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Training Power

Palmdale, CA
January 03, 2020

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Miguel Rosales

**** * ****** **

Lancaster CA ***34



•I started playing in Rookie League at age 13 in LMB ROOKIE LEAGUE that year in the LMB Academy Academy of Mexico we launched a perfect collective game, we achieved 4 pitchers in that game. with the organization of PERICOS DE PUEBLA.

•Organizations with which I played AA at LMB BASEBALL MEXICAN LEAGUE, Tigres del mexico 2001, Pericos de puebla 2002, Sultanes de monterrey 2003, Saraperos de saltillo 2004

•I was part of the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS organization in 2004 I started playing in DSL DOMINICAN SUMMER LEAGUE being the first year the PITCHER CLOSER of the team with 29 saves. In my second year at DSL I was a starting pitcher and I got a record of 5 games won and 0 losses achieving 45 innings and releasing my complete games. also achieving among them a NO HITTER.

•In 2007 I was part of the Olmecas de Tabasco team at AAA LMB PROFESSIONAL PLAYER


•My ability is to increase the skills, levels, strength, endurance in each player. I am an expert in increasing speed in pitchers.

I started in 2004 as a coach and every year I did it, training baseball players to increase their skills and speed up their process of maturity in terms of baseball knowledge and discipline. over time I perfected all kinds of advanced technique and training, I found other methods to develop faster speed, strength, speed, faster movements, power to hit, power to throw. I would like to be part of a scout team & be part of a team to continue doing my job as a coach. I have experience as a scout, I work for some organizations in Mexico but I FEEL THAT MY SKILLS CAN CONTRIBUTE MORE TO THE BASEBALL.

Since my stay in Dominican Republic & USA I learned too much about baseball, my coaches Juan Marichal, Ramon Martinez, Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez and some others who helped me, my experience and my best ability is to effectively increase the speed, power and endurance in pitchers.

I played with professional teams from mexico before and after to sign with San francisco giants.

•••I now do training plans for professional baseball player in professional mexican league and MiLB, with my training plans each player increases around 3 ~ 10 MPH


•In 15 years I developed a great ability to train basenall players, I have the knowledge and ability to find in a baseball player attributes to be part of professional baseball. I train and look for baseball players to prepare them and be part of an MLB organization.

Note: I like discipline, respect, education, willingness and commitment in the baseball field of each player. Seeing his qualities I determine if he can be part of the MLB organization.

I am always in communication with the Managers of each professional organization of the LMB BASEBALL MEXICAN LEAGUE.

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