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Mental Health Training

Sumner, WA
45,000 - 65,000
January 03, 2020

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BERT MC QUEEN 907-***-****

***** **** **** **., **** 104 PMB 134, Sumner, WA 98390



Certified Master Chaplain bringing 40 years of experience, 25 years as the Director of Pastoral Care for two Hospitals and Emergency Service Chaplain operations. Focused on boosting team efficiency by proactively managing and recruiting and improving volunteer opportunities and managed the family/patient guest Rooms. Goal-oriented professional with demonstrated record of success. Prepared to offer knowledge and skills to fulfill dynamic, growth-oriented position .Determined and experienced in multi-level pastoral care support and Master level training in Traumatic Stress, Grief and Crisis Management and operational experienced in disaster preparedness. Strategic-thinking individual experienced in ethics committee, cancer protocol committee, and disaster committee. Offering engaging and pleasant personality with expertise improving patient care relationships. Excellent customer service and facility oversight skills. Focused on motivating staff and working with diverse personality types by Recruiting and Training to drive improvements in sensitivity to a diverse community. Offering engaging and pleasant personality with expertise improving customer relationships. Quality-driven and deadline-focused coordinator with a remarkable talent for overcoming challenging issues while maintaining schedule demands.

SKILLS Verbal and written communication,

Effective public speaker

Counseling, Customer Satisfaction, Mental

Health, Rapport

Mentor, Spiritual care, Bible studies

Effective communication, Suicide and

crisis intervention

Ministry development, Ethics expertise

Class and lesson planning, Academic


Presentations and public speaking,

Discussion facilitation

Relationship building, Family therapy

Case Management Basics training

Media relations, Educational programs

Records oversight and accuracy, Intakes

and assessments

Preventing Workplace Violence seminar,

Domestic violence prevention

Negotiations, Team leadership, Training


Membership oversight, Strategic thinker

Case planning, Team oversight

Mental health treatment programming

Policy and procedure adherence

Effective team leader, Conflict resolution

Suicide prevention training, Psychosocial


Strong PR background, Managerial


Microsoft Office, Goal-oriented, Case


WORK HISTORY Executive Director • Chaplain Bert McQueen Anchorage, Alaska • October 1980 to Current

• Recruited new members through attendance at community events, promotional materials, and other methods.

• Promoted mission of organization via successful community outreach and marketing strategies.

• Worked closely with organizational leadership, including board of directors, to strategically affect direction of operations.

• Provided exceptional services including counseling, case management, education and job training to diverse client base.

• Coordinated and implemented training for public health professionals.

• Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.

• Negotiated agreements between employees to clarify misunderstood directions and resolve conflicts affecting performance.

• Managed quality assurance program including on site evaluations, internal audits and customer surveys.

Founder/Executive Officer/ • Alaska Police And Fire Chaplains Ministries Anchorage, AK • October 1980 to April 2015

• Help those seeking to be reconnected to their social support, to their faith and their family and friends.

• Minister anyone requesting support, regardless of their faith, race, sex.

• Our staff members have agreed to a non - proselytize standard.

• In certain cases we refer to the local providers, e.g., Mental Health Professional, Pastors, if physical needs: referrals are made to Emergency Departments, Personal Doctors and Clinics.

• We train public, peers, and professionals in Crisis Intervention; with an emphasis on doing good assessments.

• Building a network of Suicide Survivor Support Groups and help reduce the risk of suicide through education and services; e.g., groups, one on one intervention, and provide assessments and referrals.

• Our Goal is to help introduce the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale; Alaska Trauma Center has partnered with Columbia University Developers .

• Set, enforced and optimized internal policies for areas such as managing confidential records.

• Maintained accurate business files.

• Conducted ongoing client evaluations to assess quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries of services.

• Maintaining tight cost controls and maximizing business operational efficiency.

• Coordinated over 200 Critical Incident Stress Management volunteers, provided service 24/7 for over 35,000 hours of service availability.

• Investigated and addressed business development challenges to proactively mitigate problems.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts • World Harvest Bible Training Center Wayland Baptist University // Anchorage, AK 120 credit hours Master of Chaplaincy 10years experience and 40 + training UNITS ICPC FL ADDITIONAL


• Municipality of Anchorage Recognition for "Outstanding Civic Achievement" for bringing favorable recognition to the Municipality of Anchorage, Police and Fire and Rescue Community, by providing a nonprofit Volunteer Community Chaplaincy Program Alaska Legislative Recognition: for years of success for the Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains Ministries, a nonprofit, faith-based organization; having provided Chaplaincy and stress management support to civilians and the rescue communities throughout Alaska. This also accounts for successful career completion as a result of early crisis intervention, debriefing services. SPECIAL SKILLS OR


• Certified Master Chaplains with the International Conference of Police Chaplains.

• Trained Trainer for seven courses with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

• Trained Crisis Response (the Military Model), Pastoral Crisis Intervention. CERTIFICATIONS • Certified Master Chaplain: International Conference of Police Chaplains

• Certified ICISF Approved Trainer of 7 Critical Incident Stress Management training courses: Individual, Small Group, Large (Advanced) Group, Suicide Awareness for Emergency Personnel, Suicide - pre. / post. / and intervention, Trained Crisis Response (the Military Model), Pastoral Crisis Intervention.

• Chaplain Bert McQueen, Certified Master Chaplain, BA in Counseling; MA with a major in Social Work, Emeritus

MEMBER OF • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. (1986 to Current).

• International Conference of Police Chaplains (1980 to Current).


ACCOMPLISHMENTS • New program built the team to +100 chaplains, trained, mentored, so successful as a non-profit volunteer program.

• Also as part of my success story; I worked with staff and clients/patience in stressful event at all three of the Trauma Hospitals, and have maintain contracts with two of the three hospitals; e.g., unexpected death in the hospital and ED, hospital employee deaths, assault on employees, suicide of a visitor in the waiting area of the ED.

• Because of the close relationship between our police and fire chaplains and the hospital staff we gained the respect and knowledge of both.

• Our contract required visiting patient as requested and a three-prong approach; patient Care, Staff support and a complete Critical Incident Stress Program that included small group debriefings, Individual support and attendance in one of our employees/family only, Post Critical Incident Seminar.

• Certified trainer for these ICISF Courses: Small group Crisis intervention, Large Group Crisis Intervention, Suicide: Post, Inter and Prevention, Trained Crisis Intervention the Course for the military Peer Crisis Intervention, Suicide Awareness for Emergency Services Provider, Pastoral Crisis Intervention, and the Three Day Combined; Small and Large Group Combined.

• Partnered/Presenter with the Columbia University New York; Light House; Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale C-SSRS National and International Recognition: International Conference of Police Chaplains for: "The Jack Price Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy ", and The international Critical Incident Stress Foundation for "Outstanding Contribution" to CISM" By training 1000+ emergency, hospital, police, fire and military personnel and community members in the ICISF CISM Program.

• Member/Presidential level: American Association of Christian Counselors.

• Partnered with New York's Columbia University; to present and promote the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale(C-SSRS).

• Command Chaplain for the State of Alaska DMVA, 49th Military Readiness Bragade, at the rank of LTC, for 11 years.

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