Interfacing with Project Management and Client representatives on all matters applicable or relevant to completion activities and providing accurate reporting on status including identification of issues or concerns which may impact the project.

Karam Atef Andrawes Zakhary C.V.

Mob. +974 / 559-797-54, Doha – Qatar E-mail: / Latest update 30-10-2019 Page 3 of 6

Oil & Gas Projects:

Project: Barzan LNG Plant (BGP), Trains I & II, Aug 2012 – Feb 2015

- PMC: Japanese Gas Co. (JGC)

- Position: Section Engineer – Mechanical

Project: Gas Sweetening Facilities Upgrading (GSFU), May 2011 – Aug 2012

- PMC : Petrofac Qatar

- Position: Sr QC Engineer – Mechanical.

Project: Gas To Liquid Plant (Shell GTL), Jul 2008 – May 2011

- PMC: Japanese Gas Co. (JGC) and Kellogg Brown & Root Engineering (KBR) JV

- Position: QC Engineer – Mechanical.

- Job Profile:

Supervise Installations and Quality inspections relevant to Static, Rotating and Packaged Equipment as well as Coating applications (Painting, Insulation & Fire Proofing) and Steel Structures erection. Also, reviewing their installation method statements and risk assessments to ensure compliance with Project Specs, Quality plans Safety regulations and relevant codes (i.e. API 681, ASME,BS,NACE,CINI…etc)

Supervise installation and inspections of the Refractory lining for Natural Gas Heaters, Boilers and Thermal Oxidizers. Also, confirm integrity the casted panels in light of the requirements of API 936 Std. by reviewing reports of the lab tests (BD, CS & PLC) for the samples taken during daily production.

Supervise the activities of Lube Oil Flushing for Gas Compressors and Turbines, also review the lab. Test reports to ensure compatibility with acceptance criteria of supplier Pre-Commissioning procedures and project specifications.

Supervise regular inspections relevant to Corrosion Protection activities including inspection of nozzles serration, valves integrity, nitrogen purging and lubrication of bearing boxes of the rotating equipment. Also, preparing a suit of Preservation Checklists for all equipment (mech. & elec.), piping materials and instruments in order to maintain a database records for applying preservation consumables like Rust Preventatives, Desiccants and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) during Construction Phase.

Initiating Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) where technical integrity is established as contrary to project specs, contract and quality requirements. Also performing Root Cause Analysis (RCA), follow up the corrective actions and closing out with the relevant parties

Ensure all engineering data associated with Handover activities complies with the requirements of the project specs. Also, ensure that quality and quantity of deliverables (Documents & As-Built drawings) meet the company standards and represent the best value case for operation.

Ensuring that the punch list items are properly described and pertinent to the associated system and are legitimate with project specifications, safety rules and industry practices, also monitoring the action of site team for closing those items through the approved inspection documents.

Ensure that all persons on the installation activities on site are familiar with the Health; Safety and Environmental (HSE) policies and their applications. Also, participating in a regular surveillance walk downs as well as performing site auditing to ensure compliance with the project QHSE requirements and generating observation reports for any identified non-conformity and follow–up the corrective actions taken as well as close-out records.

Raising site quires and propose solutions for any arising issue to the project engineering team prior to executing the works on site. Also, track, monitor and report on all site queries are closed-out in accordance with project requirements.

Karam Atef Andrawes Zakhary C.V.

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• Company: Samsung C&T Corporation – Egypt

- Project : Construction of new Campus of the American University in Cairo (AUC)

- Period: Feb 2007 – June 2008 (1Year and 5 Months – Full Time Job)

- Position: Mechanical Engineer.

- Job Profile :

Supervise installations and inspections of VAC, Firefighting and Plumbing systems. Also, review the documents of received materials and perform quality inspections to ensure compliance with Project Specs. Also, prepare reports for any deviation to ensure claims due to non conformity.

Coordinate with other disciplines to solve any conflict arises at site and liaise with testing & commissioning team to put main guide lines and work sequence to success this phase.

Ensure that manpower is well-orientated for the safety issues as well as observing effectiveness of HSE procedures implementation and reporting concerns to safety department for taking the required action.

• Company: Omega for Engineering and Trading – Egypt

- Period: Aug. 2006 – Jan. 2007 (6 Months – Full Time Job)

- Position: Sales Engineer.

- Job Profile:

Seeking to find new customers who can purchase the company imports like Valves, Firefighting equipment, Pumps, VAC filters and instruments. Also, Providing after sales service and keeping open channels with customers to receive any complaints or giving the technical advice as required.

• Company: Matco Co. for Paper Production – Egypt

- Period: Dec 2005 – Jul 2006 (7 Months – Full Time Job)

- Position: Facility Engineer.

