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Electrical Engineer

Baton Rouge, LA
January 01, 2020

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US Home Address: 8616 Grand View Dr. Cellular telephone: 225-***-**** Baton Rouge, La. 70809 E-Mail Address: Page 1 of 5 General Use


B.S. Electrical Engineering

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


* Louisiana State Professional Engineering License, E-14071

* Louisiana State Professional Contractor License

* Certified by ASC (Aramco Service Company) in Houston as an Electrical Inspector, June 13th, 2005 PERSONAL BACKGROUND

* Born in Cuba

* Married

* USA Citizen


* Managed multi-discipline engineering group to meet project completion datelines.

* Conducted inspection of all electrical equipment and facilities.

* Ensure that all completed electrical project documents complied with all applicable Company and International standards.

* Developed a competency program of skills/tasks for training young Saudi Arabian engineers and track their development.

* Managed preventive maintenance of electrical equipment with operating voltage ranging from 480 volts to 13.8 KV.

* Compiled and organized the documents required to bid the start-up and commissioning of an IGCC plant, Refinery and a 3.4 GW power plant.

* Successfully completed two six weeks assignment in Beijing, China, to expedite the completion and issuance of project IFC documents and equipment purchase orders. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Except for the position at the Motiva Refinery, at the seven positions shown below related to PMT assignments with Aramco Services Company, my work responsibilities were the same with the exception of the construction phase in two projects and these are outlined following the work assignments: November 4th, to Present

Aramco Overseas Company – Assigned as the Senior Electrical Engineering Consultant of Saudi Aramco Oil Company to the EPC office of McDermott in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the Detailed Design and equipment purchased for GOSP-4. The main design for four (4) of the main platforms, Electrical Distribution Platform, Production Platform, Gas Compression Platform and Tie-In Platform, will be performed in Malaysia, with the construction of the platforms carried out in Qingdao, China. The procurement of all equipment will be carried out in Malaysia, and distributed to the other three design project sites, Bataan Indonesia and Dubai UAE. My responsibilities with the project will be to carry on with the review and approval of all electrical designs, review the purchase of all electrical equipment, and ensure that the design and PEDRO H. MUNOZ RESUME OF QUALIFICATIONS

US Home Address: 8616 Grand View Dr. Cellular telephone: 225-***-**** Baton Rouge, La. 70809 E-Mail Address: Page 2 of 5 General Use

material requisition is in compliance with company standards and material requisition requirements.

August 7th, 2017 to Oct. 17th, 2019

Aramco Services Company. Assigned as a Senior Electrical Engineering Consultant to the Saudi Aramco PMT office of Worley-Parsons in Houston, Texas, USA, for the FEL2 & FEL3 project proposal phase of the Marjan Incremental Offshore GOSP-4 project. The overall project scope consists of both a gas and oil BIs, with the Oil scope, GOSP-4, being performed OOK, while the gas scope is performed IK. The GOSP-4 Oil scope consists of six new offshore platform with two major substations. Substation # 1 is located in the Electrical Distribution Platform and has a 230 KV GIS switchgear in a double bus single breaker configuration, and a 69 KV GIS switchgear in a double bus single breaker configuration. The 230 KV GIS feeds all loads within GOSP-4 and the 69 KV GIS feeds all of the Gas offshore platforms. My responsibilities entailed the review of the electrical calculations and drawings developed by the Contractor during the FEL2 & FEL phases of the project, which included substations design, 230 KV submarine feeder cable, 230 KV overhead distribution line from the onshore substation to the shore line transition point, essential and normal power electrical distribution electrical distribution.

