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Security Officer Forklift Operator

Rio Grande City, TX
January 04, 2020

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Linda Medelez

Labor Hand

Rio Grande City, TX ***82

Work Experience

Scaffold helper

Brock Group - Freeport, TX

August 2019 to Present

I assist on building a scaffolds


U.S. Corrections - Thrall, TX

September 2018 to May 2019

I transport offenders from facilities.

Painter Apprentice

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services - Freeport, TX June 2018 to July 2018

Bolt Up Fitter

LEAK SEALERS - Port Arthur, TX

March 2018 to March 2018

I would assist all different bolt-up, flanges, valves, torque species in a refinery. I even did high pressure on welds tat were approved by Q.C.

Labor Hand

Loading and Off Loading - Jacinto City, TX

July 2017 to July 2017

I off loaded and loaded cargo (long shore), anything that a port do I help on. Laborer

Pipe Layer - Channelview, TX

May 2017 to June 2017

I would pusher different size of pipe for this company. Firewatch/bottle watch/confined space

Fire watch/Bottle watch

Security Officer

Port Arthur, TX

October 2016 to November 2016


Security Officer

Residential Monitor - Corpus Christi, TX

August 2016 to August 2016

to August 2016

Security Officer

Residential Monitor - Edinburg, TX

August 2016 to August 2016

Fire Watch


Fire Watch - La Porte, TX

April 2016 to August 2016

I would assist welders on any open flames


Force - Sugar Land, TX

September 2015 to November 2015

watch/Confined Space

Force - Sugar Land, TX - September 2015 to November 2015 Responsibilities

I would assist welders on any open flames, any confined space that workers needed to enter in a daily basis.


Learned a lot from welders and pipe fitters.

Skills Used

Able to climb so many ladders in the time I was in this company. Etc. Parts Counter Person

O'Rielly Auto - Mission, TX

March 2015 to October 2015


I would assist people on parts for vehicles.


I learned on helping people can so be easy.

Skills Used

Customer service, balancing the cash, do transacction in different methods. security officer

Correctional Officer

Residential Monitor

2013 to 2015

Juvenile Correctional Officer

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

2011 to 2012

Juvenile Detention Officer

Evins Juvenile Center - Edinburg, TX

January 2008 to February 2010


I would take care of juveniles that are in the state custody. Maintain health and welfare, counts all the juveniles in the facility.


I was maintain my self-control and respect of all the juveniles that I took care of. Skills Used

Integrity, raised the bar of respect others. Etc.


High school diploma

South Texas College

2010 to 2015

Rio Grande City High School


• Power Tools (10+ years)

• Maintenance

• Painting (5 years)

• Word (10+ years)

• Forklift

• Mechanic (8 years)

• Construction (5 years)

• Forklift Operator

Certifications and Licenses

Diesel & Automotive Cert.



Reliability — Highly Proficient

July 2019

Tendency to be dependable and come to work.

Full results: fdda523e6e871a51274a34e7964f3747eed53dc074545cb7

Reliability — Highly Proficient

April 2019

Measures a candidate's tendency to be dependable and come to work. Full results: share_to_profile/2bf6a5f7d1b777f73287ec0584d624e8eed53dc074545cb7 Reliability — Highly Proficient

April 2019

Measures a candidate's tendency to be dependable and come to work. Full results: e145444547f092fab87add466ebee852eed53dc074545cb7

Attention to Detail — Completed

April 2019

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information.

Full results: e83c79b3c2bf48c6af6402176c0913eaeed53dc074545cb7

Vehicle Maintenance — Proficient

March 2019

Measures a candidate's knowledge of general vehicle maintenance inspections to complete minor repairs.

Full results: share_to_profile/6084e9c9b0d3d17977d8562cee986af5eed53dc074545cb7 Merchandise & Supply Storage — Proficient

March 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to apply systematic processes for managing and storing products and merchandise.

Full results: share_to_profile/4574915ce75f10bc390f022071958da0eed53dc074545cb7 Construction Safety — Highly Proficient

November 2019

Using safe practices while on a construction site. Full results: share_to_profile/6aef7675c0a0e2e255a19ffea779f8e6eed53dc074545cb7 Mechanical Skills: Aptitude — Proficient

November 2019

Understanding and applying mechanical concepts and processes. Full results: share_to_profile/7fa51c19ec1e0d11d71e6f60f96bc028eed53dc074545cb7 Basic Maintenance and Repair — Familiar

November 2019

Performing basic repairs and maintenance for apartment complexes, office buildings, and other facilities.

Full results: share_to_profile/1bbe3b4401824873a06c2951f2a519ddeed53dc074545cb7 Indeed Assessments provides skills tests that are not indicative of a license or certification, or continued development in any professional field.

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