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Software Engineer

Charlotte, NC
January 06, 2020

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E-mail: LinkedIn: Phone: 1-980-***-**** GitHub: EDUCATION

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina Expected May 2021 Master of Science, Computer Science GPA: 4.0

Graduate Coursework: Algorithms and Data Structures, Web Programming, Cloud Computing, Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining, Software System Design and Implementation, Mobile Application Development. Anna University, Chennai, India May 2017

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science Engineering GPA: 3.7 SKILLS

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Java, Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Node.js, Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, SQL, Shell Scripting DATABASE: MySQL, Oracle SQL, NoSQL- MongoDB

TECHNOLOGIES & TOOLS: Web Services, Spring boot, Maven, Docker, Bootstrap, Django, Hibernate, JSON, jQuery, XML, UML, Git OPERATING SYSTEMS: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Mac OS, Windows EXPERIENCE

Software Engineer (Full Stack Developer), Cognizant Technology Solutions, Hyderabad, India Feb 2018 – July 2019

Developed RESTful Web Application handling Clinical data that generate reports for the Clinical Data Managers to track and manage trials (Technologies and Tools used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, MongoDB, Oracle Life Science Hub)

Developed Front-end using Angular and a logging system for all the login and access details and backed the logging details in MongoDB

Performed Systems Analysis, Software Development, Unit testing, Software Quality Assurance and Maintenance for the Web Services

Identified problems uncovered by testing and customer feedback, and rectified the issues

Handled Knowledge Transition sessions to new employees; prepared and conducted training on project specific practices

Acquired GIT responsibilities and worked as a team in an Agile workflow with daily standup meetings Software Developer Intern, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India October 2017- December 2017

Creating various custom Web components for a Clinical Trial management system such as Login APIs for form authentication, Subject registration

Managed Frontend Development, Frontend design, Integration with the backend ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Implemented a Tech Meetup Website using Node.js, Express and MongoDB November 2019

Developed a Responsive Website for a meetup company with APIs where users can explore various tech events, create account, book for events, rate events and maintain event cart for future events using Node.js, MongoDB and used JSON with jQuery for data request and response processing

Technologies & Tools used were Node.js, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, MongoDB, GIT Implemented a Social Media Web Application using Node.js, Angular, Express and MongoDB November 2019

Developed a Web application with RESTful APIs where an users can sign-up, publish posts and maintain an user profile using Angular for the front-end and Node.js for the backend with MongoDB as database, and deployed the client implementation on AWS S3 and server implementation on AWS EC2

Technologies & Tools used were Angular, Node.js, Express, HTML5, JSON, jQuery, MongoDB, GIT Picturizing the Life-span by Analysis of Economy and Public Health data in Python, Scikit learn and Pandas Library October 2019

Implemented a prediction mechanism for determining the life expectancy of a region based on analysis of immunization factors, mortality factors, economic factors, social factors and other health related factors using various Regression Algorithm and performing Exploratory data analysis on the dataset

Compared and visualized the result obtained for each of the algorithms and determined which among the regression algorithms performed better and provided high accuracy

Implemented an E-shopping Website using Node.js, Express and MongoDB September 2019

Developed an e-shopping website where users can create accounts, add items to their cart, purchase an item using Node.js, MongoDB and used JSON for processing the data request and response

Technologies & Tools used were Node.js, Express, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT Comparative Analysis of Deterministic Sorting Algorithms using Data Structure and Algorithms September 2019

Implemented a comparison of different Sorting Algorithms (Quick sort, Merge sort, Bubble sort and Insertion sort) on different datasets (small to large data) with different constraints e.g. number of iterations(inner loops, outer loops), Complexity and CPU consuming problem

Retrieved the runtime of sorting algorithms under different inputs (sorted input, reversely sorted and unsorted input data) and visualized the same to determine which algorithm performs better with different variety of data Exploratory Data Analysis with the Global Shark Attack dataset August 2019

Performed Data preprocessing by implementing Data standardization and PCA Transformation, K-NN algorithm for data imputation and implementing Exploratory Data Analysis on the processed data to determine the Injuries occurred in a region binned by time of the attack visually by plotting the observations

Preprocessing was done with Numpy, Pandas library and Data visualization using Seaborn and Matplotlib library Built Weather Finder Application using Python, Django, JavaScript and PostgreSQL May 2019

Designed & implemented Web Application for the users to access weather information of a particular city using Django, HTML5 and PostgreSQL

Incorporated Angular, Dynamic CSS and Bootstrap 4 for designing the APIs Dynamic Location Tracking for Emergency Services March 2017

An application Deals with tracking a location for emergency services such as Fire Engines and Ambulances by analyzing various and provides the best route using Google maps API to reach the destination by triggering the traffic signals on the way to reduce the time delay in Java

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