Sept. 7, 2016 to February 10, 2017

Motiva Enterprise, Port Arthur, Texas. Assigned to the Turn-Around of the Hydrocraker Unit

(HCU) of the Shell Oil Company/Motiva Enterprise refinery, as the Electrical Heat Tracing Coordinator and Electrical consultant for the TAR and Post-TAR related HCU work. Ensured that all electrical and insulation work performed was as per electrical ISO drawings, followed up with the submittal of all contractual documents inclusive of redlined drawings and O & M manuals. Followed up with the installation and commissioning of three new electrical skids, which consisted of power transformer, distribution panelboard and electric heat tracing circuit control panel, to feed all electric heat tracing circuits. Reviewed the Contractor’s overall project schedule, daily progress schedules and three day look-ahead schedules. Reviewed and approved all Contractor’s daily time sheets, work variances and change orders. Assisted with the purchasing and expediting the shipment of valves, motors and pumps. Sept. 5, 2012 to June 15, 2016

Aramco Services Company. Assigned as an Electrical Engineering Consultant to the Saudi Aramco PMT office of KBR in Houston, Texas, USA, for the FEED project proposal phase and Detail Design phase of a 3.4 GW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) 380 KV power plant and utilities plant, to feed a new refinery and the new Jazan Economic city, and export 2.4 GW of power to the Saudi Arabian national power grid. The project scope also includes sea water intake for cooling of generating turbines, provision of a Reverse Osmosis plant to produce potable and de-min water from sea water, air separation unit, steam generation, hydrogen generation, electric heat tracing for the power generating block and gas treating units, complete utility infrastructure to include drainage and communications. Prepared complete scope of work for the Commissioning and Start-Up contract of the Refinery, IGCC, Terminal and Sea Port, and the bid documents to be issued to the Commissioning and Start-Up Contractors.


US Home Address: 8616 Grand View Dr. Cellular telephone: 225-***-**** Baton Rouge, La. 70809 E-Mail Address: Page 3 of 5 General Use

Completed two six weeks assignments in Beijing, China, to expedite completion of contractual project design Engineering deliverables documents, review of heat tracing vendor drawings, issue electrical equipment purchase orders and incorporate open electrical review comments into the project detail design documents. In addition, managed EPC electrical project scope and provided oversight of Contractor’s third party resources in order to complete all electrical IFCs (Issue For Construction) drawings.

Mar. 7, 2011 Aramco Overseas Company in the Netherlands. Assigned as an Electrical Engineering May 10, 2012 Consultant to Saudi Aramco in Seoul, South Korea, for the review of the electrical drawings which included substations design, power generation, electrical distribution and heat tracing during the Detail Design phase of a gas plant project. Feb. 3, 2010 Aramco Services Company in Houston Texas. Assigned as an Electrical Engineering Dec.1, 2011 Consultant to Saudi Aramco in Calgary, Canada, for the FEED phase of a new gas plant project. Aug. 2, 2008 KAUST (King Abdullah Univ. of Science and Technology) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Jan. 31, 2010 Assigned to Saudi Aramco as an Electrical Engineer and Electrical Inspection Consultant to the construction phase of the University and the Research Park. Mar. 3, 2007 Jacobs DCSA in Saudi Arabia. Assigned as an Electrical Engineer and Electrical Consultant July 31, 2008 to Saudi Aramco for the construction phase of a NGL gas plant expansion project. Aug. 26, 2005 Jacobs Engineering in Madrid, Spain. Assigned as the Senior Electrical Engineer Consultant to Dec. 16, 2006 Saudi Aramco for the Detail Design phase of two NGL gas plant expansion projects. My engineering work responsibilities during the FEED and Detail Design phases of the projects were as follows:

* Reviewed electrical design as to compliance with Saudi Aramco Company standards and international applicable standards.

* Reviewed purchase requisitions of all electrical equipment’s placed by Contractor.

* Reviewed all electrical vendor submittals as to compliance with purchase requisition and company standards.

* Reviewed all electrical calculations performed by contractor as to compliance with project proposal, applicable building codes/standards, and company standards.

* Reviewed all fire alarm system drawings as to compliance with company standards.

* Reviewed alternatives proposed by contractor and advised project management as to their direction.

* Reviewed all short circuit calculations performed by ETAP software and ensure that all new electrical equipment being purchased is in compliance.

* Advised and coordinated with project engineers of other disciplines for overall project compliance as per project proposal document.

* Prepared the commissioning documents for all electrical equipment. My engineering and inspection work responsibilities during the construction phases of the projects were as follows:


US Home Address: 8616 Grand View Dr. Cellular telephone: 225-***-**** Baton Rouge, La. 70809 E-Mail Address: Page 4 of 5 General Use

* Reviewed and approved the use of electrical material, and equipment submitted by the Contractors.

