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Manager Food Safety

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
January 06, 2020

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Personal Data sheet

Name : Raed R. AL-Hindi.

Nationality : Saudi.

Date of Birth : 11/7/1968.

Marital Status : Married and have 4 children.

Permanent Address : P.O. Box 40010 Jeddah 21499 Mobile - 050*******. E-mail address: &

Career Objective

Providing technical consultancy in the field of industrial plants and factories to obtain ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 22000 certificates and the establishment of various types of management systems, given my practical experience in these areas and my work as a management systems auditor at SASO. As well as my experience in administrative and personnel affairs and joining companies that value my qualifications and aspire to become a member of the Board of Directors.

Education: Bachelor Degree in Biology from the Faculty of SCIENCE (King Abdul-Aziz University) in Jeddah in 1991.

Work Experience

1: Researcher standards and specifications at Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization since26/2/1992 & as managing the Information Center since 1999 in Jeddah branch. & Manager of Planning and Development Dept. from 2004 in Dammam branch till April 2007 and from 2007 to jan.2009 manager of IT and manager of accreditation Dept. from 2009-2011 then manager of quality improvement Dept. from 2011- 10/01/2013.

The most important achievements during my time in SASO:

- Leader of the inspection team at the national factories to make sure the application to the list of quality mark and matching Goods winning brand of its own specifications and prepare the visit reports and recommend whether or not to grant.

- Participation in the laboratory evaluation and application of the standard ISO 17025.

- Participation in the review and preparation of quality manual team in accordance with ISO 9001 and the Special Authority.

- Participation in team sampling of markets.

- Participation in the committee formed by the Principality of the eastern region - the civil defense - the police. to stand on Complaints own electric elevators.

I have considerable experience in the field of conformity and certification and quality Early Retirement at 10 /01/2013.

2 : Technical Manager at Al-Hotystanger LTD. CO. Independent Laboratories & Materials Testing as technical manager in AL-Khobar Head office from 01/02/2013 till 31/04/2013. Tasks and achievements:

-Follow-up laboratory licenses and work to end the procedures for obtaining the final license for the company's laboratory in Al-Ahsa.

-Participate in meetings of private laboratories, which has in the Ministry of Commerce in Riyadh.

-Participating in the team to discuss the cooperation project with Aramco. 3 : Advisor to the Vice governor for Standards, Conformity& Quality from 24/11/2013 until 30/11/2014. Tasks and achievements:

-Express an opinion and advice on the converted transaction of the Deputy Governor for Standards and Quality.

-.Chairman of the audit committee for transactions quality and certificates of conformity mark

-Participation in the preparation of the corresponding brochure on imported goods and the secretary of the evaluation committee of the project companies advanced project.

-Participation in the study project of the new system specifications and quality.

-Follow-up transactions sent to the departments (Specifications - Quality - Verification of Conformity) transferred from the MP and work on speed of delivery. 4 - Job Title: - Manager of Administrative Affairs Al Shair Group Company Fiberglass from 26/07/ 2015 till 17/8/2019

The object and purpose: - the practice of administrative affairs, human resources and personnel affairs functions of the plant, buildings and immovable and movable property and plant management and security and security guards the plant section.

Responsibilities: -

* Human Resources and Personnel Department of the plant and work on the implementation of policies, guidelines and regulations issued by the Company in accordance with the provisions of the labor and workers, laws and other applicable law.

* Responsible for securing the needs of the plant from existing workers or hire new workers and follow the piece of work contracts and social insurance, health insurance, housing and deportation procedures and vacations and treatment.

* Supervise the attendance of employees constantly monitor the devices and recording hours of work and the preparation of monthly disclosure of attendance and sent to personnel management for the disbursement of monthly salaries.

* Save data files for workers and labor contracts and job descriptions, decisions and pictures supporting documents that the base be incomplete and contain data and the movement of workers.

* Save the data and files for administrative work and correspondence to and from official and private circles base.

