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Machine Operator Customer Care

United States
13 to 16 hourly
January 03, 2020

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Darcy Lemons

*** ***** **.

Smiths Grove, KY




Cambridge Associates, 2395 Girkin Rd Bowling Green, KY 42101 — Receptionist

November 1998 - April 2000

Performed receptionist duties and general office duties including:

● Answering the phone

● Scheduling appointments

● Filing

Mastercuts, 2625 Scottsville Rd Bowling Green, KY 42101

— Master Stylist

November 2001 - April 2004

● Entered employment as an Apprentice Stylist then achieving the position of Master Stylist during the first year

● Proficiently performed cuts, colors,perms, manicures and waxes

● Accomplished non-stylist salon responsibilities such as opening and closing, retail sales, promotional advertising, general maintenance and scanning/stock inventory

New Beginnings, 2235 Russellville Rd Bowling Green, Ky 42101 — Master Stylist

October 2006 - July 2007

● Provided Master Stylist services and management of the the salon

● Maintained OSHA standards for cleanliness as well as independently manning the salon during day time hours SKILLS

● Expert in mechanical assembly

● Pneumatic tools use

● Knowledge of metal parts and


● Basic tack welding knowledge

and all lock out/ tag out training

at operator level

● Minor fork lift experience

● Minor knowledge in the use of

plasma cutters

● I have used grinders for rework

on off seam or porosity filled


● I understand weld penetration

● Inventory experience

● Placement and Scanner


● Minor shipping and receiving

experience and general machine

maintenance on blow mold and

robotic equipment

● I am a very hard worker and I

learn quickly as well as being


● I am very consistent in my work


● I am self motivated and a great

team player

Comfy Home Cleaning, 1151 Bristow Rd Bowling Green, Ky 42101 — Assistant Manager

July 2007 - November 2007

● Assistant manager of a residential house cleaning corporation

● Cleaning of public homes

● Setting up appointments

● Managing bookkeeping and inventory of supplies

AFNI inc.-3625 Scottsville Rd Bowling Green, Ky 42101

— Customer Care Representative

November 2007 - January 2008

● Answering phone calls related to mobile service issues

● Activating and managing new accounts

● Provided customer care

Huish Detergents, 385 Southwood Ct. Bowling Green, Ky 42101

— Machine Operator

February 2008 - February 2009

● I was responsible for production and quality of extrusion blow molded bottles.

● Operation of all “downstream equipment”, deflashing, spouting, and leak testing equipment

● Automated facility, incorporating photoelectric eyes, proximity switches, pneumatic and hydraulic valves and cylinders

● I was also responsible for quality checks including weight measurements, and specification measurements with

digital calipers and documentation.

Silgan Plastics Corporation, 715 Orange Street Franklin, Ky 42134

— Material handler/ packer

June 2010 - September 2010

I was responsible for maintaining the floor and ensuring that the packers had bows and skids. I was also responsible for relieving packers and machine operators for breaks and handling the blend of material thru the mixers to the machines.

● Built containers and packed parts in accordance with detailed packing specifications

● Verified part numbers and placed parts in appropriate shipping containers

● Maintained counts and lifts, shifts and stocks materials and parts

● Recognized and reported defective material and equipment to shift supervisor

● Planned and paced work efficiently in order to meet daily, weekly, project or production goals

● Observed all safety policies and procedures

● Closely inspected parts to ensure that they were clean and free of contaminants

Magna, PO Box 39309 Louisville Rd Bowling Green, Ky 40233

— Temporary personal/ Full time

November 2010 - July 2011 July 2011- March 2014

● Assembly production responsible for loading parts into machines for assembly, troubleshooting, navigating, control panels, lay out sensors, changing weld tips and wire spools

● Cleaned nozzles when needed and maintained a clean and orderly work space, while ensuring available parts for the next shift

● Received and correctly processed both written and verbal instructions, prints and work orders

● Inspected and tested components, assemblies and power tools

● Recognized and reported defective material and equipment to shift supervisor

● Planned and paced work efficiently in order to meet daily, weekly, project or production goals