- Job Profile:

Supervising and planning ahead for any necessary maintenance for the Factory Utilities. Also, overseeing and managing communications with the service providers for materials delivery, transportation, consumables, security, cleanliness, catering and spare parts.

• Company: International Co. for Medical Products – Egypt

- Period: May 2004 – Aug 2005 (1Year and 4 Months – Part Time Job, Afternoon shift)

- Position: Mechanical Engineer (Operation and maintenance)

- Job Profile:

Supervise operation and regular maintenance of the medical syringe plant machinery (injection, printing, assembly, packing and sterilization) and keeping technical records for the failure cases for further consultations with the suppliers or manufacturers.

Ensuring that the manufacturing facilities and factory utilities equipment (water chillers, VAC units, air compressors ...etc) are operated in a manner that meets all current environment and quality standards.

Working closely with facility decision-makers to determine the best upgrade paths for equipment and infrastructure (Cost, reliability, spares parts, consumables...etc.). Also, ensure that the facility meets environmental and health government regulations especially for the waste disposal and recycling.

• Company: International Co. for Air conditioning and Trading - Egypt

- Period: April 2003 – Sept. 2003 (6 Months – Part Time Job, Afternoon shift)

- Position: Maintenance Engineer.

- Job Profile:

Karam Atef Andrawes Zakhary C.V.

Mob. +974 / 559-797-54, Doha – Qatar E-mail: / Latest update 30-10-2019 Page 5 of 6

Responsible for receiving customers complains related to failure of ACs and performing fault diagnosis and directing a team of trade's people for repairing. Also, preparing daily reports regarding work progress for the purpose of invoices and claims.

• Organization : Industrial Technical Secondary School - Egypt

- Period: Mar. 2003 – Nov. 2005 (2 Years and 8 Months – Part Time Job, Morning shift)

- Position: Technical Instructor

- Job Profile

Teaching fundamentals of Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Drawings, and Industrial processes (i.e. lathing, milling, welding, drilling …etc) as well as projects management.

Preparing and administrating regular written and practical assessments for the students to evaluate their performance and understanding to the basics.

Keeping and reporting data on completed courses, absences, issues and determine overall effectiveness of programs and make improvements.

Participating in seminars and training sessions to obtain useful information and integrates into teaching programs for the students.

Jan. 2002 ~ Feb. 2003 : Military Service – Egypt Professional licenses, Approvals and Certificates achieved :

- Approved Mechanical Engineer by Qatar Urban Planning & Development Authority (UPDA)

- Approved Mechanical Engineer by “Engineers Australia “as per ANZSCO Skill level 1

- Approved Mechanical Engineer (Level 8 ) by NZQA as per New Zealand Qualification Framework

- Approved Fire fighting Engineer by the Qatar Civil Defence Authority

- Certified Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2008) Lead Auditor.

- Certified Protective Coating Inspector, Level 2 (SSPC- PCI)

- Certified Welding Inspector, Level 2 (TWI- CSWIP 3.1)

- Certified Refractory lining Inspector (API 936 - ICP) Training Courses :

- Practical leadership and Supervision within life critical activities – Pearl GTL Safety Center - Qatar

- Leadership and supervision program by Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) – Qatar

- Project Management Professional (PMP) exam preparation – by MICA training center – Qatar

- Air systems design – by ASHRAE, Cairo Chapter - Egypt

- LEED GA exam preparation – by Green Leaders Training Center – Qatar

- Incident & Injury Free (IIF) Safety Program – JMJ Associates - Qatar

- Certified Facility Manager (CFM) exam preparation - Chicago training center- Qatar

- H2S gas awareness, NDT awareness, defensive driving,working at heights and inside confined space Memberships in Technical Associations and Professional Societies :

- Member of Egypt Engineers Syndicate.

- Member in the Institute of Refractory Engineers (IREng) - UK

- Member in the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Skills & Hobbies :

- Computer literacy: MS Office (Power point, Excel, Word & Outlook), ACONEX, Snag-R and VBC

- Languages: Arabic: Mother tongue,

English: Fluent,

Karam Atef Andrawes Zakhary C.V.

Mob. +974 / 559-797-54, Doha – Qatar E-mail: / Latest update 30-10-2019 Page 6 of 6

- Driving: Valid Qatari driving license.

- Hobbies: Sport, reading, music & travelling.

Personal details:

- Nationality : Egyptian

- Religion: Christian

- Date of Birth: 3


of September 1978

- Marital Status: Married and have 2 children

- Current Residence : Doha, Qatar

I hereby confirm that all the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. Also, all the supporting documents & certificates are available upon request…. Best Regards,

Karam A. A. Zakhary

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