* Responsible for the security department and supervision of security guards services and responsible for the security of the facility and to take the measures and procedures pertaining to it.

* Planning, development and implementation of human resource development and activation of performance evaluation mechanisms.

* Oversee the development and expansion of the plant project and the buildings and property, coordination and consultation with the general management of the company in Jeddah.

* The needs of the factory management of office furniture and equipment, cars and buses to transport workers and supervise the movement of drivers and secure documents and licenses for all means of transport.

* Save licenses and commercial register of industrial licensing and contracts for the Royal Commission and Chamber of Commerce and the follow-up to its validity and other government documents and correspondence to legalize the plant operating conditions documents.

* Vacations coordinate ticket and exit visas and return.

* Responsible for electronic payment for government services from renewing their residency permits and payment and the issuance of visas to work through his reign Mille licenses are followed up with the accounts department.

* Interlocutor and a review of government departments and relationships needed by the plant.

* Continuous coordination with the General Directorate for Administrative he wanted Jeddah and refer to it as needed.

5- Manager of Personal Department Al Shair Group head office from18/8/2019 till now On Job Training:

• English Language course (2B ELEMENTARY) from The British Council from 8/10-30/11/1994.

• 3 weeks on job training program in (Dealing skills applicants Conducted) By Institution of public Administration in Jeddah.

• English language course (2nd ELEMANTARY Level) from SEAPORT training center from 7/10 - 26/11/1419H.

• The 4th training course in ( Household appliances safety ) from JIKA in Riyadh from 5 - 16/8/1420H.

• Training course in ( Document Organization) from 11/10- 5/11/1421H by Institution of public Administration in Jeddah.

• Attended to Symposium on (Genetically Modified Food) Organized by SASO in Riyadh from 22- 23/7/1422H.

• Training course in (Development of supervision skills) by Institution of Public Administration in Jeddah from 10/10-5/11/1423H.

• Attended to workshop in (how to use GIS to save environment) from 9 -11/1/2005 .in King Faisal University in Dammam.

• Attended to scientific symposium on (environmental protection) on 12/1/2005 in Chamber of commerce & Industry in Dammam.

• Training course in ISO 9001:2000 (MANAGEMENT INTERACTION AND IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES OF PROCESSES) 2 - 6/12/2006. (QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: BASIC) on 9/12/2006. (INTERNAL AUDIT) between 10 -11/12/2006.

• Training course in ISO14001:2000 between 3-5/3/2007

• Training course in TS 18001(OHSAS) between 6-7/3/2007.

• A workshop the association of the second national conference of the quality in (The command and the quality culture) on 21/5/2007 in Khobar.

• The participation in the workshop by the dependence address (Accreditation and Conformity Assessment systems) within the proceedings of the second national conference for the quality by the SASO branch in the eastern region ON 21/5/2007.

• Observer with the Lead Assessor and Technical Assessor from DAP ISO 17025 surveillance in Saudi Aramco R&D Center hold in 27-28/10/2007 IN Dhahran...

• Successfully completed the Assessor/Lead Assessor Training Course for Laboratory Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 in 9-12 March 2008 in Dammam from TURKAK and have a certificate.

• The participation in the workshop on WTO TBT and SPS Agreements in Riyadh in 23-24/6/2008.

• Attended special training course on establishing the system of certification according to ISO standard 17021

(Conformity Assessment - the special requirements with which the audit certification and management systems) from 1-7\11\2008 in the headquarters of the Riyadh.

• Participation in the "Food safety management systems ISO 22000", organized by the Commission during the period from (1-4) /4/ 1430 AH (28-31) March 2009 in its main headquarters in Riyadh.

• attended a workshop entitled "the role played by the Saudi standard specifications for the safety of persons and equipment" with the participation of the Directorate General of Civil Defense and the French National Electro technical Committee under the auspices of the company Schneider Electric, will be held on Monday 23/3/2009 at the of the Riyadh headquarters

• To attend special training course (management processes and internal audit and documentation of environmental management systems) during the period from 19-22/4/2009 of the Riyadh headquarters.

