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Engineer Software

Denver, CO
January 06, 2020

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Neil J. Davis

Brighton, CO


I am a creative problem solver with broad experience in software development. I want to contribute to the success of a team working on interesting projects with modern tools where I can continue to improve and advance my craft. Specific domain expertise includes retail and B2B e-commerce, medical, telecom, cable/digital TV, aviation, manufacturing, and biology. I always love an opportunity to explore new terrain. I am a full-stack developer, but my core competencies are in Java, databases, and producing and consuming APIs.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, May 2004, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Senior Software Engineer, Apex Systems on contract to Transamerica, 8/19 – 12/19

-Contributed to SpringBoot REST API archetype application to demonstrate best practices for development

-Built a Maven Plugin for interaction with Elasticsearch, implemented this plugin to aggregate and publish code quality metrics to Elasticsearch, and created visualizations in Grafana to show enterprise wide code quality trends

-Strengthened security by orchestrating the implementation of task level IAM roles for AWS Elastic Cloud Service, using Terraform to define roles and policies, and dynamically assigning roles from a Jenkins continuous delivery pipeline based on an application's taxonomy

-Migrated base docker images from Alpine Linux to Amazon Linux to mitigate security vulnerabilities

Senior Software Engineer, Digital Information Systems on contract to Change Healthcare, 2/18 – 7/19

-Maintained and added features to software used in hospitals to coordinate patient care - the various tiers of the stack included Oracle, Java, Spring, Flex, Javascript, React, Ruby on Rails, deployed in Docker containers to AWS, with Team City for continuous integration and deployment automation.

-Extensive refactoring of legacy applications into a modern, modularized architecture with improved test coverage

-Launched project in React with Typescript to replace Flex front-end

Principal Product Integration Architect, Charter Communications, Denver, CO, 2/17 – 10/17

-Coordinated design of API contracts between back-end service teams and front-end iOS, Android, and SamsungTV client platform development teams working on the Spectrum TV application.

-Contributed to development of a mock service layer in node with hapi to facilitate parallel development between front-end and back-end teams

-Built a documentation portal in node and Angular 2 to centralize Swagger API contract documentation and provide developer self-service.

Contract Senior Engineer, On contract to Craftsy, Denver, CO, 6/16 – 8/16

-Assisted with the final push to release on schedule a new version of Craftsy's REST API platform using Dropwizard microservice framework, Java 8, and Postgres, hosted on AWS

Senior Engineer, Radiant IQ, Boulder, CO, 10/14 – 2/16

-Expedited new added-value feature development, directly contributing to the early acquisition of the company

-Built a next-generation telecom operations support system: Gradle build and dependency management, API in Grails and Groovy, backend core tier in Java 8, Spring Data with MongoDB for persistence, bulk processing module built on SpringBoot consuming messages off RabbitMQ and asynchronously executing jobs with RxJava, Spock for testing, continuous integration via Jenkins, automated deployment to Docker containers on cloudware, various integrations to devops tooling for monitoring and stuff

-Integrated with 3rd party API to automate telecom billing, invoicing, payments, and CRM functions

-Led team of three in-house back-end engineers and an overseas team of front-end engineers

-Worked with stakeholders to organize and prioritize workload, backlog, and escalated production support

Software Engineer,, Denver, CO, 5/11 – 8/13; Raleigh, NC 11/13 – 9/14

-Working on an agile team to build a next generation enhanced 911 call routing system

-Developed portal for administration of 911 call routing data built with Spring, Hibernate, and jQuery frameworks

-Designed scalable batch processing system to aggregate emergency call record data with RabbitMQ for messaging

-Implemented 3rd party SOAP and REST APIs to facilitate porting of phone numbers on and off Bandwidth’s network

-Maintained legacy applications built on Struts 2, Ibatis for persistence, and CXF API layer

-Linux administration and shell scripting to efficiently build, stage, and deploy distributed software

-Rapidly prototyped POC on a Node.js, MongoDB, Angular stack, deployed on AWS, for new idea incubation team

Web Application Developer, Carefree of Colorado, Broomfield, CO, 4/05 – 5/11

-Full life-cycle development of Java platform web applications, proficient in both client and server-side technologies

-Designed and maintained databases for DB2, extensive use of SQL, strong understanding of relational databases

-Built, administered, optimized, and secured Linux Red Hat web servers running IBMHTTP, WebSphere, and DB2

-Implemented Web 2.0/AJAX, JavaScript, and CSS techniques to produce intuitive and efficient user interfaces

-Developed business to business customer portal integrated with AS400 based Friedman Frontier ERP system to take orders and manage relationships with our business partners

-Supported sales with retail, e-commerce shopping cart applications to take credit card payments over the web

-Designed product marketing information management system as a user maintained knowledge base of product specifications, technical documentation, graphics, and marketing copy

-Developed corporate intranet, secured by integration with Active Directory via LDAP, to facilitate efficient and surgically precise work-flow processing, storage, and communication of business information, including critical engineering and manufacturing process changes, document management, reporting from various uploaded and dynamically gathered sources, robust mash-ups with third party web services, and publishing of our daily newsletter

-Worked with non-technical staff to implement their marketing visions on the web

IT Assistant, Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Indianapolis, IN, 6/04 – 11/04

-Developed a database client application in Visual Basic to control work-flow, status tracking, email notifications, and history reporting of changes to FDA controlled pharmaceutical manufacturing process documents

Web Developer, Corporate Services Incorporated, South Bend, IN, Summer 2001

-Improved corporate intranet application with project status tracking, interactive calendar, user messaging, user defined form and report templates, and other dynamic functionality, scripting ASP against SQL Server on IIS

Apprentice, Interact Multimedia (aka Interact Medical), South Bend, IN, 7/97 – 9/02 (part time/intermittent)

-Created and maintained large scale web sites and multimedia applications for Fortune 500 companies, bootstrapped by experience accumulated on my own during high school

-Developed project management, multitasking, and exceptional organization skills working with a small team of top-notch business and technical people in a growing entrepreneurship

Technical Experience Snapshot (applied in some meaningful way, not claiming proficiency)

Java and various related technologies, Groovy, Grails, Spring Framework (Boot, Data, MVC, etc), Dropwizard, RxJava, Akka, JSP, JSTL, Struts 2, GWT, Spock, JUnit, PowerMock, Mockito, JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, Ibatis, GIS, MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, Postgres, PostGIS, DB2, SQL Server, NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, AWS, ECS, Docker, Kubernetes, Javascript, JSON, Node.js, React, Angular, Typescript, AJAX, jQuery, Dojo, DOM, CSS, IntelliJ, Eclipse, WDSC, Mercurial, Git, RabbitMQ, Corosync/Pacemaker, HTTP Server, Tomcat, WebSphere, Linux Administration, Shell Scripting, BASH, XML, Web Services, SOAP, REST, JAXRS/WS, Apache CXF, Swagger, Apiary, JIRA, Greylog, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Consul, Team City, PHP, CGI, PERL, ASP (Classic), VBScript, Visual Basic, VBA, Macro Programming, iSeries/AS400 basics, Lansa, RDML, LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange, Windows Server, DNS, Cisco Firewall and VPN, TCP/IP, Logisense Telecom Billing API, Neustar LNP API, Level 3 LNP API, Friedman Frontier ERP, CFR 21 Part 11 and GAMP Compliance, LEAN Manufacturing, Agile, Scrum, and etc.

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