* Reviewed electrical construction design package submitted from contractor’s main office.

* Inspection of electrical work for compliance with detail design and standards.

* Provided technical assistance to the Contractors, and interpretation of Saudi Aramco electrical company standards and other related worldwide electrical standards, ANSI/NEMA and IEC standards.

* Reviewed field construction changes proposed by the Contractor, and ensured that the Contractor maintains records of all construction changes.

* Participated in QA and Pre-Commissioning coordination meetings and activities.

* Supervised the commissioning efforts for all electrical equipment.

* Ensured that all contractors meet the Project HSE requirements.

* Liaised with Project Management and LSTK Contractors to ensure that the project milestone goals are met.

Nov. 1, 2004 Northrop Grumman Ship Systems

July 19, 2005 Pascagoula, Mississippi

Employed as the Lead Electrical Engineer responsible for electrical design and electrical project inspection. Managed the design of an onboard ship generator test bank capable of load testing generators with 480 volts and 4160 volts AC, three phase output. Mar. 3, 1991 Saudi Aramco Oil Company

Jan. 31, 2004 Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Department

P.O. Box 755, Udhailiyah 31311

Saudi Arabia

Senior Electrical Operations Engineer responsible for the following:

* Initiate projects and prepare engineering design packages, including detailed estimates, for the update and modification of the plant and all associated plant buildings.

* Performed annual electrical inspections.

* Prepared requisitions for the purchase of all electrical equipment, including motors.

* Maintenance of electrical distribution system ranging from 480 volts to 13.2 KV, compressors, and electrical equipment such as panelboard, metal clad switchgear, Westinghouse C.A. breakers. In addition, set up equipment maintenance procedures.

* Maintenance of motors, 3/4 H.P. to 16,000 H.P induction, and 21,000 and 24,520 Synchronous motors. Control systems for these motors and their auxiliaries.

* Advise Operations and Maintenance Divisions in the daily maintenance, troubleshooting, start-up of electrical systems, and equipment preventive maintenance.

* Standby power system using diesel generator up to 900KW and Un-interruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) up to 100KVA.

* Training and supervision of Saudi Electrical Engineers.

* Single point of contact for all major contracts in the plant. Liaison between contractors and plant Management.


US Home Address: 8616 Grand View Dr. Cellular telephone: 225-***-**** Baton Rouge, La. 70809 E-Mail Address: Page 5 of 5 General Use

* Provide Management with yearly budget for the replacement /upgrade of the electrical system and electrical equipment.

* From November 2001 to May 2002, Supervisor of the Engineering Specialist Unit, which included engineers from electrical, mechanical rotating equipment, instrument, and computer/DCS/MIS engineering disciplines, and the plant CADD unit. Major Accomplishments:

* Responsible for developing, and implementing a Competency Program of skills and tasks for training Saudi electrical engineers with an Electrical Power specialty background. The Competency Program tracked the development of Saudi engineers from their initial employment as a grade code 11 engineers in training, up to grade 14 senior engineers.

* Senior electrical plant engineer responsible for installing temporary electrical substations following an incident with a 230 KV transformer that burned down the main electrical substation in 1996, and its re-building. Additional duties as the senior representative for the gas plant at this time included specifying new electrical equipment to be purchased; headed plant electrical inspection team for the complete construction site; and liaison on behalf of plant Management with contractors, Power Distribution Department, and the Project Management team.

* Engineer responsible with the purchase and replacement of three existing 2000 ampere, 230 KV oil circuit breakers with SF6 gas operated breakers.

* Senior electrical engineer representing the Gas Plant on the construction of a Co-Generation plant project and electrical overhead interconnection to the plant existing 230 KV switchyard buses. Liaison on behalf of plant Management with design contractors and Project Management team.

* Engineer responsible for replacing existing large motor electromechanical relays manufactured by GE with solid-state type GE Multilin. As part of the project, also added solid-state directional relays and ground fault protection to all existing 480 and 4160 V existing switchgears.

1975 - 1991 V. & P. Electric Company, Engineering & Construction Company Metairie, Louisiana

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