● Observed all safety policies and procedures

Temporary Service- May 2014- January 2015

(As a temp)

● Package handling-

Frozen packaging

■ Stacking product on pallets for freezer and


■ Keeping of w/ shipping labels and pallet


■ Keeping up with downstream equipment for

packaging line

■ Clean up and set up for the next shift

● Assembly of Brake cables-

Hand assembly of brake cables in a fast paced


General Cleaning and setting up the parts and area for the next shift

Country Oven Bakery, 2840 Pioneer Drive Bowling Green, KY 42101

— General Help

March 18, 2015- September 28, 2017

● Sanitation:

Tow motor license

General cleaning

Cardboard and trash pick up

Disassembly and reassembly of equipment,

machinery, and conveyors

Sanitizing for food safety requirement

Quality testing

Measuring for height and weight on samples taken throughout shift

Checking metal detectors on lines to insure proper detection readings for contaminates

Checking for foreign materials in the product and detection of the origin of that material

Nightly audits to insure all scales/metal detection devices and print on products are assured and

inputting information into the computer

Checking temperatures on incoming ingredients

and proper seal placement to ensure no

contaminates are brought into the plant for use in production

Ensuring all products meet spec requirements for shipping off site to other facilities and stores

Assembly required in completely decorated sheet, sheets and layered cakes for distribution in stores

● Packaging:

Properly packaging product thru wrappers, freezers and boxing for shipment

Ensuring proper time date stamping on products

including proper labeling for the product

● Minor shipping and receiving experience:

Shoot products and ingredients floor warehouse to floor production and back to shipping

Loading and unloading trucks and putting away

products in warehouse for later use and keeping up placement in inventory

● Minor helper training:

Mixing the correct amount of ingredients for proper product production for bake off

● General help:

Vacancy relief

Moving throughout the plant to assist and fill

positions in various jobs as needed for production Pan-Oston, 6944 Louisville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 42101

-Jan. 19-July 28


● Salvagini of punch press and P4 panel bender


Running a first of shift tool check to ensure that none of the tools are overly dull or broken in the S4 head

Also ensuring that the sheer blade is overly dull

Choosing proper programs and making minor

adjustments to ensure that the S4 and the P4 run


These adjustments are generally made to bends,

angles, and length/ width dimensions of sheet metal

Loading and loading sheet metal into MD automated sheet loaders, bringing skids to the line for product stacking

Scanning finished products to the floor for assembly construction

Keeping track of job/programs for shift countability paperwork, keeping track of down time paper work,

recording programming issues that may arise so that it may be fixed, changing CLA’s and calibrating each machine to run various programs for the shift

Ensuring that the line is prepared for the next shift including 5S’ properly loading material and making sure the next operator aware of the problems and

situation happening with the machine

Wearing proper PPE

Tools changes which requires removing and

replacing broken or dull tools from the S4 head

Also cleaning any plugs or scrap metal from inside the S4 head to ensure a proper punch and an in

square production part


Warren East High School,6867 Louisville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 — GED

May 1992- 1994

Pj’s College of Cosmetology,

October 10, 2001

Program completion with 1800 hours of practical training in the following areas:

● Pivot point hair and styling concept

● OPI nail technician

● Aveda makeup techniques, skin care, retail sales

● Hair removal


Skill Report:

Report for: KentuckyEducationWFD OET

Site: OET Bowling Green

Test date: Feb 11,2015

Reading For Information

Locating Information

Applied Mathematics


Tommy Craig:

Maintenance supervisor

Sun products


Laura Walton:

Production supervisor

Sun products


Jeff Bayley:

Maintenance lead

Sun products


Nancy Bridges:

CPA Cambridge Asst.


Dawn Taylor:

Co-operator/ Comfy Home Cleaning


Martin Cartwright:

Production Area lead



Michael Tanner:

Production Area lead



Nathan Morris:

Team lead



Billy J Hood:

Sanitation team member

Country Oven Bakery


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