• Attended special training course on TS EN ISO 22000" Food safety management systems" Documentation – internal audit during the period from 19-22/7/2009 of the Riyadh headquarters.

• Attended the Educational and Technical Lectures of ( Supply Chain Planning, New Horizons in Food Safety) conducted on Monday, 25


of May 2009 organized by Saudi Quality Council (WR) Sponsored By Engineering Committee.

• Attended the Educational and Technical Lectures of (Food Safety Challenges) conducted on Wednesday, 27


of May 2009 organized by Saudi Quality Council (WR) Sponsored By Engineering Committee.

• Participate in the training program of the Action Plan "to assist in the promotion and creation and document the quality management system in compliance with the international ISO 9001/2008" and "review and documentation of system processes and solve problems" during the period 1/1-3 / 2/1433, corresponding to 26/11-28 / 12/2011 m in coordination with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development Authority Headquarters in Riyadh

• A practical program to check on the number of 15 companies certified ISO 9001 in the city of Istanbul with the Turkish Standards Institute during the period from 29/11 to 3 / 12/2010.

• Attended special training course "TS EN ISO 22000 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BASIC COURSE- Documentation " from 11-22/2/2012 of the Riyadh headquarters.

• Attended special training course on TS EN ISO 22000" Food safety management systems" and TS EN ISO 14001" environmental management systems" – internal audit- during the period from 31/3-4/4/2012 of the Riyadh headquarters.

• Has participated in the training course on Qualification of Accreditation Assessors on ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems organized by GAC in cooperation with GSO during the period from 25-26/12/2013.

• Attend a training session to explain the social security system and its implementing regulations Organized by the Social Insurance Office province stems during the period from 27-31 / 3 / 2016 Working Skills:

• Excellent Computers skill & Internet.

• Use PowerPoint in the preparation and delivery of lectures.

• Prepare and deliver several lectures to staff and visitors.

• ISO 9001 &14001 & 18001& ISO 17025& ISO 22000 standards background.

• Experience in managing many departments.

• Director of Accreditation and mutual recognition Department from 01/01/2010 -01/01/2011.

• Manager of quality system improvement Dep. From 01/01/2012 -01/01/2013. Other skills

• Member of Board & Secrecy keeper in Co-operative Society of Government Employees in Jeddah 1/1/1422H .

• Certificate of Ideal Employee in the first part of the year 1421H.

• The testimony of a thanks and an appreciation of the participation in the works of the organizational committees of the second national conference of the quality between 21-23/5/2007 in Khobar.

• Thanks letter and an appreciation for the participation in making a success proceeding of the second national conference of the quality between 21-23/5/2007 in Khobar.

• Works as inspector with Quality control auditor teem from 1425H until Early Retirement at 10


• Obtain a certificate as TSE Quality Auditor (EOQ Quality Auditor) for the management systems ISO 9001, after successfully passing the test, which was by the Turkish Standards (PERSONAL CERTIFICATION CENTER) and for a period of three years from 07/06/2011.

• Successfully completed a Food Safety Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor course of TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION between 29 th Septembber-02 nd

October 2012 in SASO.

• Obtain a certificate as Food Safety Candidate Auditor after satisfying the evaluation and the examination on 3 October 2012 in Riyadh organized by TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION (PERSONAL CERTIFICATION CENTER).

• Certificate of membership in the Saudi Quality Council (Western Region) from 01 May 2013 – 30 April 2015.

• I have experience in internal procurement for more than two years.

• I have experience in the Covenant and pay bills and receive payments and bank transfers.

• I have experience with EMES and the Oracle Employee Program.

• Experience in Social Security and Labor Office

communication skills

Team leadership skills

Love to work as a team

• References: upon request.

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